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  • 5 Ways to Serve Corned Beef

    Source: 5 Ways to Serve Corned Beef

    If you're hoping to cook up some traditional Irish eats for St. Patrick's Day, corned beef should definitely be on the menu. Its association with Irish-American culture makes corned beef a holiday must, but feel free to get creative with your dish. From a morning classic to a salty, cheesy sandwich, here are five delicious ways to serve corned beef on March 17.

    • With eggs. Start your St. Patrick's Day with a tasty take on the traditional beef. Corned beef hash and scrambled eggs are sure to get your holiday off on the right foot. Try the canned version or create your own with this simple corned beef hash recipe.
    • On a sandwich. Stick to a classic Reuben sandwich recipe or keep things simple by adding slices of corned beef to marbled rye. A few condiment ideas: horseradish, mustard, or a layer of your favorite cheese.
    • With potatoes and cabbage. Get in the Irish spirit by serving smoked corned beef with boiled potatoes and
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  • Simple Tips for Perfect Poached Eggs Every Time

    POPSUGAR FoodSource: Simple Tips For Perfect Poached Eggs Every Time

    Few culinary tasks are as simultaneously simple and complex as poaching eggs. While it's easy enough to plop an egg or two into a bath of simmering water, it takes a touch of practice and know-how to achieve consistently satisfying results. Lucky for you, we've done the legwork, testing out a variety of tips and tricks to determine what works best.

    • Use the freshest eggs you can find: as eggs age the white becomes looser, more watery, and less likely to form a cohesive mass around the yolk when poached. If you have access to eggs from the farmers market, here's the time to use them; save older eggs for hard-boiling and baking.
    • Rather than crack an egg directly into a pot of water to cook, crack each egg into an individual ramekin so that it can be gently turned out into the water and is therefore less likely to break.
    • If using slightly older eggs, drain off any loose egg white before poaching. Crack each egg into a
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  • Rachael Ray on How She Keeps Up with a Growing Burger Bash

    Source: Rachael Ray on How She Keeps Up With a Growing Burger Bash

    From The Q to the Grand Tasting, the South Beach Wine and Food Festival has many flagship events, but none is more sought-after than the Burger Bash hosted by Rachael Ray. Every star chef from Masaharu Morimoto to Guy Fieri has vied for top prize at the twice-yearly event (which is also held every Fall at the New York City Wine and Food Festival). We sat down with Rachael Ray just before she took the stage to announce the coveted People's Choice Award. She shared her thoughts on South Beach versus Miami, patty purists, and how she manages to taste all those burgers.

    PopSugar: So how many Burger Bashes has this been for you?
    Rachael Ray: Seven.

    PS: What's different and what's new this year?
    RR: Nothing's new about our event, except it gets bigger every year. What I love about our event is that I think it really embodies what I love about food: everybody's welcome, and it's for everyone. Whatever your skill level,

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  • Dos and Don'ts from Bobby Flay, Burger Bash's Newest Champ

    Source: Dos and Don'ts From Bobby Flay, Burger Bash's Newest Champ

    Bobby Flay has a shining new accomplishment to put under his belt: winner of the Burger Bash people's choice award. The owner of Bobby's Burger Palace shared his elation with the crowd at a South Beach Wine and Food Festival demo yesterday, mostly about dethroning best friend and long-standing winner Michael Symon. "I've endured 36 straight months of razzing from Michael. The next 12 will be bliss . . . I'm going to give it back." Chef Flay also shared tips and his controversial opinions on what does - and does not - belong between two buns.

    • Don't even bother with chicken burgers. When asked by an audience member why her chicken burgers never turn out quite right, Flay had a simple, definitive answer: "Don't make them!" Ground chicken breast doesn't work: it's too rubbery and dry. Instead, he offers customers a chicken breast sandwich and turkey burgers to satisfy those in need of a poultry fix.
    • Do use
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  • Bobby Flay's Top 4 Taco Tips

    Source: Bobby Flay's Top 4 Taco Tips

    Bobby Flay may have taken top honors at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival's Burger Bash this past weekend, but it was tacos - another category he's well versed in - that he tackled at a cooking demo on Sunday. His passion for the subject quickly became apparent as he made spicy jerk chicken tacos topped with red cabbage slaw and habañero hot sauce as well as an enticing stone crab and orange mojo stunner. He even proclaimed them a perfect food - "you can make anything a taco," he said - later admitting that they're a food he consistently craves, especially "late at night [after he's] had a few cocktails with friends." Here are a few tips and tricks the chef had to impart:

    • Prioritize textural contrast: Both of Flay's tacos had a crunchy element: a red cabbage slaw for the jerk chicken and a deep-fried blue corn tortilla for the stone crab. He emphasized waiting until the last minute to dress the slaw so that it would stay crisp.
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  • Go Meatless Over Lent with These Fresh Fish Recipes

    POPSUGAR FoodSource: Go Meatless Over Lent With These Fresh Fish Recipes

    It's tradition among many to skip meat on Fridays during Lent, which often means indulging in fish dishes instead. Even if you don't observe the holiday, you can still make easy seafood recipes for morning, day, and night. Whether you're passing up meat on Fridays or all yearlong, here are some tasty recipes to carry you through the 40 days and beyond.

    • Matzo Brei With Lox: Described by Ruth Reichl as "one of life's perfect foods," matzo brei made with eggs, crackers, and lox is perfect for either breakfast or dinner; try drizzling it with a bit of honey or top it off with a dollop of sour cream.
    • Cod With Asparagus in Parchment: No basting or marinating is required when baking fish en papillote, or in parchment paper with aromatic vegetables, because the method creates a steaming effect that infuses flavors inside the fish. Don't be intimidated by a dish like cod and asparagus en papillote, though - the recipe that
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  • Fame Meets Food: Oscar Nominees Talk Favorite Eats

    POPSUGAR FoodSource: Fame Meets Food: Oscar Nominees Talk Favorite Eats

    Nachos and peanut butter - you'd be surprised at what this year's Oscar nominees call their favorite foods. Something else you'd be surprised by? Many of this season's big names can cook a mean meal (we're talking vegan soul food). Click on to read quotes from the actors and discover more food tales about Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, and more!

    • Amy Adams - On why her fiancé, Darren Le Gallo, didn't hide her engagement ring in her favorite comfort food: "He knows better than to put it in nachos, because I would have eaten the ring for sure."
    • Bradley Cooper - On gorging after filming for The A-Team stopped and he no longer had to follow a strict diet: "In the evening I came home, ordered three pizzas, ate them all in one go, then walked to the store and bought Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream. I thought I was going to die. My stomach wasn't used to digesting that much."
    • Hugh Jackman - On his
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  • See What Wolfgang Puck's Cooking for the 2013 Oscars Governors Ball

    POPSUGAR FoodSource: See What Wolfgang Puck's Cooking For the 2013 Oscars Governors Ball

    The Governors Ball - the glitzy official afterparty of the Oscars - is just over a week away. For the 19th year in a row, all eyes are on chef to the stars Wolfgang Puck, who's created what he hopes to be a blockbuster menu. We tracked down what he'll be serving at this year's soiree. Keep reading to find out the tony tastes he's planning to serve Hollywood's A-list.

    • Patrón Gold Cosmopolitan : Patrón tequila will be on hand at the Governors Ball to serve guests its version of a cosmopolitan, with Patrón Silver, orange liqueur, blackberry juice, orange juice, blackberries, and - wait for it - a gold rim!
    • Champagne: Champagne Thienot is the official sparkling wine of the post-Oscars celebration. Here, the Champagne house's president, François Peltereau-Villeneuve, pours a glass.
    • Smoked Salmon Oscars: As usual, Wolfgang Puck's most iconic Governors Ball recipe - blinis with smoked salmon
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  • Stock Your Kitchen with These 10 Essential International Cookbooks

    POPSUGARFoodSource: Stock Your Kitchen With These 10 Essential International Cookbooks

    Hoping for an easy way to broaden your culinary horizons? Look no further than a new cuisine. Before you raise your hand in protest to even more restaurant dining, hear me out: the best way to familiarize oneself with a particular country's food is by actually cooking it yourself. We promise this proposition will be both fun and easy, thanks to the following tomes, each of which is written by a foremost expert in the cuisine. Behold: 12 definitive international cookbooks that are essential to any globe-trotter's kitchen.

    • Spanish: The New Spanish Table: As a lover of all things Spanish, I researched high and low to find the seminal cookbook on Spain in the States. I quickly discovered that it's Anya von Bremzen's The New Spanish Table ($23). The book is full of colorful stories and tested recipes that stretch from Valencia to Basque Country to La Mancha and everything in between.
    • Vietnamese: Into the
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  • Put a Spin on It: Classic NYC Dishes with a Twist

    POPSUGAR FoodSource: Put a Spin on It: Classic NYC Dishes With a Twist

    All eyes will be on the latest styles this Thursday when New York Fashion Week kicks off, but our stomachs will be in a different place. New York City is known for some some mouthwatering foods - think hot dogs, pizza, and cheesecake - that inspire plenty of our own recipes that add a twist to the classics. Whether you're close to the runways or not, you can still indulge in some big-city eating with these distinct dishes.

    • Cheesecake: New York cheesecake is a straight-up, no-fuss dessert where hardly any other flavors are welcome. But you can give your cheesecake dish a (lemon) twist by making a lemon ginger version that's both bright and refreshing.
    • Pizza: Roam NYC's streets and you'll find thin but huge pizza slices in popular flavors like margherita. Give the city staple some greens by taking advantage of the upcoming springtime - an asparagus, goat cheese, and pea shoot recipe will have you turning vegetables
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