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  • 6 DIY Snacks for the Road (and 6 Alternatives when You're on the Run)

    YumSugarYumSugarSource: 6 DIY Snacks For the Road (and 6 Alternatives When You're on the Run)

    No car trip is complete without plenty of snacks to keep you fueled and awake on the open road. If you're feeling ambitious, we've got six homemade versions of snack favorites, but if time isn't on your side, we've also included six store-bought options from brands we know and love.

    • Make Your Own: Beef Jerky: Beef jerky isn't that difficult to make at home. Just marinate the beef slices and bake on a low temperature for four hours.
    • On the Go, Grab: Krave Jerky: Smoky, spicy, and a tad sweet, Krave Jerky's Sweet Honey Chipotle flavor ($7) will make you crave more.
    • Make Your Own: Baked Potato Chips: Baked potato chips have the same crispy, salty factors as regular fried potato chips, but they aren't as oily.
    • On the Go, Grab: Kettle Baked Chips: Thin, crunchy, and lightly salted, the Kettle Brand Sea Salt Baked Potato Chips ($16 for five bags, four ounces each) are far removed
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  • Baking Basics: 10 Tips for Beginner Bakers

    YumSugarYumSugarSource: Baking Basics: 10 Tips For Beginner Bakers

    Every baker must begin somewhere, yet the calculated science behind baking is not always simple and intuitive for some, especially cooks who prefer to improvise in the kitchen instead of following a recipe verbatim. If you're new to baking or have had rough (aka messy or burnt) experience in the past, here are 10 tips every beginner baker should know going into a recipe.

    • Read the Recipe in Its Entirety: Read the entire recipe slowly that way ingredients, tools, and steps aren't accidentally overlooked. Baking is about precision, so it's very important that you are familiar with the recipe before beginning. Read it two or three times even to make sure everything sounds clear.
    • Pull Out All the Ingredients and Tools Needed: Prior to beginning the recipe, pull out all of the ingredients and tools that the recipe calls for. Then double-check that you have everything. There's nothing worse than realizing you are missing a
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  • Heat Wave Cooking: Icebox Cake

    Source: Heat Wave Cooking: Icebox Cake

    I still manage to learn a little something new each day. Today, it was that the memory card from my camera could be inserted directly into my laptop. Yesterday, it was that a manicure can mean the difference between a finger and no finger when you're chopping a lot of vegetables. And earlier this month, it was the revelation that is a layered icebox cake.

    I've never seen a dessert that proffers such a large payout, given the minimal effort. Seriously, spread out cookies like tiles, lay them thick with whipping cream, and repeat until towering. If you're feeling particularly mischievous (and I usually am), shower the top with shavings from your favorite chocolate brand. Exhibit a little self-restraint (the hardest part!), stick your masterpiece in the fridge, and the next morning, you'll open the icebox to find the the most gorgeous layered cloud of a dessert that you've ever seen. A bonus dirty little secret: if you're especially lazy, this cake

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  • Adventures in Ingredients: Guinea Fowl Eggs

    Source: Adventures in Ingredients: Guinea Fowl Eggs

    While at the Marin farmers market this past weekend, I made friends with Jackie, an adorable farmer who sells eggs under the brand By Cracky It's Jackie's Farm Fresh Eggs. At the end of the market, a few stragglers stopped by her booth requesting chicken eggs. She responded, "Nope, sorry. The weather has been too hot for the chickens to lay eggs. But I have plenty of guinea fowl eggs. They're producing like crazy!" Most refused her offer and walked away disappointed.

    While Jackie was gracious enough to give me a dozen guinea fowl eggs at the end of her farmers market run, I'll admit my initial response was not one of excitement: I'd recently encountered a slightly sulfuric-smelling batch of chicken eggs and hadn't quite recovered from the experience. I assumed the eggs from the guinea fowl, which sounded exotic and complicated, must have possessed an equally game taste to match.

    "What should I do with them?" I asked Jackie

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  • Learn Proper Etiquette for English Teatime

    Source: Learn Proper Etiquette For English Teatime

    For Americans, it's more common to slurp a coffee in a plastic on-the-go cup during a morning commute than to sit down with friends for a proper tea, so that explains why we don't know mluch about English tea etiquette. Some of the rules and behavior expected at afternoon tea are not intuitive, so it's necessary to learn them. While a few of these customs may seem silly, many serve the important purpose of avoiding spills and hot-water burns. If you find yourself sitting down to afternoon tea, whether in England or otherwise, then here are a few tea etiquette pointers.

    • Pouring: Place the mesh tea strainer over the cup, then hold the teapot handle in one hand and press down the lid with the other as you pour the tea. Fill the cup only three-quarters of the way full to prevent spills and to save room for the milk and sugar. Remove the mesh tea strainer and set it aside on a small plate.
    • Seasoning: After the tea is poured,
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  • Taste Test: Cheesecake Factory's Oreo Dream Extreme

    Source: Taste Test: Cheesecake Factory's Oreo Dream Extreme

    There's nothing better than Oreos baked into other desserts, so we were thrilled when we received an Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. The restaurant empire released this limited-edition flavor to its stores on July 30 to celebrate both National Cheesecake Day and the 100th birthday of the Oreo.

    Get it while it lasts, because this is no ordinary cheesecake. It has archaeological layers of chocolate-y goodness waiting to be discovered. Starting with an unctuous layer of chocolate cake, it's followed by whole Oreo cookies embedded in vanilla cheesecake. A sizable spread of chocolate icing blankets the whole thing, and, finally, mini chocolate chips, studded around the sides, add a little crunch to the otherwise smooth slice. Our eyes feasted, but what about our palates? Take a look at our comments and ratings of this extreme cheesecake.

    The promise for the Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake: The press

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  • Mix it Up! the Case for Marrying Ground Meats

    Source: Mix It Up! The Case For Marrying Ground Meats

    There's an easier method to marrying meats than constructing a turducken. For starters, try the combination of ground beef and ground pork. Ground beef - a key element in bolognese sauce, tacos, and meatballs - often needs aromatic vegetables, herbs, and spices to amplify its flavor. Ground pork, found in quick Asian stir-fries and breakfast sausages, is semisweet on its own but can be too rich and fatty. Combine the two together, and you have ground meat that's earthy and tender without tasting iron-like.

    Try this trick for meatballs, meat sauces, stir-fries, and even chili: combine equal parts raw ground beef and ground pork in a bowl, using a large fork or your hands to mix the two together. Season with salt and pepper and sauté in a skillet over medium high, breaking up the pieces with a wooden spoon as the meat browns. Cook until no pink remains, about 10 minutes, adding beef stock or water if needed to deglaze the fond at

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  • 5 Satisfying Salad Entrées to Make This Week

    YumSugarYumSugarSource: 5 Satisfying Salad Entrées to Make This Week

    While the weather's warm, it's difficult to eat anything piping hot for dinner. Instead, opt for the crunchy freshness of salad greens topped with raw veggies and quick-cooked protein. We've got a salad for everyone, from steak lovers to fish fans to vegetarians. Stay cool and full with these five, satisfying salad recipes that you can make each night this week.

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  • 5 Ways to Use a Chinois at Home

    Source: 5 Ways to Use a Chinois at Home

    If you've never heard of a chinois, it's a cone-shaped strainer that's often seen in professional kitchens and used for a multitude of purposes. While household strainers are more commonly round-shaped (better suited for straining pasta, sifting powdered sugar or flour, and the like), the conical chinois is more functional for extracting the liquids out of meats, vegetables, and fruits. Want a case for adding the chinois to your home kitchen? Here, we offer five foods that work well with the chinois.

    • Stock: Make your stocks clear and fiber-free by straining out the bones and vegetable pieces. The cone shape helps trap everything, so bones don't go flying into the strained stock.
    • Pureed soups and sauces: Leave behind even the most minute fibrous material after blending soups and sauces into a puree.
    • Gravy: Trap small particles from pan gravies, so you are left with a silky, thick finishing sauce.
    • Custard: Strain
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  • 5 No-Cook Meals You'll Have Time to Make This Week (We Promise!)

    YumSugarYumSugarSource: 5 No-Cook Meals You'll Have Time to Make This Week (We Promise!)

    When it comes to weeknight cooking, Summer days are both bad and good things. On the one hand, with longer, warmer days, it's easier to be out and about than behind the stove in a kitchen. On the other hand, balmier evenings call for fast, superlight, no-cook meals that come together in a heartbeat. Keep reading to see five of our favorites right now.

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