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  • Crock-Pot Success: Protein-Rich Mexican Chicken

    Source: Crock-Pot Success: Protein-Rich Mexican Chicken

    For a healthy, protein-rich meal that doesn't rely on dairy for flavor, try this delicious Mexican-style chicken recipe full of fresh ingredients. This preparation results in an absolutely delicious, fall-off-the-bone piece of meat. Make sure to leave 15 minutes for the first two steps, then pour everything into your slow cooker, and let it do its magic. Serve this recipe over a bed of purple cabbage, black beans, or brown rice for a balanced meal under 500 calories.

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    From 163 Best Paleo Slow Cooker Recipes by Judith Finlayson

    Mexican-Style Chicken


    Either cook for three hours on your slow cooker's high setting or six hours on low.


    1/4 cup raw pumpkin seeds
    2 teaspoons cumin seeds
    1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
    2 red onions, thinly sliced
    4 cloves garlic, minced
    2 tablespoons tomato paste
    1 teaspoon

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  • These Workout Mistakes Can Prevent Weight Loss

    Source: These Workout Mistakes Can Prevent Weight Loss

    If you're trying to lose weight, burning calories through exercise is key. But if you're not burning enough, then you won't see the scale budge. If this sounds familiar, keep reading to learn what you might be doing wrong when it comes to burning calories.

    • Skipped Oatmeal: Many women skip out on breakfast before their morning workout to either save calories or to prevent digestive upset. It's one of the worst things you can do because eating first thing not only boosts your metabolism, it also gives you energy to get through your solid calorie-burning workout. Without the proper fuel, you'll end up with a headache, dizzy spell, and are more likely to not push yourself as hard or to throw in the towel before your workout is complete. Since devouring an enormous plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, and hash browns is also a bad idea, fuel your workout with something small that contains easily digestible carbs and
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  • Do These the Night Before to Ensure Morning Workouts Happen

    Source: Do These the Night Before to Ensure Morning Workouts Happen

    Time change putting a damper on your evening workouts? If the darkness is only good at motivating you home to your cozy couch, you'll want to think about switching your workouts to the brighter mornings. Here are some ways to prep for morning workouts the night before.

    • Skip the morning scavenger hunt: Don't give up on the morning run because you can't find your sock or sneaker or sports bra. Prepping the night before only takes a few minutes, and helps avoid wasted time frantically searching for the essentials. Do a load of laundry if you need to, and then lay out your outfit so when you wake up, you can slip it on and go.
    • Gear up: Also get any gear you need ready. Charge your iPod, put your yoga mat or iPhone armband by the door, put your fave fitness video in the DVD player, and lay your dumbbells next to the TV.

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  • Why Heavier Weights Will Make You Smaller, Not Bulkier

    Source: Why Heavier Weights Will Make You Smaller, Not Bulkier

    First things first: lifting heavier weights will not turn you into the Incredible Hulk. In fact, lifting a heavier set of dumbbells can actually lead to a smaller, stronger you. Sound like just what you're after? Here are two important reasons to ditch the two-pounders and grab heavier weights.

    • You'll lose weight faster: Who doesn't want to drop pounds the most efficient way possible? Healthy chef and trainer Katy Clark recommends this test: "Whatever weight you're bearing - if you're doing five pounds, if you're doing 10 pounds - if you're not tired by [rep] number 10, then you need to go a little bit heavier. If you are consistently doing that, you're going to see changes in your strength and in your muscle mass." More muscle mass equals more metabolism, so maximize your body's fat-burning potential by challenging your muscles with heavier weights.
    • You can reshape your body: Cardio may help you shed excess
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  • 5 Late-Night Snacking Mistakes Wrecking Your Diet

    Source: 5 Late-Night Snacking Mistakes Wrecking Your Diet

    After a jam-packed day of eating right, staying active, and other healthy choices, the last thing you want to do is undo all your hard work just minutes before bedtime. Make sure you stay on the right track by avoiding these late-night eating mistakes.

    Mistake #1: Going to Sleep Too Full Going to sleep on a full stomach can cause discomfort and disrupted sleep, which can wreak havoc on your waistline by causing you to hold on to belly fat and eat more. Make sure you eat dinner at least a few hours before bedtime; if you need a snack later on, keep it under 200 calories.

    Mistake #2: Eating the Wrong Thing It's not just when you eat, but what. Eating the wrong foods late at night can also leave you wishing you could just drift off to slumber. Avoid greasy, high-fat, heavy-protein foods if you want to catch more weight-regulating Z's; a small amount of lean protein and a little carb should be your go-to option. Find out

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  • Printable Full-Body Circuit Workout — No Equipment Needed!

    Source: Printable Full-Body Circuit Workout - No Equipment Needed!

    You have no excuses not to do this full-body circuit workout. Not only can you do it almost anywhere, but you don't need any special equipment (just a wall and a chair or bench). The entire workout takes about 20 minutes; first warm up with about five minutes of light cardio, then repeat each of these circuits twice. Get the PDF printable version of this workout here and learn more on how to do each exercise here.

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  • 2 Dozen Ways to Show Stress Who's Boss

    POPSUGAR FitnessSource: 2 Dozen Ways to Show Stress Who's Boss

    In all honesty, we're heading into the most stressful time of the year . . . the holidays! While stress is unavoidable and completely normal, there are a few ways - 24, to be exact - that will help you remain calm, cool, and collected. Whether you choose to sweat it out or take 10 minutes for a good laugh, these stress busters are here to help. Now breathe.

    • Inhale, exhale, and repeat: This will immediately slow things down and help you regroup.
    • Make a list: Just jotting everything down will help you get organized and see things differently. As a list, your stresses may not look so bad after all!
    • Step outside: Head outside for some fresh air - it will energize you.
    • Turn off your phone: If emails and texts are the source of stress, turn off your phone (especially before bed).
    • Do Downward Dog: A beginner-friendly, relaxing yoga sequence will relax muscles, release tension, and help get your head in a happier place.
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  • The 10 Commandments of Snacking

    Source: The 10 Commandments of Snacking

    Snacking not only wards off hanger (hungry anger), it can fill the holes in your daily nutrition and weight-loss goals too. But since healthy snacking is all about the right choices, let the 10 commandments of snacking be your guide. From choosing a right pre-workout bite to using snacks to satisfy cravings, these rules are here to help (not doom) your diet!

    • Thou Shalt Measure It Out: Once you choose a snack, measure out the appropriate serving, leave the kitchen, and sit down to enjoy it. Avoid eating straight from the box of cereal or while standing at the kitchen counter, because you're more likely to keep going back for more (and more!).
    • Thou Shalt Fill in the Gaps: Use snacks to fill in the holes in your diet. If you didn't get your greens in at lunch, munch on a few veggies in the afternoon. This will ensure you have a well-balanced diet - not to mention fruits and veggies are lower in calories and higher in nutritional value than
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  • 8 Detox Superfoods of Fall

    POPSUGAR FitnessSource: 8 Detox Superfoods of Fall

    With the feasting season quickly approaching, we are here to remind you that your diet is not doomed! The autumnal season is loaded with detox powerhouses; these pieces of produce will naturally help you get back on track. Nutrient-rich foods like ginger, kale, and beets not only have flat-tummy powers, but they also taste good. Eat these good-for-you salads, soups, and quick post-workout smoothies to move past those sugar lapses. Learn about our eight favorite Fall detox foods to help you get cooking!

    • Ginger: Tummy problems? Turn to ginger. Not only can this spicy root relieve your digestive system, it is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Ginger might also boost the immune system, assisting in detoxification by promoting a healthy sweat, ridding your body of infections.
    • Beets: Beets have been shown to provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification support. They are also filled with folate, fiber, and
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  • 3 Minutes and 3 Moves Away from Strong, Sculpted Abs

    POPSUGAR FitnessSource: 3 Minutes and 3 Moves Away From Strong, Sculpted Abs

    You might not be sporting a bikini any time soon, but you still want to maintain that strong, sculpted tummy, and three minutes is all it takes. Here are three effective moves to tone your lower, middle, and upper abs that make for a perfect postcardio core workout . For even more of a burn, repeat this circuit two or three times.

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    Lying Bent-Knee Leg Extension
    Keep the lower back planted on the floor as you slowly alternate lowering each heel to the floor for one minute.

    Roll-Up Crunch and Punch
    Repeat as many punches as you can for one minute.

    Plank With Alternating Leg Lift
    Hold your torso parallel with the ground, and keep the core strong as you slowly alternate lifting each leg for an entire minute.

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