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  • How to Avoid Excessive Weight Gain when You've Got a Bun in the Oven

    Source: How to Avoid Excessive Weight Gain When You've Got a Bun in the Oven

    Congratulations, mom-to-be! Of course you're excited about the little bun growing in your oven, but you still don't want to look like you ate an entire bread factory. Whether you're in your first trimester or your third, here are some tips to keep in mind to prevent excessive weight gain during your pregnancy.

    • Educate yourself on expected weight gain: Every pregnant woman will gain weight. For those with a healthy prepregnancy body weight, 25 to 35 pounds is the norm. For those who are underweight, expect to gain closer to 40 pounds, and anyone who is overweight will gain an average of 20 pounds. Expect variables, though. Many average-weight women can gain anywhere from 45 to 60 pounds during pregnancy but have no issues giving birth or shedding the weight later.
    • Don't eat for two: While you are growing a human being, that little baby is a fraction of the size of an adult, so no need to feed it like
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  • Lacing Up Before Dawn? Morning Run Mistakes to Avoid

    Source: Lacing Up Before Dawn? Morning Run Mistakes to Avoid

    Heading out for a run first thing in the morning is a great way to wake up your mind and get you energized for the day. Give yourself a thumbs up for setting your alarm and getting it done while much of the world snoozes, but be sure to avoid these common mistakes.

    • Not setting your alarm early enough: If you set your alarm for 6 a.m., roll out of bed, slip on your sports bra and sneaks, and are out the door by 6:10, that doesn't leave any time for a quick snack. Since eating in the morning gives your body enough fuel to work out, improves your endurance, and can also jump-start your metabolism, make sure you allot enough time to eat a little something. Getting up 15 to 20 minutes earlier should do the trick. Aside from not exercising on an empty stomach, it'll also give your brain a little extra time to wake up, which can help prevent injury caused by stumbling.
    • Not reaching for the water bottle: Besides food for
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  • 13 Low-Calorie, Decadent-Tasting Desserts

    POPSUGAR FitnessSource: 13 Low-Calorie, Decadent-Tasting Desserts

    Sometimes the mood strikes for something sweet, but even desserts loaded with healthy ingredients contain more calories than you'd like. For when you're jonesing for something sweet - and you want to enjoy more than just one bite - each of these satisfying treats clocks in under 200 calories. Talk about having your cake and eating it too. Cruise through to see which treat curbs your sweet tooth, then click here for all the recipes.

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  • Post-BBQ Fix: 5 Quick Debloating Tips to Do Today

    Source: Post-BBQ Fix: 5 Quick Debloating Tips to Do Today

    Overdid it this Fourth? The good news is you only have one day left to the weekend, but that doesn't mean you can't start on the right foot today. Here are five quick tips for debloating today.

    • Think H2O: Skip the sodas and limit the juices - today should be all about hydrating with water to flush out bloat. If you're tired of plain water, you can opt for tea or jazz up your water with these detoxifying additions.
    • Take two: Time for a break that will boost your energy and help you sweat out what's ailing you. It doesn't take that much movement to make an impact on your mood as well as your health. If you're not into a full workout, take a walk or do one of these 2.5-minute exercises that can lead to an extra 200-calorie burn.
    • Check your snacks: It's easy to let a mindless snacking habit derail your clean-eating plans. Stick to healthy debloating snacks like fresh fruit and fiber-rich produce instead of chips or
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  • Scale Back: 3 Better Ways to Measure Your Weight Loss

    Source: Scale Back: 3 Better Ways to Measure Your Weight Loss

    Using the scale has its place, especially if you are carefully tracking your weight-loss progress. But spending too much time focusing on a number can discourage you. Oftentimes when you think you've dropped weight after a rigorous diet and exercise plan, you discover that you haven't lost as much as you thought you have (which can happen for several reasons, usually because you are gaining muscle instead). If you dread stepping on the scale, then here are three ways to gauge your weight instead.

    Your clothes:
    One of the best ways to figure out if your diet and exercise plan is working? Nix the scale for your favorite pair of jeans. The fit of your favorite clothes can be more accurate than knowing how many pounds you carry.

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    Your energy level:
    Chances are, if you're eating healthy, drinking water, and exercising, you'll be feeling the effects - you'll

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  • Unexpected Places to Sneak in a Workout

    Source: Unexpected Places to Sneak in a Workout

    Believe it or not, there are several unexpected places you can tighten and tone. If you don't have a gym membership or are looking for a way to mix it up, let surprising places like your couch and desk be the answer. With a little creativity, these workouts offer a quick, total-body challenge no matter your location.

    • A hotel room: While working out may be last thing you want to do on vacation, it's easier than you think - all you need is your hotel room! This no-equipment hotel workout is perfect for a quick tone - no sneakers necessary. Combining Pilates with a few of those extra hotel towels will keep you in shape, even with jet lag.
    • Your bed: Your bed isn't just for catching Zs, it can actually be the perfect piece of fitness equipment. Although basic, this strength-training series includes moves for toning your entire body and can easily be done before you head to work, or if you're out of town and need to stay in shape.
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  • 5 Morning Stretches to Start Your Day Right

    Source: 5 Morning Stretches to Start Your Day Right

    Feel energized in the morning before you even brew that pot of coffee - these morning stretches help relieve tension and wake up your body in just five minutes.

    Reclining Twist
    Source: Megan Wolfe Photography

    You can do this spine-massaging stretch before you even get out of bed!

    • Lie flat on your back. Draw both knees in toward your chest, and give them a squeeze.
    • Release your legs, extend them straight up in the air as much as possible, and breathe in deep. You can also keep them bent close to your torso if this is easier.
    • On the exhale, open your left arm, gaze to the left side, and drop your legs toward the right. Reach for your thigh, ankle, or foot, and look toward your open left hand.
    • Hold for 30 seconds before coming back to center and then dropping your legs toward the left while gazing to your right. Hold for another 30 seconds, then come back to center and release back to lying position.

    Behind-the-Back Stretch
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  • Weight-Loss Wonder: 4 Ways to Snack on Cottage Cheese

    Source: Weight-Loss Wonder: 4 Ways to Snack on Cottage Cheese

    Greek yogurt may be having all the fun, but cottage cheese does just as well when it comes to mixing into your granola, fresh fruit, or smoothies. At 81 calories per half-cup serving, cottage cheese packs an impressive 14 grams of filling protein, more than most Greek yogurt varieties. Here are four delicious reasons to stock up on the unassuming diet standby.

    Avocado and Cottage Cheese:
    For a quick, filling breakfast, spoon two ounces of low-fat cottage cheese into half an avocado, then drizzle with your favorite hot sauce. Your protein and omega-3-rich breakfast clocks in at only 220 calories.

    Granola and Fruit:
    You can mix any of your favorite toppings into this basic breakfast, but this combination of in-season blueberries, blackberries, granola, and coconut looks like a great place to start.

    Low-Calorie Ranch Dressing: Dress up a seasonal salad with this cottage-cheese-based Ranch dressing, or use it as a dip for

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  • Pedal Your Way to SoulCycle Success with These Tips

    Source: Pedal Your Way to SoulCycle Success With These Tips

    If you've never taken a SoulCycle class, you're in for a treat. For starters, forget what you know about Spin or any other indoor cycling class. This full-body workout will leave you breathless and have you booking your next class the minute your first one ends. Expect high-intensity intervals, hill climbs, and even weight work, but our guess is that this won't be the main reason you'll be back. As SoulCycle instructor Jenny Gaither told us, "We work hard and we party hard on the bike. Every class begins with a spiritual journey, eventually building into a full-blown cardio dance party." And while it might be a party, it's not one you should go into unprepared.

    Power up
    Like any intense workout, it's important that you're properly fueled before and after you exercise. Choose light and lean carbs at least one to two hours before class; this will give your body time to digest before getting up on the bike. Jenny's favorite?

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  • 3 Running Mistakes to Avoid when Interval Training

    Source: 3 Running Mistakes to Avoid When Interval Training

    There are tons of reasons runners should incorporate interval training into their workouts, not only to diminish belly fat but to also increase speed, save time, and build up endurance. Before hopping on the interval training train, be sure to avoid these mistakes to prevent injury and get the best workout you can.

    Doing Too Much Too Soon
    If you've never done speed intervals before, it's not the best idea to start doing two-minute sprints like you're a starving cheetah trying to catch a meal. The muscles used for sprinting are different than those used for long distance, so you need to train them safely. Start off with 10-second sprints at a moderate pace, and gradually pick up the speed and duration of your sprints. Eventually, these speed intervals will be super high intensity. You want to work so hard that you feel the burn and are huffing and puffing, but not so much that you feel out of control and need to stop running

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