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  • 20 Easy Ways to Live Healthier Today

    Source: 20 Easy Ways to Live Healthier Today

    When you set off to live healthier, the whole process can be overwhelming, but all it takes are a few small changes to make a big difference! Start with these 20 simple tips.

    • Never skip breakfast: Skipping breakfast might seem like it can lead to weight loss, but it's doing just the opposite. Enjoying a high-protein, high-fiber breakfast keeps you energized throughout the morning, while forgetting breakfast actually slows down your metabolism.
    • Walk to work: Start the day with a dose of exercise, and leave all the stresses of public transportation behind. If your commute includes a drive, something as simple as parking your car in the back of the lot is a healthy change worth making.
    • Forget the second cup: Coffee in the morning is fine, but that second cup can leave you feeling jittery. Sub your second cup with some green tea. The tea still has caffeine but will keep you feeling balanced; it's also been shown to help boost
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  • 9 Reasons Summer is Making You Fat

    Source: 9 Reasons Summer Is Making You Fat

    It's sunny and gorgeous, gardens and grocery stores are bursting with fresh fruits and veggies, you're spending lots of time outside, but you seem to be putting on weight. What gives? If pounds are piling on this Summer, here are nine reasons why.

    • Ugh, it's too hot to run: Heat and humidity are brutal, so if you can't summon the get-up-and-go to exercise outside, that's what air-conditioned gyms and swimming pools are for.
    • You could really go for a cold one right about now: Whether it's an ice-cold beer, lemonade, or margarita, all those chilly drinks are full of calories. Keep these drinks to a minimum and drink ice water or seltzer whenever you're parched.
    • Another barbecue? Sure: If you're invited to a barbecue every weekend, it's tough to say no to all those yummy grilled foods. To save calories, go easy on the beer, chips and dip, potato salad, and ribs. Instead, load up your plate with fresh or roasted veggies and a
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  • 4 Ways to Motivate for an Evening Run

    Source: 4 Ways to Motivate For an Evening Run

    Morning runners may get their workouts out of the way, but Summer is the perfect time for a cool evening run. Here's how to motivate to get jogging after work instead of heading for the couch.

    If you're tired:
    Heat, humidity, and hectic days can make it difficult to look forward to a run after work. To help motivate you to get out there, use a few tricks to re-energize. Drinking lots of water or an iced coffee or eating a pre-workout snack in the afternoon can be all you need to get back on track. Check out more ways to energize before a run here.

    If you're busy:
    Between dinners with friends and entertaining out-of-school kids, your Summer calendar is filling up fast. But if you find that you're skipping out on your runs because your evenings fill with errands and events, it's time to make your fitness a priority. Put your runs on the calendar so you know that you're busy that night, and do your dinner prep beforehand so when you get

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  • Short, Sweet, and Effective: 5 Lunch-Hour Workout Ideas

    Source: Short, Sweet, and Effective: 5 Lunch-Hour Workout Ideas

    Midday is the perfect time to take a break from your desk and inject energy into your day. Here are five fast workout ideas you can fit in during lunch to burn calories and scratch your workout from your to-do list.

    • Quick cardio: Getting your heart rate up for even just a few minutes is better than sitting at your desk browsing the Internet, so fit in a quick run or elliptical session during lunch to burn calories and reenergize before you return to your desk. Print this 20-minute treadmill workout or this 20-minute elliptical workout to take with you to the gym.
    • Supersets: Save time during your strength-training workout while also maximizing your calorie burn by doing supersets, a type of move where you pair sets of exercises without resting in between. Print out this superset gym workout, and head to the weight room.
    • Tabata: Each four-minute round of Tabata is intense, meaning you don't need much to feel
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  • From the Inside Out: How to Feel Confident in Your Bikini

    Source: From the Inside Out: How to Feel Confident in Your Bikini

    Before you rock your bikini and expose more skin than usual, it's natural to feel a little nervous. If you can relate to this sentiment, then forget what everyone else will be thinking, and start focusing on how you want to be feeling. Looking good in a bikini doesn't necessarily mean having a rock-hard body - it emanates your confidence! If you're tired of being in a cover-up all Summer long, then take these tips to heart the next time you slip your suit on.

    Your Suit

    While almost no one loves to go swimsuit shopping, it doesn't have to be such a painful process. Bring a close confidant or trusted friend along for advice, and take a few moments to touch up your hair, shave your legs, and add a little self-tanner. If you feel comfortable in your appearance from the start of this shopping trip, then it will be easier to keep up your confidence once the street clothes come off. Once you're in the store, grab a variety

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  • Get These Chips Away from Me! How to Prevent Mindless Snacking

    Source: Get These Chips Away From Me! How to Prevent Mindless Snacking

    Once you start snacking, it's hard not to stop - you can't just eat one! Not a good thing if you're trying to lose or maintain your weight since mindless munching can add up to hundreds of extra calories a week. Here are some ways to break bad snacking habits.

    • Measure and be done: Eating directly out of the package almost always means eating your way to an empty bag. Read the label to find out what a serving size is, measure it out, close up the package, and take your snack elsewhere to eat.
    • Steer clear of the M&M's bowl: If your co-workers keep candy on their desks and you can't help but grab a handful every time you stop by, opt for IM or email when you need to talk.
    • Keep food out of sight: Just seeing food can be a temptation, so be sure to keep snacks and baked goods off your desk and kitchen counters (unless it's fruit of course!).
    • Grab that bottle: Thirst is often confused for hunger; taking
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  • What Your Weekend Indulgences Are Costing You

    Source: What Your Weekend Indulgences Are Costing You

    You've conquered another week filled with healthy diet choices and workouts, and now you're ready for your well-deserved weekend. While resting and relaxing should be part of any weekend, make sure you don't undo the previous five days' goodness with a whirlwind of high-calorie choices. Here's an idea of just how much an indulgent three days can cost you.

    Friday: Happy Hour

    To unwind after work, you decide to get together with friends for a glass of merlot (119 calories). An hour later, hunger sets in, so you order a side of french fries (281 calories in 10 fries) and mozzarella sticks (330 calories in three pieces). Your weekend has just begun, and you've already indulged in 730 calories before dinnertime.

    Letting loose can mean the calories add up fast, so go to happy hour with an idea of how you want to save calories. Opt for low-calorie spirits and high-protein, nonfried snack options to unwind and curb hunger

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  • How to Get Rid of Salt Bloat

    Source: How to Get Rid of Salt Bloat

    Sometimes, those fries are calling your name and you can't say no - but the bloated feeling you get from the sodium overload isn't fun. If you feel like you've overdone it this weekend, get rid of the bloat with these tips that flush out salt from your body.

    • Drink up: The best way to debloat is to flush out excess salt by refilling that water bottle all day. Add extra help - and taste - by throwing a few fresh ingredients into your water to help get rid of those toxins. Detoxifying additions to water like ginger or lemon slices are delicious and effective at helping you feel your best.
    • Eat these foods: Look for foods rich in potassium, since this electrolyte will help your kidneys flush out excess salt. When in doubt, think fresh fruit and veggies, since many have high levels of potassium. Bananas, strawberries, leafy greens, melons, citrus fruits - all of these are great sources of potassium. Don't see anything you like? Here are more foods
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  • Foods that Keep You Feeling Full

    POPSUGAR FitnessSource: Foods That Keep You Feeling Full

    Eating well-balanced meals and snacks are both important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But whether it's because you find yourself mindlessly snacking or because your meals aren't keeping you as full as you'd like, sometimes you need something to keep you from rummaging through the pantry. Here are 20 appetite-suppressing foods that keep you feeling full!

    • Nuts: Nuts don't just contain healthy fats to help keep your cholesterol low - they are also good sources of appetite-killing fiber, which digests slowly so it stays in your stomach much longer than other carbohydrates. A 1/4 cup of almonds, for example, contains four grams of fiber.
    • Oatmeal: Stay fuller longer with a bowl of oatmeal; half a cup of rolled oats contains five grams of fiber. Besides that, oatmeal can help increase your body's levels of the appetite-regulating hormone cholecystokinin, which may help control hunger in some people.
    • Apples: An apple makes an ideal
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  • Ditch the Itch! Natural Mosquito Bite Remedies

    Source: Ditch the Itch! Natural Mosquito Bite Remedies

    If you're wary about smothering your skin with DEET to ward off mosquitoes, you probably end up with a few too many bug bites. The itchiness can drive you nuts, especially if you're hot or trying to sleep. Although scratching the affected area might offer immediate relief, it'll only cause more inflammation, which makes it itch even more, but worse, if you scratch the bite until it bleeds, opening the skin with your dirty fingernails can put you at risk for an infection. If you're a magnet for mosquito bites, here are some healthy ways to relieve that annoying itch. Many of these are folk remedies used in the holistic community with little to no scientific evidence to back them up, but then again, many people swear these work. Instead of just suffering, it may be worth giving them a try.

    • Alcohol: While pounding a few beers can help you forget about your itchy skin, that's not the type of alcohol I'm talking about. Grab rubbing
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