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  • 3 Crave-Worthy Chips with a Secret Ingredient You'll Love

    POPSUGAR FitnessSource: 3 Crave-Worthy Chips With a Secret Ingredient You'll Love

    We've tasted our share of healthy chips, but when an unexpected - and nutritious! - ingredient gets thrown in the mix, we get really excited. The next time you're craving something salty and crunchy, you'll definitely want one of these protein-, fiber-, and potassium-rich chips that were being touted at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, CA. The star ingredient? Quinoa - it doesn't get much healthier than that!

    • Live Love Snack Popped Chips: Gluten-free and high in healthy whole grains like chia seeds, sprouted quinoa flour, and sprouted seeds, Live Love Snacks Popped Multigrain Chips come in a number of tasty flavors, but the Kale & Sea Salt variety is the must-try flavor.
    • Late July Chia and Quiona Chips: Late July Organic Snacks makes some of the most crave-worthy chips on the market, and I was excited to taste its brand-new cantina-style chip at the expo. Light and crispy with the perfect crunch,
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  • 15 Ways to Feel Skinnier by the End of Today

    POPSUGAR FitnessSource: 15 Ways to Feel Skinnier by the End of Today

    Slimming down takes time and dedication, but a few quick tricks can help you feel a little bit lighter in just one day. Read on to get our tips for feeling less bloated and puffy - and having a flatter belly - by the end of today!

    • Morning: Drink Hot Water and Lemon: A mug of hot lemon water in the morning wakes up your digestive system and helps get things moving. You can drink green tea with lemon if you don't like the taste of warm lemon water on its own.
    • Morning: Go Dairy Free: Many people feel belly discomfort after eating dairy. If that's you, leave out the cream and yogurt from your morning breakfast. These dairy-free breakfast recipe ideas will help you nix the yogurt, cheese, and milk to see if you feel better.
    • Morning: Detox With Yoga: Yoga twists help rid your body of toxins by aiding your digestion. This yoga detox sequence includes plenty of twists and stretches to help you wake up and feel your best.
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  • What Works (and What Doesn't) for Faster Metabolism

    Source: What Works (and What Doesn't) For Faster Metabolism

    There are things you can't help about your own metabolism, like aging and genetics, but they don't have the final say in how revved up it can be. If you feel like your metabolism could use a boost, check out what works (and what doesn't) below.

    • Start or amp up your strength training: If you're a cardio girl through and through, you've probably heard people telling you that you should add weight training to your routine. That's because muscles burn calories at a higher rate than fat, so your metabolism will be getting a bigger boost the more muscle mass you have. Already incorporating strength training without seeing more results? Try amping up your routine, switching the type of workout, or adding a yoga or Pilates class to your routine.

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    • Get working on those intervals: There are many benefits to interval training, like better
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  • Why We're in a Serious Relationship with Greek Yogurt

    Source: Why We're in a Serious Relationship With Greek Yogurt

    A few ingredients always have a home in my fridge, and Greek yogurt is one of those healthy staples. If its creamy, rich flavor alone isn't enough to sell you on this versatile, nutrient-packed yogurt, here's why it deserves to be a bigger part of your diet.

    It's the easiest breakfast ever: Overslept and in need of an easy healthy breakfast? Let Greek yogurt come to the rescue. Toss a scoop in a bowl with some fresh berries and your favorite nuts, and you're good to go. The fiber and protein in this throw-together breakfast will keep you satisfied until lunchtime rolls around. If you're tired of your normal toppings, look to these creative combos for inspiration.

    It's high in protein: After a tough strength-training session, it's essential to fill up on at least 10 grams of protein to help your muscles recover and repair. If you're not ready for a big meal, grab a cup of delicious Greek instead; I'm a big fan of

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  • Change the Way You Do the Plank for a Six-Pack, Fast

    Source: Change the Way You Do the Plank For a Six-Pack, Fast

    You've probably done an elbow plank so many times by now that you know the drill by heart: straight back, belly button pulled in, and palms flat on your mat (trying not to clasp them in prayer pose if possible). But Cassandra Bodlak, group exercise manager at Sports Club/LA, recommends her clients do a slight modification that's a little more challenging: when in elbow plank, flip your hands over so your palms are facing up.

    Pressing through an elbow plank with palms facing down will help keep back muscles engaged and clasping hands together in a fist will enlist your chest muscles to help stabilize you, but flipping your hands over will make your plank even more about the core, Cassandra explains. "Performing a plank with palms up [will] disengage some of the support from the muscles of the hand and forearm," she says. In other words, simply moving your hands will help you get on the fast track to bikini-ready abs.

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  • The Anti-Inflammatory Foods All Runners Need

    POPSUGAR FitnessSource: The Anti-Inflammatory Foods All Runners Need

    If inflammation woes are affecting your runs, it's time to clean up your diet and start incorporating anti-inflammatory foods. Doing so may make that painful run a thing of a past.

    When thinking of what to cut out, registered dietitian, Sports Club/LA trainer, and lifestyle coach Julie Barrett says that processed foods are often the source of inflammation. "[Avoid foods] that come in a package or have ingredients that remind you of high school chemistry," Julie says. Beyond processed foods, clinical and holistic dietitian Esther Blum explains that when carbo-loading before a long run or race, be smart about your choices by avoiding anything that is known to cause stomach or joint pain. "Steer clear of the pro-inflammatory gluten products: wheat, semolina, barley, rye, oats, spelt, and kamut," she says.

    Now that you know what not to eat, the good news is there are tons of delicious foods out there to support your running

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  • Fun Gym Items You'll Want to Steal

    POPSUGAR FitnessSource: Fun Gym Items You'll Want to Steal

    At the International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) conference last week, there was no end of new-model treadmills, indoor cycling bikes, and strength-training equipment to outfit even the sleekest, most high-tech gym. But what caught our eye were the ones that don't require a fancy gym membership - products that you can add to your own basic home gym setup. Check out a few fun fitness items we loved that will make your home gym seem state of the art!

    • SandRope: Using a battle rope at the gym is a great way to sculpt arms and increase endurance (and look pretty badass while you're doing it), but installing one at home? Not so much. Not only do most battle ropes take up a lot of space, but they can be tripping hazards if you leave them in the wrong place in your backyard or garage. The Hyperwear SandRope ($180 for a 30-pound rope) is an effective home alternative: essentially a neoprene tube filled with sand, it
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  • Eat Dessert, Still Lose Weight: Just Hold the Guilt

    Source: Eat Dessert, Still Lose Weight: Just Hold the Guilt

    There's no reason to deprive yourself of the occasional indulgence, but it's important to take the word "occasional" to heart. If you're serious about being healthy, here's the truth: dessert should not be an everyday occurrence. But when you do indulge, it's important to allow yourself the pleasure of indulging, because when it comes to food, guilt does more harm than good. For NYC-based celebrity trainer Joel Harper, the feelings that go into indulging are just as important as what you're eating. "If you ate five Oreos, you enjoyed it. It tasted damn good. Don't feel guilty and bad about it," says Joel.

    If you still think that feeling bad after indulging will somehow make you healthier, you'll be surprised to learn that just the opposite is true. In fact, it's been scientifically proven that you're far more likely to overeat if you don't treat yourself with compassion after indulging. In the doughnut study, researchers

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  • Protein May Be the Answer to Your Weight-Loss Woes

    Source: Protein May Be the Answer to Your Weight-Loss Woes

    When designing a weight-loss meal plan, it might be time to look further down the label than the calorie count and start focusing on upping your protein intake. If you're having a hard time incorporating adequate protein into your diet, here's why it's time to start.

    It keeps you satisfied: According to Esther Blum, clinical and holistic dietitian and the author of Cavewomen Don't Get Fat, high-protein foods regulate your appetite since they take more work to "digest, metabolize, and use, which means you burn more calories processing them." With Esther's clients, she's found that many start to shed pounds with more ease once they start to eat more protein.

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    It repairs muscle tissue: A recent study shows that in addition to a regular exercise routine, doubling your protein intake may be the key to losing fat pounds

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  • The Biggest Diet Mistakes Women Make

    Source: The Biggest Diet Mistakes Women Make

    In honor of National Nutrition Month, we asked four experts - who've helped everyone from celebs to everyday women get their diets back on track - to tell us the mistakes they see their clients make over and over when it comes to healthy eating. Read on for the top four mistakes women make when it comes to nutrition, as well as our tips to be sure you're not making these same choices!

    • Only counting calories: When it comes to losing weight, it can be easy to fall in a quality vs. quantity trap - focusing on calorie counting instead of the whole picture. "Many [diet] programs focus on what I call the 'surface' evaluations of foods - how many calories, grams of carbs, protein, etc. a food has," says Kimberly Snyder, a celebrity nutritionist and author of The Beauty Detox Solution. "Too many women feel like they have to micromanage and count everything they eat in order to look their best, [but] that's simply not true," she advises.
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