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  • 13 Myths that May Be Messing with Your Workout

    POPSUGAR FitnessSource: 13 Myths That May Be Messing With Your Workout

    There's lots to learn about being healthy and staying fit, and there's lots to unlearn as well. If you believe any of these common fitness myths, they just might be hurting your workout. Read on to set yourself straight!

    • Walking a Mile Burns the Same as Running a Mile: If you're not a runner, walking may seem to be the next best thing. And while walking can achieve many fitness goals, it'll take you much longer to accomplish if you never ramp up your walking workout to a run. In fact, running requires 40 percent more energy than walking, which translates to major calorie burn.
    • Muscle Weighs More Than Fat: A pound of muscle weights exactly the same as a pound of fat. But since muscles are dense and compact, it may seem that by having more in your body you are becoming heavier. In fact, you may gain weight when you start working out once you start putting on more muscle, but you'll probably notice that your clothes
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  • 3 Ways Apples Can Help You Lose Weight

    eating appleeating appleSource: 3 Ways Apples Can Help You Lose Weight

    An apple a day may or may not keep the doctor away, but it sure can help you see results on the scale. Make these apple-inspired choices throughout your day and see how this fruit can help you lose weight.

    Breakfast: Low-Calorie Swap
    Oatmeal for breakfast is an excellent choice. You can sweeten your bowl of oats with maple syrup (one eighth of a cup is 100 calories) or pour on four times as much unsweetened applesauce instead: half a cup contains 52 calories. Make this switch for a whole week of breakfasts, and you'll not only save 336 calories, you'll gain 10.5 grams of filling fiber.

    Morning or Afternoon Snack: Fill Up on Fiber to Prevent Mindless Snacking
    Full of flavor, apples are also great sources of hunger-satiating fiber. Snack on one large apple (with the skin) for 116 calories, and you'll consume 5.4 grams of fiber. The high water content and amazing amount of fiber will keep you full until your next meal, curbing hunger, and

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  • Want to Change Your Body? the Workout Rules to Follow

    Source: Want to Change Your Body? The Workout Rules to Follow

    It can be frustrating to feel like you are logging hours in the gym without seeing the efforts manifest on your body. What gives? You may be doing it wrong, says fitness trainer and healthy chef Katy Clark, a former contestant on Food Network Star. I spoke to her at the recent International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association convention about how to ramp up your workouts and see results; check out her top tips here.

    • Reassess your workout: It's time to ask yourself - are you really working out to make a change? A good workout will leave you feeling in one of three ways, Katy says. "You need to be sweating, you need to be breathing heavy, or you need to be sore the next day," she advises. "If you didn't hit any of those three, it wasn't a good workout."
    • Be consistent: Find something you like so you'll stick with it, says Katy. "Anything you do consistently is going to bring about change," she says.
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  • Get Back on Track Fast with These 5 Tips

    Source: Get Back on Track Fast With These 5 Tips

    If your Easter weekend was filled with nonstop friends and family time, indulgent dishes, and a mimosa or two, now's the time to get back on track. Here are five ways you can start the week off fresh.

    • Eat detoxifying foods: It may be tempting to continue to indulgent celebrations, but starting off on a healthy foot is crucial to making sure you don't waste the week as well. Pick a few of these detox recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so you spend the day eating fresh foods that help you feel your best.
    • Energize: That cup of coffee may not cut it if you're feeling tired and bloated and underperforming. For a quick pick-me-up without the wired feeling, mix up this cranberry and apple cider vinegar energy drink.
    • Sweat it out: Feeling exhausted? No, you shouldn't skip that workout - even a few minutes working up a sweat will actually make you feel better and more energized. If you're not into a full hour-long
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  • Why It's Good to Take a Cheat Day Each Week

    Source: Why It's Good to Take a Cheat Day Each Week

    Imagine a day where you throw caution to the wind regarding your wellness regimen - and not just for holidays and special occasions! Health-conscious individuals who exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet may want to make cheat days a weekly practice. Here's why:

    • Muscles need to repair: If your workout schedule includes lots of intense cardio or weight training, a rest day allows your muscles to recover and recuperate, setting you up for another week of workouts. Go for a massage, jump in the hot tub, or pay a visit to the sauna or steam room to help improve circulation.
    • The pleasure principle: Everything in moderation is a mantra that works. If you're eating healthy and exercising, indulging with a sweet treat or a glass of wine here and there isn't going to throw you off the wellness wagon. However, if you need to harness your cravings, take a page out of trainer Harley Pasternak's playbook: schedule a cheat day.
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  • 5 Muscle Myths You Should Stop Believing

    Source: 5 Muscle Myths You Should Stop Believing

    It may be April Fools' day, but it's time to stop fooling yourself; many often-believed "facts" about strength-training are actually false. Here are five common myths about muscles, and why they aren't true.

    • Heavy weights make you bulk up: It's a common belief: lifting heavy weights will have you looking more bodybuilder than long and lean. But in reality, your muscles won't get Ms. Olympia-sized from lifting a 20-pound kettlebell; the size of your muscles is related to your genes and strength-training routine, not the size of your weights. Using heavier weights actually saves you time - studies show that you will get the same results when lifting heavier weights for fewer reps as you do with lifting lighter weights for longer. But no matter what size weight you use, make sure you choose one that is challenging your body the right way. The American Council on Exercise recommends that you choose a weight that fatigues your muscles
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  • Before Making that Call: 14 Takeout Tips to Always Remember

    Source: Before Making That Call: 14 Takeout Tips to Always Remember

    When you're feeling exhausted with no time to cook, takeout happens. Even if you're in a bind for time, there's no reason to let all your healthy day's work go to the wind with one bad binge. Here are 14 takeout tips to always keep in mind - regardless of what kind of cuisine you'll be enjoying!

    • Think first: Don't call your takeout spot in a frenzied state. Come up with a well-thought order, and stick to the plan when the time comes to talk. This way you won't have buyer's remorse after ordering a huge pizza with all the fatty fixings.
    • Pass on the fried stuff: The rest of your meal will be delicious and filling; there's no need to overload on unhealthy starters. Crispy Chinese egg rolls and fried Indian samosas filled with veggies are fresh on their own, but all that oil changes the equation.
    • Order broth-based: Soups can be a healthy addition to your takeout night, but you've got to look at more than the
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  • 6 Guilt-Free Alternatives to French Fries!

    POPSUGAR FoodSource: 6 Guilt-Free Alternatives to French Fries!

    If you're addicted to the hot, crunchy, saltiness of french fries, then you may find it hard to resist the guilty pleasure. But there are some healthier ways to satisfy your craving. Baking instead of frying or swapping potatoes for veggies like kale or rutabaga are just a few of the fit changes you can make. Try any one of these six healthy alternatives, and see for yourself!

    • Parsnip Fries: A cross between carrots and potatoes, parsnips are high in folic acid, vitamin K, and fiber. For a unique but tasty alternative to french fries, try these parsnip fries, complete with a curry dipping sauce.
    • Kale Chips: Rather than reaching for greasy french fries, bake up a serving of greens using this three-ingredient kale chip recipe.
    • Rutabaga Fries: A cross between a cabbage and a turnip, rutabaga is a great source of potassium and vitamin C. The next time you go to cook up an all-American meal, try these rutabaga fries
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  • 4 Ways to Ensure Weekend Workouts Happen

    Source: 4 Ways to Ensure Weekend Workouts Happen

    You have a weekday schedule set up for your workouts, so when the lazy weekend rolls around, it's tempting to skip out on the sweat sessions and just relax on the couch. Taking a little time off is a must, but if you know that forgoing workouts on Saturday and Sunday can turn into an even lazier Monday, here are four ways to stay on track.

    • Try something new: Motivating for the same old date with the treadmill can seem harder when you're cozy at home. So make a point to try out a different type of workout that you don't usually get to do during the week, maybe an early morning swim or that Detox Flow yoga class you've been hearing so much about.
    • Plan a long workout: Take advantage of the free time you have and exercise longer. Take a day hike or bike ride, do a mini triathlon at the gym, sign up for a bootcamp workshop, or double up on Zumba classes. It's exciting to have something to look forward to, and it'll help burn
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  • 10 Reasons to Start Swimming Now!

    Source: 10 Reasons to Start Swimming Now!

    Speed up the process to that Summer tan and bikini body by jumping into the pool. Yes, the treadmill is fun, and so are those dumbbells, but they only offer a portion of what a swim workout does. From toning your core to speeding up your metabolism, there are several reasons why you should consider swimming your new go-to. Grab a suit and find out the 10 reasons why you should start swimming!

    • It's a total-body workout: Swimming tackles everything from sculpting your back to toning your arms - all without having to pick up a weight. Rather than needing a plan to work specific muscles, all four strokes work to strengthen your entire body.
    • It's joint-friendly: If you're recovering from an injury and are eager to build strength, then look into starting a swimming routine to stay fit. If running is your passion, then swimming is a great way to work out on recovery days, allowing knees a rest from the pavement.
    • It's
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