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  • 25 Things You Should Know About Cellulite

    Source: 25 Things You Should Know About Cellulite

    Dimply skin is adorable on teeny baby bottoms, but when we find it on our own, it's just not as cute. Check out these tidbits about cellulite to learn the facts about what causes this type of fat and what really works if you're looking to get rid of it.

    1. It's much more common in woman than in men because of the way our fat, muscle, and connective tissues are distributed. About 80 to 90 percent of women have it, including celebs like Jillian Michaels.
    2. Why does it look lumpy? When fat cells push up against our skin, and the fibrous tissue that connects our skin to our muscle pulls down, it causes that uneven appearance.
    3. It's most commonly seen around the thighs and tush, but it can be found on the breasts, lower belly, and upper arms as well.
    4. Cellulite ranges in severity from slight bumps to an extremely wavy orange-peel texture. Some women will only see it if they squeeze their skin or when sitting down, while others may
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  • 5 Ways to Burn More Calories when Interval Training

    Source: 5 Ways to Burn More Calories When Interval Training

    A super-effective weight-loss strategy is incorporating intervals into your cardio workouts. Aside from burning calories and saving you time, interval training has been proven to reduce belly fat as well as increase your post-workout calorie burn. If you're looking to get more out of your interval workouts, follow these tips.

    • Move faster: The faster you run, the more calories you'll burn. Step it up during the sprinting intervals and push yourself to the point of huffing and puffing, because remember: the interval will be over after a minute or two, and then you can slow down and have time to recover.
    • Mix up the equation: If you always move at a moderate pace for three minutes and then sprint for one minute, your body will quickly adapt to these demands and you'll wonder why you're not seeing the results you're after. Keep your muscles guessing by varying the interval times both from workout to workout and
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  • 5 Ways to Stretch and Tone on Your Vacation

    FitSugarFitSugarSource: 5 Ways to Stretch and Tone on Your Vacation

    If you packed up your car or took to the skies for your Fourth of July holiday, you may be thinking more about what you'll be bringing to the barbecue than fitting in a workout. But for a few easy ways to sneak some calorie burning into your vacation, read on for our quick ways to stretch and tone on vacation.

    • Sit and Stretch: No matter how you're getting there, chances are it'll involve long periods of sitting. Cramped seats can wreak havoc on your body; make sure you're stretching your muscles and moving your body so you don't have to sit out on all the fun because of aches and pains from travel. And bonus: these exercises will tone and burn more calories than just sitting alone. Here are five exercises you can do while you're sitting in a car, plane, or train.
    • While You Wait: Plane delayed? Showed up early to the train platform? Holiday travel can mean more than a little time spent waiting. Use your free time to
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  • Step it Up! Cardio and Toning Circuit Workout Using Stairs

    Source: Step It Up! Cardio and Toning Circuit Workout Using Stairs

    If the weather outside isn't cooperating with your idea to go for a run, hike, or bike ride, then you can still get in a good workout indoors. Believe it or not, you have something in your home that's just as good as a treadmill and weight room - the stairs. Crank up your favorite workout playlist and keep an eye on the clock, repeating this six-minute circuit five times through:

    • One minute of running up and down the stairs
    • One minute of triceps dips, resting your hands on the second or third step
    • One minute of forward lunges, alternating between stepping the right foot on the first step, and then the left; make it harder by doing bicep curls with a set of dumbbells

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    • One minute of double leg jumps, starting on the floor, jumping both feet onto the first step, and then jumping back to the floor
    • One minute of push-ups,
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  • How to Make Squats Harder

    Source: How to Make Squats Harder

    Just like push-ups are an essential strength training move for your upper body, squats are a must-do exercise to strengthen your legs and tush. The basic move is hard enough, but here are some ways to make it even more challenging.

    • Raise one heel at a time as you lift and lower your hips. Also try lifting both heels together - this will challenge your balance.
    • Instead of lifting and lowering your bum, hold the lowered squat position for 15 to 30 seconds.
    • Work one leg at a time with Balancing Side Leg Lift Squats, or try these multitasking squat variations.
    • Make it a multitasking move for your upper and lower body by lifting dumbbells while you squat. Try Twisting Dumbbells Presses or Hammer Curls.
    • Target different muscles in your lower body with yoga variations including Open Side Fierce where you twist your torso, or Goddess with your legs wide.
    • After working your quads, hamstrings, and glutes doing squats, it's nice to do
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  • Stay Healthy on the Beach with These Essentials

    Source: Stay Healthy on the Beach With These Essentials

    As Summer heats up, a midweek break from work is a recipe for ocean-bound fun. If your Fourth of July holiday involves a little beach time, make sure you stay healthy by bringing these beach-going essentials.

    You know you should slather it on before you hit the beach so you don't spend your post-beach days suffering from sunburn. But do you know which sunscreens contain harmful chemicals, and how often you should reapply "waterproof" formulas? Before you soak up the sun, check our guide on choosing the safest and most effective sunscreen here. And don't forget a hat and sunglasses to block even more harmful UV rays!

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    Healthy snacks:
    A day at the beach can be fun but draining. All that running in the sand, catching waves in the water, or even just laying out in the sun can zap your energy. Make sure you stay fueled with healthy snacks that cool you off and

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  • How to Keep Your Afternoon Break Healthy

    Source: How to Keep Your Afternoon Break Healthy

    Lunch is a distant memory, and your energy level, mood, and grumbling stomach could use a little snack. Here's how to keep that afternoon snack healthy so you don't undo any of your prenoon good work.

    Keep stocked:
    It's important to take breaks throughout the day to burn a few extra calories and keep your mind sharp, and ducking out of the office for a midday coffee run can be the perfect excuse. If you're in the mood for a snack and don't have any healthy options, however, that latte break can turn into a date with the pastry case. Keep your desk stocked with healthy snacks like fruit, dark chocolate, nuts, or energy bars to satisfy any cravings before you cave at the coffee shop.

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    Set limits:
    That's not to say that you should always choose that apple at your desk over a fun fro-yo run. Allowing yourself a small treat can help you stay on track if you're trying to

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  • Buddy Up! 5 Workouts that Are Better with Friends

    FitSugarFitSugarSource: Buddy Up! 5 Workouts That Are Better With Friends

    The benefits to having a workout buddy are myriad, but sometimes a fitness friend just gets in the way. Whether you want a talk-free run, or need to train hard for an upcoming tri, sometimes you need to go at it alone. That doesn't mean flying solo all the time though! Check out these five workouts made better with a friend.

    • Rock Climbing: While possible to do solo, rock climbing is a true partner sport, requiring both good communication and trust between participants. So not only is rock climbing a great workout, it also helps you and your climbing partner forge a closer bond. If neither you or your friend know how to rock climb, look for an outdoor rock climbing class in the surrounding area, or join a indoor climbing gym.
    • Cycling: Whether it's a leisurely cruise along the beach or going intense on wooded trails, cycling is a great way to spend the day together. While you don't need a buddy to hit the bike path
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  • How to Beat the Summer Heat and Still Work Out

    Source: How to Beat the Summer Heat and Still Work Out

    Warmer, sunny days are finally here, but after exercising in cooler Spring temps, hot and humid 80-degree days can feel overwhelming. Running, biking, hiking, even walking feels harder in the heat, so here are some tips to help you get through your Summer workouts.

    • Be flexible about when you work out: Become obsessed with checking the weather, and find out when temps are going to be the lowest that day. Sometimes it's early in the morning, and sometimes late in the evening, so you'lll need to rearrange your schedule to fit in exercise during the coolest time of day. A plus about morning workouts is many of your neighbors might be watering their lawns, so you can run through their sprinklers to stay even cooler.
    • Invest in some wicking clothes: Lightweight, breathable, wicking clothes are a must. They'll pull moisture away from your skin, so you really do feel cooler. Wearing a hat to keep the hot sun off your head
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  • Float On: Reasons to Try a Sensory Deprivation Chamber

    Source: Float On: Reasons to Try a Sensory Deprivation Chamber

    Last weekend, I went far outside my comfort zone and hung out in a float tank. Also referred to as sensory deprivation chamber, the floating experience is fairly straightforward: you hang out in a warm, dark soothing salt bath and are forced to relax without any outside influences. These aspects combined bring your brain to the theta state - the frequency it experiences just before going to sleep. If this is the first you're hearing about the concept of an isolation tank, then don't let the name scare you off! I found it to be an incredibly relaxing escape, and it offers a bounty of health benefits. Here are a few reasons I think you should take the plunge and try it out yourself.

    • It eases chronic pain: Floating is an incredible resource for people who suffer from arthritis or chronic pain from an old injury. Not only do they experience a sense of weightlessness that takes the pressure off their pain, but also, the
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