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  • 3 Tips for Making Quick and Healthy Lunches

    Source: 3 Tips For Making Quick and Healthy Lunches

    Do you always rush to get a few bites of lunch in before getting back to your busy schedule? There's not always time during the day to prepare a meal, and sometimes even making lunch the night before can seem like too much work. Preparing a nutritious and filling lunch doesn't mean spending hours in the kitchen. Here are ways to quickly whip up a healthy midday meal.

    Double Up
    When making dinner, always make extra. Grill up two pieces of salmon, cook up one cup of quinoa, and steam a bunch of broccoli. Eat half for dinner and place the remaining food in a reusable container. Boom - tomorrow's lunch is ready.

    Partly Premade
    Who says a healthy lunch has to be completely homemade? If part of your lunch is premade, it'll save you lots of prep time. Place a frozen veggie burger patty in a container in the fridge with a whole-wheat bun, lettuce, and tomato, or buy precooked organic grilled chicken breast strips and add them to a

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  • 4 Calorie-Saving Restaurant Strategies to Use Before You Order

    Source: 4 Calorie-Saving Restaurant Strategies to Use Before You Order

    If you love to dine out on the weekends but are also trying to lose weight, the answer doesn't have to be depriving yourself of your favorite entree and opting for a naked salad instead. Before you order your main, here are some easy strategies to ensure you're able to enjoy your meal without wasting calories.

    Eat something healthy at home: If you're going to an overindulgent dinner, do it the smart way - have a healthy snack before you go so you can enjoy your meal without stuffing yourself because you arrived famished. A cup of yogurt with berries, a handful of nuts, or fruit with a few pieces of cheese are all enough to keep you satisfied so you don't overdo it at dinner.

    Nix the bread basket:
    Some people trying to lose weight would rather not have a mountain of empty carbs staring them in the face before the food arrives. If you're of the "out of sight, out of mind" set, nip temptation in the bud by asking the

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  • Reasons to Ditch Your Cheapo Flip-Flops

    Source: Reasons to Ditch Your Cheapo Flip-Flops

    As temperatures rise, my feet crave some flip-flop action. I love to feel the air and grass on my skin, and not have to deal with hot, sweaty feet. Plus flip-flops are so cheap, you can buy a few pairs without breaking the bank. The problem is, pinching pennies with Summer footwear isn't doing your feet any favors. Here are some reasons you should skip the flip-flops and opt for more supportive shoes.

    1. Sole is spongy and offers no arch support: The sole may seem soft and comfy, but your foot ends up over-pronating (rolling inward), especially since there's no added support for the arch of your foot. This can cause pain in the heels, arches, ball of the foot, and toes.
    2. Muscles and tendons work overtime: With only that little v-shaped strap across you toes, there's not much holding the shoe to your foot. As you walk, you end up gripping your toes, making the muscles and tendons in your feet do all the work. This can lead to
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  • 4 Easy Ways to Stay Fit on the Beach

    Source: 4 Easy Ways to Stay Fit on the Beach

    Going to the beach for a lazy, relaxing day can be a well-deserved treat, but getting moving near the sea can also be pretty delightful. If you want to go beyond the typical laying out and magazine-reading fare, here are four fun and easy ways to get moving on the beach.

    1. Take a long walk: You may be tempted to just lay out on the sand, but going for a long walk is a great way to get active. The best part? Walking on soft sand works your legs more than just going for a walk on flat ground. But if you're planning on walking for a long time, then do your best not to go barefoot the whole way. Follow these tips for running in the sand.
    2. Don't just float: Floating out on the open sea or doggy-paddling around may be relaxing, but swimming in the waves can give you a full-body workout.
    3. Throw a Frisbee: This game may make you nostalgic for your college days, but tossing a Frisbee can be an awesome activity for the beach.
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  • Eat Healthy like Bethenny Frankel with These Tips

    FitSugarFitSugarSource: Eat Healthy Like Bethenny Frankel With These Tips

    Reality star and natural chef Bethenny Frankel loves to give advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle, but she's not about to tell you to adhere to a strict diet and exercise plan that leaves no room for fun. We asked Bethenny - who recently launched a line of nonharsh, high-fiber detox supplements called Skinnygirl Daily - to share her favorite diet tips with us. Whether she's on the road, at a party, or eating with her family, read on to learn what Bethenny Frankel eats to stay in tip-top shape!

    • Stock the Fridge With Healthy Staples: Bethenny Frankel says to stock your fridge and kitchen with staples, so throwing together a healthy meal is easy and fast. "I use whatever's in my kitchen," Bethenny says. "Right now in my freezer I have ground white meat turkey; in my refrigerator I have some feta cheese, and I also have frozen spinach in the freezer so I might make spinach-feta turkey burgers. I have half an onion here so
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  • Insanity's Shaun T's Last-Minute Diet and Exercise Tips

    Source: Insanity's Shaun T's Last-Minute Diet and Exercise Tips

    Shaun T, the personal trainer who's motivated millions with his at-home workouts, knows how to get people in shape in a short amount of time. After all, his Insanity workout program promises incredible results in just 60 days of sweating and jumping in front of your TV. With Summer a mere few weeks away, we spoke with Shaun about how to get in shape for anything - whether it's a beach holiday, wedding, or event - when you've only got a little time. Find out his recommendations below!

    Watch your drink calories:
    "Don't drink your calories. That's the number one rule of thumb: not to drink your calories. It will eliminate so many calories in your body. Everybody knows that sugar that's not burnt off eventually turns into fat," says Shaun, who's also holding live workouts nationwide to promote his partnership with Powerade Zero. Shaun recommends portion control and cutting the amount of sugars and carbs in your diet in half,

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  • 7 Healthy Lessons Learned from Fad Diets

    Source: 7 Healthy Lessons Learned From Fad Diets

    Constant dieting may not be the best way to maintain weight, but chances are you've been on one (or two, or a few!) at one point in your life. And that can mean a lifetime of dieting failures, but there's always something to learn from your attempts. Here are some lessons learned from those fad diets.

    1. Steer clear of empty calories (Low-carb diet): Low-carb diets like the Atkins or Dukan diets can be hard to maintain and aren't always the healthiest eating choices to make, since you're at risk for eating too much saturated fat in lieu of nutrient-rich (but also high-carb) produce like carrots. But what a low-carb diet does teach you is to rely less on refined carbs like breads and crackers, too, which can be the source of many empty calories for lots of people.
    2. Stick with whole foods (Paleo diet): Processed foods aren't exactly waist-line-friendly, so the Paleo diet's focus on fruits, veggies, meat, and anything else our
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  • Too Busy for Savasana? 4 Ways to Sink into the Pose

    Source: Too Busy For Savasana? 4 Ways to Sink Into the Pose

    While the end of a yoga class should be the pinnacle of relaxation, sometimes getting into Savasana (Corpse pose) can be a bigger stretch for your mind than any pretzel-like shape for your body. I'm a big believer that no matter what, you should stay quiet on your mat and not leave the room, but I know firsthand how tricky getting your mind to simply hang out can be in the beginning. Whether you have a consistent practice or you're a newbie to the final relaxation pose, here are four tips to take to your heart before you lie down and sink into Savasana.

    1. Be comfortable: No need to rush into the pose - setting up properly is half the battle of Savasana. Pay attention to where your body needs a little extra love or attention. Let your feet fall to the sides of your mat. Let your chin slightly roll into your chest. Grab a blanket or a bolster to put under your knees if you want to take some pressure off your lower back. This
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  • Stock Your Desk Drawer with These Healthy Snacks

    Source: Stock Your Desk Drawer With These Healthy Snacks

    That desk drawer isn't just for office supplies. Keeping it stocked with healthy snack options can prevent you from seeking out less-smart alternatives. Here are some ideas to keep your desk stocked with healthy snacks for every mood you're in.

    Salty cravings:
    If you can't stop thinking about the potato chips in the vending machine, then having the right alternatives close by is a wise move. At your desk, keep a few bags of popcorn that you can microwave in no time, or if you just have to have your fatty, salty fix, then spend a few moments at home preportioning your favorite salty snacks into baggies to keep the calorie count low. To guide you, find out just what 100 calories of salty snacks looks like here.

    Hunger pangs:
    Sometimes, lunch just doesn't cut it. If you find yourself trying to stop your stomach from grumbling, then go for something full of protein to help tide you over until your next meal. Trail mix, nuts, and

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  • It's Two Weeks Until Beach Time: Here's Your Plan

    FitSugarFitSugarSource: It's Two Weeks Until Beach Time: Here's Your Plan

    OK, ladies, it's time to get serious. If you're planning on losing a few pounds before you hit the beach this Memorial Day, you've got two weeks to plan. Read on: we've got some no-fail tips for you to tone up and lose weight in two weeks.

    • Banish Bloating: Prepping for a beach holiday is a lot like preparing for any big event. Take a tip from brides-to-be by abstaining from bloating foods, like beans and artificial sweeteners, for the next two weeks. Learn more bloating foods to avoid here. You can also use your meals to fight bloating, so fill you plate with tropical fruits like pineapple and papaya.
    • Time to Detox: Going on an all-juice cleanse isn't exactly the smartest way to drop pounds. Instead, change your diet in a healthier way. Stick to fresh, whole foods with detoxifying properties and try an elimination diet - where you get rid of caffeine, alcohol, and certain foods - to keep you feeling energized and
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