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  • Holiday Survival Guide: Airport Travel Time

    Source: Holiday Survival Guide: Airport Travel Time

    The holidays may be full of traveling, but that's no excuse for forgetting health goals. Healthy airport travel is within your reach with this survival guide, so it's time to take the pain out of the process.

    Prep your purse: So much emphasis goes into packing for the destination, but there's no worse feeling than being stuck on a long flight without a list of your health essentials. You're already making a packing list for your luggage, so make one for your carry-on case, too. Save it on your computer or email it to yourself so you always have it handy.

    Sayonara, jet lag: If you always feel like a zombie after a big flight, then take tired matters into your own hands. Staying away from alcohol before you fly and while on the plane will help you get better-quality sleep, but another way to make sure you sleep is to go for a little melatonin. Naturopath practitioner Dr. Holly Lucille also explained that "the only time she ever

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  • 3 Headlines that Made Working Out Even Better in 2013

    Source: 3 Headlines That Made Working Out Even Better in 2013

    We know that exercise releases those feel-good endorphins, but sometimes even the promise of a better mood isn't enough to motivate us off the couch. Luckily, this year we learned that short is good and recovery is sweet. Read on for three headlines about fitness we loved this year!

    • Boost metabolism in seven minutes: Need some justification that any exercise is better than nothing? Earlier this year, the American Council on Exercise released the perfect high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout that, when done at almost your max intensity, helps increase your endurance, boost metabolism, and benefit your health - all at seven minutes at a time. Sounds like just what you need? Get the entire seven-minute HIIT workout here!
    • Become a morning exerciser in a week: Studies have found that those who work out first thing in the morning tend to burn more calories than those who exercise later in the day, and getting
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  • Size Matters: How to Pour a Correct Serving of Red Wine

    Source: Size Matters: How to Pour a Correct Serving of Red Wine

    We gleefully cheers to the fact that one glass of red wine a day is good for our health, but how much, exactly, is a glass? The answer depends on who's pouring, and the differences in those few ounces can make all the difference.

    While a normal serving of wine is five ounces (and 127 calories per glass of red), a recent study found that the size, shape, and location of your wineglass influences how much you pour. The study participants poured 12 percent more when using a wide glass than when using a standard one, for example, as well as when they held the glass instead of placing it on a table. If you have a glass of wine every night, then that 12 percent can really add up. Those extralarge glasses just mean more empty calories, and drinking more than one glass a night can lead to weakened bones and an increased risk of certain diseases. The detrimental effects of a daily "large" glass of wine on complexion was even

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  • Why a 15-Minute Workout is Better Than Nothing

    Source: Why a 15-Minute Workout Is Better Than Nothing

    No one messes with your perfect 72-minute routine that allows just enough time for cardio, strength training, stretching, and a quick shower, so when you can't carve out that chunk of time, forgoing exercise seems like a no-brainer. But short workouts have their place too, so even if you only have 15 minutes to spare, here are three reasons to slip on your sneaks and go for it.

    • There are still calories to be burned: Focus on fast-paced movement like jumping rope, walking up and down stairs, or bike riding for 15 minutes, and you'll burn between 120 and 165 calories. Can't say that for sitting on your tush. And those calories add up! Burning 135 calories on a 15-minute run might not seem like much, but if you squeeze it in five times a week, that's 675 calories more burned than if you decided to skip out.
    • You'll reap the health benefits: Before you get so tense at the office that you want to hurl your computer, why not
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  • Gaining Weight? Your Healthy Breakfast May Be to Blame

    Source: Gaining Weight? Your Healthy Breakfast May Be to Blame

    You're not downing doughnuts or pounding piles of pancakes with maple syrup. You're choosing healthy breakfasts like green smoothies, oatmeal, and homemade baked goods. But the scale doesn't lie - pounds are creeping on, and you're wondering what gives. That healthy breakfast could be the culprit, and here are three reasons why.

    • But nuts and avocado are healthy: Whether you're into smoothies, bowls of cereal, or omelets, be careful about all the high-calorie ingredients you love to add on. We're talking nuts, nut butters, dried fruit, avocado, and cheese - adding these to your breakfast can rack calories up quickly. Don't shy away from these nutritious ingredients; just be sure to keep track of how many you're adding so your breakfast doesn't contain more calories than a cinnamon bun. For smoothies, use water instead of milk, fill up on greens, drink half the smoothie, and follow these other calorie-cutting tips.

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  • The Biggest Weight-Loss News of 2013

    Source: The Biggest Weight-Loss News of 2013

    Another year, another 365 days to unlock the secrets to sustainable weight loss - and in 2013, researchers did not disappoint. From finding the best time to eat a big meal to finding yet another reason to chow down on chocolate, here are the most interesting weight-loss news stories of the year!

    1. More Sleep Decreases Junk-Food Cravings
    We've been learning more and more about just how important sleep is for our waistlines; this year, researchers showed that lack of sleep can actually change how we respond to junk food. When sleep-deprived participants were shown photos of fatty foods like pizza and doughnuts, the reward centers in their brains lit up much more than those who had gotten enough sleep - proving that when you're sleep deprived, you're more likely to make less-than-optimal diet choices than when you're well rested.

    2. Dark Chocolate Blocks Fat
    Last year, it was red wine, and this year it's even more good news: a new

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  • How to Bounce Back from Your Holiday Food Hangover

    Source: How to Bounce Back From Your Holiday Food Hangover

    It's so easy to go overboard at a holiday party when there's a delicious meal on the table. Whether it's a salt binge, too many sweets, or a combination of the two, don't resign yourself to feeling uncomfortable all day long. These tips will help you feel better sooner.

    Start chugging (water, that is): Be sure to hydrate before bed and have a full cup of water ready to drink as soon as you wake up. Former Canyon Ranch director and group fitness expert Aimee Nicotera says that you should try to drink two to three liters of water throughout the day. It may feel counterintuitive to drink a lot of anything when you're feeling full, but you'll start feeling better immediately.

    Freshen up: Aimee suggests starting out the morning with a hot shower, so there's no time to sit around and succumb to that "blah state." Taking the initiative ASAP will make everything else feel easier. Once you're all cleaned up, don't just reach for

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  • Survive the Holidays with Tips from Jillian Michaels

    Source: Survive the Holidays With Tips From Jillian Michaels

    With a calendar full of holiday parties in December, it's easy to fall off your healthy wagon - and have a hard time climbing back on board! Who better to talk to about staying on track than The Biggest Loser trainer and fitness guru Jillian Michaels? Jillian, who recently announced her partnership with Curves that kicks off in 2014, chatted with us about how she strategizes with clients to keep them on track during the holidays.

    Plan Ahead
    Don't resign yourself to indulging all month long! Jillian suggests picking "several days to indulge" - instead of the entire month. Plan in advance and know when you'll be taking part in celebratory meals and goodies. Once you have those dates mapped out, Jillian says "be sure to work out that day" so you have the calories to spare on holiday treats. Another holiday tip from the weight-loss guru: bring your own healthy dish to a party. Jillian says "that way you know there will be

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  • 3 Ways to Say Goodbye to Belly Fat

    Source: 3 Ways to Say Goodbye to Belly Fat

    A nutritious diet and regular exercise have helped you reach your weight-loss goal, but you're still trying to get rid of that little extra pooch around your midsection. Here are three things you can do every week to help you achieve a trimmer belly.

    When Eating Take an honest look at your diet and your bathroom schedule. Your belly might not be caused by fat, but by air trapped in your digestive system. If you're not getting enough fiber (you need 25 to 30 grams a day), constipation can cause bloating. On the other hand, overdoing it on fiber or eating too many gas-producing foods like broccoli, apples, or beans can also make your belly pooch a bit. Thankfully, there are also foods you can eat, like blueberries, that are proven to diminish belly fat, so sip on this flat-belly smoothie made with pineapple and kale.

    When Doing Cardio Studies show that including interval training in your cardio sessions is proven to diminish belly fat.

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  • Ideal Protein Diet: Is it Ideal for You?

    Source: Ideal Protein Diet: Is It Ideal For You?

    "Like turkey?" I joked to my sister-in-law at Thanksgiving dinner, as I noticed her plate piled high with white meat and a little bit of what looked like cooked veggies she brought from home. "I'm on the Ideal Protein Diet. I've lost 20 pounds, and I've got my eye on the prize," she said. The diet she went on to explain intrigued me, because I saw the results right before my eyes.

    What Is It?
    The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method was medically developed two decades ago by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh to help people lose fat without losing muscle mass. It's a high-protein, low-carb diet, but unlike other low-carb programs, it's not just about eating high protein, it's about eating the right protein. This diet also severely restricts sugar intake (simple and complex) until your weight-loss goal is reached. This ensures that your glycogen (carbohydrate) reserves are completely depleted, which forces your body to dip into your fat reserves to

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