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  • Hidden Jewels of Latin American Beaches

    The coasts of Latin America claim some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, yet many are unknown to the American tourist. Find out which pristine "playa" you may want to discover next.

  • Darker Skins Need Sun Protection, Too

    We sat down with Miami-based dermatology specialist Dr. Francisco Flores and asked him to elaborate on effective sun protection for all shades of skin, especially during the summer.

    Protect your skin from the sun (iStockphoto)Protect your skin from the sun (iStockphoto)An unhealthy myth

    If you thought that just because you have an olive or darker skin tone you don't need as much sun protection as your more fair skin counterparts, you're wrong according to Dr. Flores.

    "This is a common myth among Hispanics and other ethnic groups," says the dermatologist. "They think they have an inherent protection against the sun because of their darker skin tones. Latinos in this country also tend to believe that they don't get skin cancer, but their rate for this disease has gone up 300% during the last ten years."

    VIDEO: Get a great tan without burning

    Consequences of disregarding sun protection

    Dr. Flores explained that the after-effects of inadequate sun protection can be seen both in the short term, as well as in the long run. "If you don't protect your skin

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  • The Exotic World of Latin Sodas

    If you're only drinking traditional Coca-Cola or Sprite at your barbecue, you're missing out. Come along as we introduce you to some of the most popular Latin American fizzy drinks you should be drinking this summer. You'll be surprised at their unique and unusual flavors; plus, your palate will appreciate a little change for the exótico.

    Malta (Flicker Photo)MALTA: Known as the "children's beer" throughout the Caribbean, malta is a non-alcoholic brew, similar in color and carbonation to its harder counterpart. It's very sweet in taste with some brands containing up to 45 grams of sugar per serving, but be in the lookout for "Malta Light" with significantly fewer calories. It's also rich in vitamin B, making it a favorite among old-school mamás who would mix malta with a raw egg to make ponche, a concoction thought to fatten up skinny kids.

    Jupiña (Flicker Photo)Jupiña (Flicker Photo)

    : A soda made with pineapple juice or jugo de piña (thus the name) is a drink brought to the states by Cuban immigrants. Its bright sweetness lends itself

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  • Our Celeb Baby Story: Valentina Paloma Pinault

    At just five years old, Salma Hayek's daughter, Valentina Paloma Pinault, has more stamps in her passport than most adults and is growing up before our eyes. We take a look at the top shots of this international tot who is living the good life.

  • Have Your Strawberry and Drink It, Too!

    No one wants to sit down to a piping hot soup in the summer; here's an unusual and tasty option: have yourself a little strawberry soup! Not only are strawberries a greater source of vitamin C than oranges, they are also packed with antioxidants and nutrients like potassium, folate and fiber. Enjoy this recipe which takes this delicious berry to the next level.

    (Serves 4)


    4 cups fresh California strawberries, hulled and quartered

    1 tablespoon honey

    Zest of 1 medium orange or 1 lemon

    4 chopped mint leaves

    1 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)

    2 to 3 tablespoons orange juice or lemon juice

    1/2 cup water

    1 cup low fat plain or vanilla Greek yogurt

    1 cup evaporated skim milk or any low fat milk

    4 mint sprigs (for garnish)

    1 cup sliced strawberries (for garnish)

    RECIPE: Party it Up with a Cool "Mojito Rojo"


    Combine strawberries with honey, zest, mint, vanilla, juice and water in a small sauce pan and simmer over

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  • Spanglish: Worst Uses of This Hybrid Language

    As Spanish speakers learn English in the US, and generations who have grown up American try to hang on to their Latin roots, there's a murky middle that gets created between both languages we call "Spanglish". These are words and phrases borrowed from English and given a Spanish ending in order to force them into the language.

    While to some it's just a way to get a point across, purists grimace at these fusions. It seems that, like it or not, this hybrid language is here to stay. Here are some of the greatest offenders and their correct Spanish counterparts:

    VIDEO: Celebs You Didn't Know Were Bilingual

    to register registrarse inscribirse/matricularse
    parts (automobile) partes piezas
    apply (for a job) aplicar solicitar
    qualified (for a
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  • Latinas Rocking the Summer Fashion Scene

    Whether walking the red carpet or strolling down the street, Latina celebs have been at the forefront of fashion this summer. Here are some of our favorite looks so far.

  • 2-step Plan for Getting Rid of Debt

    How to get rid of debt (iStockphoto)How to get rid of debt (iStockphoto)As the smoke clears from the recent recession, millions of Americans, especially Latinos, are finding themselves with impossible-to-pay credit card debt. Some of it is a result of job losses and foreclosures, but most debt comes from spending beyond means. This begs the question: How do we get out of the hole?

    Having a credit card means different things to different people, but for Latinos it has become a status symbol; a visible way to measure success. According to personal finance expert and radio host Andrés Gutiérrez, they tend to max out their cards in order to live above their means, without understanding that this type of debt can lead to poverty. We sat down with Gutiérrez to ask some of the most common questions and find out how to climb out of financial hole.

    "When people buy things with money they don't have, it's like opening a window into the future to pull out money into the present; in other words, credit spends the money that should be waiting for you in the future,

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  • Celeb Chef Gets Gig at Taco Bell

    Chef Lorena García (Courtesy Taco Bell)Chef Lorena García (Courtesy Taco Bell)When Taco Bell went looking for the right culinary expert to revamp their menu, their eyes and taste buds led them to renowned chef Lorena García, a Miami restaurateur, host of Utilísima's "Sazón con Lorena García" and contestant on the upcoming season of Bravo's "Top Chef". But, when the restaurant chain came calling, Chef García was surprised; "I don't do fast food!" was her first reaction. As the conversation continued she learned what the challenge entailed: coming up with fresh, healthy and tasty menu options in tune with Taco Bell's Tex-Mex influence and affordable pricing. The fast-food retailer was looking to create menu items with a clear Latin, homemade, chef-grade influence in order to stay relevant and become a forerunner among the leaders in the industry.

    VIDEO: Outrageous Colombian-style hot dogs

    But what would that mean for her? "I had to keep my word [her commitment to the highest food quality], and my reputation was at stake. But, then I saw that they respected me and

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  • Party it Up with a Cool “Mojito Rojo”

    Mojito Rojo (iStockphoto)The mojito, also known as the "Cuban highball", has quickly become one of the most popular cocktails in the US. A favorite of author Ernest Hemmingway, who discovered it in La Habana's famous Bodeguita del Medio, is a combination of sugar, rum, mint and lime juice resulting in a drink that refreshes the body and excites the palate. This Mojito Rojo recipe adds a new twist of flavor and color to the classic ingredients by adding fresh strawberries as well as strawberry juice to the mix. Make sure to make enough; your party guests will be asking for more. ¡Salud!

    Best vino pairings for your favorite Latin foods

    Mojito Rojo

    1 ounce fresh lime juice (count on 1 lime per 1 ounce)
    5-6 fresh mint leaves
    1 ¾ ounces white rum
    2 ounces strawberry juice (see recipe below)
    Ice cubes
    3 ounces club soda (or to taste)

    Combine lime juice and mint leaves at the bottom of a highball glass; use a wooden spoon to muddle the mint. Stir in rum and strawberry juice. Fill glass

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