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  • William Levy's Sexy Fashion on the Dance Floor

    As this Cuban hearthrob, also knows as the "Latin Brad Pitt", prepares to take on the "Dancing with the Stars" finale with his partner Cheryl Burke, we look back at William Levy's hottest costumes. See why Levy and partner Burke earned the name Team Fuego.

  • EXCLUSIVE: Super Bowl Champ Victor Cruz Scores Latina Cover

    Victor Cruz / Latina MagazineVictor Cruz / Latina MagazineVictor Cruz soared to Giant status after helping bring home a Super Bowl title this year to New York's NFL team, but it was also his surprising end-zone moves that had this Puerto Rican wide receiver in the spotlight.

    Having gained fame for his football skills and celebrating touchdowns (and his roots!) with a salsa dance, Cruz now looks forward to learning some new moves as a dad. We've got a look at the exclusive quotes that didn't make the article in June's Latina Magazine.

    VIDEO: Victor Cruz dances salsa with Yahoo! reporter

    On the birth of his daughter:

    "It's so much all in one year, but that was a good moment. She came out and she was so beautiful; she looked up at us with those big blue eyes she's got and it was just a great feeling."

    On what happened the night Elaina (his girlfriend) went into labor:

    "I was going to go out and celebrate the win with some teammates and right before I was about to get up to go in the shower, she goes, 'Let's lay here for a

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  • Spice Things Up: Your Dishes and Health Will Thank You

    Spices add to your cooking and health / iStockphotoSpices add to your cooking and health / iStockphotoAs adapted from a blog by Jackie Lekerman

    Home cooks tend to keep two or three spices in their pantry, but here you have a basic encyclopedia on some new spices you can add into your everyday repertoire to spice things up. It'll make a huge difference in your dishes, adding to overall flavor, scent and presentation, as well as giving you some added health benefits.

    Make eating healthy fun for your kids

    -Anise: Sweet and very fragrant, it's one of the oldest spices. The seeds are used in desserts and to infuse liquors and spirits. The leaves are excellent as an aromatic herb when used in meat dishes as well. Due to its particular composition, anise stimulates appetite and prevents the formation of gases. In tea, it's widely used to help relieve digestive issues in breastfed infants.

    -Basil: Use only the leaves for cooking, fresh or dried. This herb is a staple in Mediterranean cuisine, and it is used to add flavor in dishes that include tomato and, of course, pesto

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  • Domestic Violence Through the Latino Lens

    Anabela was only 14 years old when she became pregnant, and eventually married the father of her son and the man who she believed loved her. That love turned sour, though, when her husband became her abuser. Anabela's situation became so dire that she ran away from home, only to be kidnapped by her husband who also tried to kill her. While her physical scars are vivid reminders of the abuse, Anabela doesn't consider herself a victim, but rather a survivor. Today, she's a successful Los Angeles entrepreneur and a volunteer with Peace Over Violence, a California-based organization which provides intervention, prevention, education and advocacy for victims of domestic violence.

    Unfortunately, Anabela is not at all alone in her story; nearly one in four Latinas will experience domestic violence during their lifetime, and Latinas are only half as likely to report abuse to author­ities compared to victims from other cultures. And while domestic violence occurs across all ethnic groups,

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  • VIDEO: Celebs on Their Latin Mothers

    Yahoo! had the opportunity to interview the cast of "Girl in Progress", starring Eva Mendes, Cierra Ramirez and Mexican comedic icon Eugenio Derbez. The film, out in theaters May 11th in time for Mother's Day, tells the story of a young, single mother (played by Mendes) trying raise a daughter (Ramirez) while still being very much a child herself.

    "I think Latin mothers have it all," says Mendes when asked what makes Latin mothers special, while her cast mate Derbez lovingly pokes fun. "Son un caso, son unicas." The cast also relived their childhood and revealed just how rebellious they were growing up.

    Watch the interview:

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  • Latino Names in Lights on Broadway

    The city that never sleeps is showing off a more Latino side with the launch of Viva Broadway, which aims to spread the word about the musical community among Latino audiences around the country. In our exclusive interview with Viva Broadway Chairman, Jack Rico, we got the scoop on what this program has to offer, as well as a look at the Hispanic stars paving the way on the iconic stage.

    "It's inspirational," says Rico of what it means to Latinos going to the theater and seeing stars like Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin and Argentinean Elena Roger in the revival of Evita. "It awakens a dream of one day being a part of this beautiful community."

    Ricky Martin nominated for a Drama Desk Award for his role in "Evita"


    Martin isn't the only one representing for the Hispanic community in the musical mecca. With 40 theaters showing 40 shows, icons such as Cuban actor Raúl Esparza ("Leap of Faith"), Mexicana Bianca Marroquin and even Colombian bombshell Sofia Read More »from Latino Names in Lights on Broadway
  • Top Latin Fashion Designers

    They come from every corner of Latin America and Spain, and have dressed some of your favorite celebrities. These are the Latinos who have left an indelible mark in fashion history.

  • Cool Drink Recipes for a Hot Summer

    Colombian celebrity chef Ingrid Hoffmann offers her twists on three traditional Latin American cocktails. Get some frosty glasses ready and toast to summer…¡salud!

    Gigante Kiwi Mojitos

    Gigante Kiwi MojitosGigante Kiwi Mojitos

    "I like giving my own twist to Mojitos: the kiwi balances out the acidity of lime and the soda gives it at fizz and turns it into a "Delicioso" drink," says Hoffmann.

    (Serves 4)


    1 cup packed fresh mint leaves

    2 kiwis, peeled and coarsely chopped

    4 tablespoons sugar

    1/2 cup lime juice (from about 4 limes)

    1/4 cup white rum

    1 liter chilled club soda

    Ice cubes

    Sugarcane sticks, for serving (optional)

    RECIPES: Chef Ingrid's Seven Day Menu


    1. Divide the mint leaves, kiwis and sugar among 4 tall glasses. Using a pestle or the end of a wooden spoon, muddle the mint, kiwis and sugar together.

    2. Add some ice and top off with the lime juice, white rum and club soda. Swirl with a sugar cane stick (if using) or a straw and serve.

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  • Celebrity Mamis and Their Kids

    If love is the universal language, moms speak it best. Meet some of the cutest Hollywood "chicos" and their famous mothers.

  • Behind the “Dark Shadows” Costumes

    Get an inside look at the groovy costumes created for Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer for the upcoming "Dark Shadows". The film is out in theaters on May 11th .

    When it comes to collaborating with Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, designer Colleen Atwood has found her calling. Atwood, who has worked with Burton since "Edward Scissorhands" and has won three Academy Awards for her designs in "Alice in Wonderland", "Memoirs of a Geisha" and "Chicago". She has reunited once again with her favorite creative pair for the upcoming "Dark Shadows", starring Depp as a 200-year-old vampire who is freed in 1972. Atwood shared her inspirations for creating the '70s themed wardrobe for the film's main characters.

    SLIDESHOW: The "Dark Shadows" costumes

    It's not just about finding the right kind of orange and gold polyester: Atwood had to integrate the characters with Burton's unique sense of irony and comedy. Not to mention the signature quirky fashion the director gives to all his

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