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  • How to Bounce Back from Foreclosure

    Getting into a new mortgage after losing a home may be difficult, but not impossible. Find out what you'll need to buy your next house and make it last.

    The housing crisis, and its consequent credit crisis, has affected virtually every family in this country; Hispanics have particularly taken a substantial financial hit. According to the Pew Research Center, the average equity on a Hispanic-owned home dropped to $49,145 in 2009 from nearly $100,000 four years prior. The burst of the housing bubble added to massive job layoffs led to a nationwide financial disaster. By 2009, the average wealth of Hispanics dropped 66% compared to the 16% drop suffered by whites and 53% by blacks.

    (The American Dream/iStockphoto)(The American Dream/iStockphoto)So, how do you recover if you were caught in the downward spiral? How do you start again?

    With these questions in mind we approached CNN financial commentator and Yahoo! Finanzas columnist Xavier Serbia to find out how to deal with a foreclosure and what steps you can take to restore your credit

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  • VIDEO: Celebrities (Trying To) Speak Spanish

  • Make Spring’s Top Trends Work for You

    How to look bella while rocking this season's trends spotted on Sofia Vergara and Jessica Alba.

    Jomari Goyso is a Spanish-born celebrity stylist based in Los Angeles, CA. He currently co-hosts a weekly fashion segment on Univision's "Primer Impacto" every Friday at 5:00 pm EST. You can follow him on Twitter: @Jomarigoyso.

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  • EXCLUSIVE: Inside the Latina Cover of “Glee” Star Naya Rivera

    Naya Rivera / Latina MagazineNaya Rivera / Latina MagazineNaya Rivera of "Glee" fame graces the May cover of Latina, and we've got an exclusive look at the Puerto Rican beauty rocking a bare midriff and pin-up style bikini top just in time for Spring.

    The devout Christian, who regularly attends church and reads the Bible, opens up to the magazine about playing a lesbian on her hit show, art imitating life with the debut of her solo album and her Hollywood crush.

    SLIDESHOW: Latinas who inspire

    On what she does in her spare time:

    I obviously love going to spas. I'm a big Korean spa girl. They give the best scrubs and then they have all these awesome sauna steams.

    On her style:

    I'm kind of tomboyish. I'm in sweatpants more times than not. I like dressing comfortably.

    On her celebrity crush:

    Ryan Gosling. He's with a Latina, so score one for us!

    On impersonating Kim Kardashian:

    I do a pretty great Kim Kardashian. I'm not going to do it, but I'll tell you that I do a really great Kim K. People tell

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  • Easy Ways to Give Your Home Spanish Flair

    Interior designer Maria Fernanda Molinari shows you how to turn an ordinary room into something extraordinario using Spanish and Mediterranean elements. For more content that speaks to you, check out Shine Latina.

  • The Right Exercise for Your Body Shape

    By Gabrimar Lascurain

    Feel like the more you exercise, the fewer the results? Well, maybe it's because your fitness routine is not compatible with the body shape you were born with. Stop fighting nature and find out what type of physical activity works with you and for you.

  • Natural Remedies for Beauty, Health and Home

    Our abuelitas had it right: Nature has given us everything we need to live and live well. From beauty solutions that will take years from your face to pantry items that clean your home, these old remedies are tried and true.

    Information courtesy of Elisa Botti, specialist in natural medicine and naturopathy from Buenos Aires, Argentina. You can follow her at

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  • Looking for Love in All the Latin Places

    iStockphotoiStockphotoWhile Russia was considered the ingénue of the mail order bride business in the 90's with its Ukrainian Barbie dolls, it seems that today American men, like birds in winter, are going south to look for love. South America that is.

    Home to the most beautiful women

    Russian-American marriage agency Anastasia International, with a business that spans Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia, traveled to Colombia two years ago to see first-hand if the women lived up to the beauty hype. As it turns out, the locals from the country that gave us Sofia Vergara and a Miss Universe, pointed the company to Medellín. According to Larry Cervantes, managing editor of Anastasia International, the city quickly became a popular destination, and their AmoLatina site had an overwhelming response from American men.

    The company says that the success of their Medellín tours (there are now also tours to Cali and Bogota) wasn't just due to the beautiful women, though. "There is a culture of matchmaking

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  • Viva Vegan!: Infusing Latin Flavor into the Vegan Diet

    John StavropoulosJohn StavropoulosGrowing up in New England, Venezuelan Terry Romero had struggled with her weight throughout her teenage years and decided it was time to eat healthier. Motivated by her vegetarian friends, the poor treatment of meat market animals and a move to New York during the 90's sealed her decision to become a vegetarian. "After a couple of years of being vegetarian I already wanted to cut out dairy and eggs. Some of the cookbooks at the time, if they didn't have meat, they would put like 10 eggs [into a recipe]. And I was saying to myself, I don't like that either…this isn't really very healthy," says Romero, who wanted her first solo cookbook to show her passion for Latin American cooking. 

    Viva Vegan! is born

    The cuisine of her ethnic background has so much to offer, she says. As a matter of fact, she had her first vegetarian meal in a Venezuelan restaurant during the 1980's. Impressed by the vegetarian transformation of traditional dishes, Romero felt restaurants the U.S. weren't

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  • What's for Dinner Today, Mom?

    By: Chef Ariel Rodriguez Palacios


    It's the million dollar question: How can I prepare a different meal every day? Virtually everyone struggles with avoiding the culinary rut; it's time to cook lunch or dinner, and you don't know what to make anymore.

    I will give you several ideas below so you can excel every day and keep your family happy. The secret is to switch-up recipes, try other cooking methods, add different side dishes and sauces, and incorporate new ingredients.

    I know, you love cooking but you don't always have the chance to experiment or risk ruining your meal. That's OK. The first step is to fill your pantry with enough ingredients to prepare a delicious dish quickly and easily, anytime you want. Nowadays, practicality must come first.

    The first thing is to do some smart shopping. Buy everything on your grocery list, but don't forget to add a few cans of tuna, kernel corn and lentils; cake mix with a distant expiration date; a variety of pre-made gravies

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