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  • VIDEO: DIY Hollywood-inspired Manicure

    DIY manicure inspired by red carpet jewels.

    It takes a lot more than a fancy gown to work the red carpet- you also need some fabulously fashionable nails. CoverGirl's manicurist to the stars (and fellow Latina!), Mar y Soul, stopped by the Shine studio to show us how to get a trendy look just in time for this year's Academy Awards or any other big event you might be celebrating this season.

    To accomplish the fun look, you'll only need four items, and if you want to match the colors in this tutorials, check out the new CG Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss Collection.

    Get these tools:

    -Fine-tipped tweezers

    -A luxurious, jewel-tone polish; we used CoverGirl's polish in Outlast Stay Brilliant-Nail Gloss Wine Stain #275

    -A clear nail polish, such as CoverGirl's Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss Crystal Clear #105

    -Swarovski crystals; we used baguette-shaped stones

    Check out the step-by-step tutorial for this Oscars-inspired mani:

    DIY: Hollywood-inspired manicureLearn how to get this manicure, perfect for

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  • The Intimate World of Andrés Sardá, Fashion’s Hottest Lingerie Designer

    This unassuming Spanish designer staged a much needed coup d'etat in the lingerie world by being the first to use lycra in ladies' underwear. Today, his strong sense of cultural tradition mixed with his daring sensuality continues to influence women and the way they feel about themselves underneath it all.

  • Unique Valentine Traditions Around Latin America

    For Latinos, Valentine's Day celebrates a more platonic love.

    Feliz Dia del Amor y la AmistadThe American version of Valentine's Day, or San Valentín, has evolved into the largest holiday of passionate, sensual love between two people. This love fest, with its cutesy symbols and high expectations, gives lovers the opportunity to shower each other with gifts of flowers, chocolates and sparkly jewelry.

    An homage to friends

    While most of the world looks forward to this annual homage to red, hot love, Latin Americans take a more platonic approach and celebrate their friends on February 14th. The "Día del amor y la amistad" celebrates friendship; as a result, lovers are not the only ones enjoying roses and candy, as the holiday highlights enduring, life-long relationships that may outlast marriages and engagements.

    And while the Day of Love gets celebrated similarly to Valentine's Day in the states, there are also as many variations as there are countries in Spanish-speaking America. Here are some of the most unusual

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  • Famous Latino Couples of the Moment

    Some break off and make up, while others remain together. Whatever they do, though, these are our favorite celebrity, Latino lovebirds now.

  • A DIY Valentine’s Day Table for Two

    No reservations needed! Puerto Rican event planner Damaris Mercado-Collier shows off how to create a romantic table setting perfect for Valentine's Day that's easy on the wallet, but rich in amor.

  • Tips for Getting Financially Ready for Baby

    Having a baby shouldn't come with a long list of economic pre-requisites. It just takes a couple who's willing to work out their finances as one.

    Getting financially ready for babyGetting financially ready for babyWhen asked how a couple can get financially ready to have a baby, expert and father of three Andrés Gutiérrez replied: "If you're ready to have a baby, don't worry and have it!" With this statement, addressed to future fathers, Gutiérrez goes to the heart of the reason why most men usually postpone starting a family. "Men feel the need to be ready financially," says the expert who finds that while women usually know if they want to be pregnant in terms of physical and emotional readiness, men like to have all their money issues resolved beforehand.

    Let's just be prepared
    And, yes, when it comes to having a child, there are financial considerations to take into account, according to Gutiérrez. However, instead of tackling every single household issue as a prerequisite for getting pregnant, the financial guru suggests focusing on the

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  • Bidding Farewell to Christmas…in February!

    While we're getting ready for Valentine's Day, many Latinos are rounding up their Christmas in February! And leading the final holiday festivities are these traditional, fruity tamales.

    Adapted from Geraldine Romero

  • Nails to Die For: Zombie Inspired Nail Art

    Latin YouTube personality Alba Mayo teaches us how to create a manicure look inspired by the film "Warm Bodies", a comedic look at the fantasy films viewers are currently obsessing over.

    Zombie-glam nailsInspired by the upcoming, lighthearted movie "Warm Bodies", about a zombie who finds love, Alba Mayo has dedicated her latest video tutorial to creating a glamorous nail design that's actually quite easy to create. All you'll need is your favorite polish in shades of red and gray, as well as silver glitter and some clear tape. Follow her instructions below, and voilà, you'll have nails to die for.

    Fashion trends we expect to see in 2013

    Check out Mayo's step-by-step tutorial on how to get "zombie" nails:

    1. With a piece of tape, cover half of each nail diagonally.
    2. Apply at least three coats of red polish to the uncovered half of the nail. Using a more opaque or matte shade will work great with this design.
    3. After removing the tape, apply three coats of gray nail polish to the other half.
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  • DIY Spa-quality Treatments at Home

    What can relax muscles, calm your mind, detoxify, moisturize and stimulate circulation, all in one simple swoop? Take time tonight to submerge yourself in a glorious, warm bath. You'll thank me in the morning!

  • Celebs Celebrating Birthdays in February

    From famous rebels to romantics, we celebrate Latinos who were born in February, with special loving nostalgia to one "Chavo del Ocho". A happy birthday to all with mucho amor.


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