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  • Staying in Shape with the Chef: Little Meals, Laughter and Lots Of…Lovin’

    Celebrity chef and Colombiana Ingrid Hoffmann sat down with Yahoo! to share her passion for Latin cuisine and tips on staying fit when all you do is…cook!

    La chef, who considers herself a "professional eater", keeps her slim figure by eating five small meals throughout the day, which are, as she says, "the gasoline that fuels my metabolism." To keep her sanity, she will allow herself two meals per week where she will do a little "binging", indulging in whatever she would like. A little lovin' doesn't hurt either; the host of Simply Delicioso swears exercise, laughter and…a lot of sex!

    Short on time? Here are some of her quick tips for eating healthy and quickly

    -Mash some avocado and spread it on a whole-wheat tortilla. Add some jalapeno, tuna or chicken, and finish it up with a squeeze of limón.

    -Use a romaine lettuce leaf like a taco, and add a few turkey slices. Dollop with non-fat Greek yogurt mixed with a touch of curry, add some garlic and a squeeze lemon.

    Five healthy snacks

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  • Telenovelas get hot as soaps fizzle out

    Star of Kate del Castillo, star of By: Michelle Roberts & Veronica Mezzini

    As viewers around the country are mourning the cancellation of two of the most iconic soap operas to hit daytime television, they are tuning in at record numbers to check out the soaps' Latino counterparts, telenovelas, which are gaining audiences and surpassing the competition. So what gives? Low ratings from soap operas are pointing towards a younger generation in addition to a growing Hispanic market.

    In recent years, Latin telenovelas have left stale storylines behind for more current and risky programming, while maintaining elements of the popular love stories. The innocent heroines of our abuelitas' shows have been replaced by female drug lords, controversy, violence and complex dramas. Telemundo's hugely successful "La Reina del Sur" is an example of the power behind the directional changes being taken in the production of these shows. "We don't believe that the typical model is reflecting the society that we live in anymore, and

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  • Bet You Didn't Know They're Latino

    It's not difficult to notice Sofia Vergara's sexy Colombian curves and accent or Ricky Martin's Puerto Rican pride. While some stars are constantly gracing the cover of Latina Magazine and playing up their Hispanic ethnicity, some celebrities have kept it a bit quieter. Check out the celebrities we were surprised to learn are real Latinos.

  • How to grill Mexican-style

    By: Michelle Roberts

    Grilling. It's the oldest cooking method in the book and yet, chefs around the world have their own fresh approach to igniting flavor with fire. Brazilians have a special take on serving their roasted meats at churrascarias, Cubans prefer a method of roasting whole lechónes on spits for crispy skin and Argentineans eat their asado with chimichurri sauce.

    In this first episode of Grilling, take a look at how food is cooked south of the border. We visited family-run business "El Rancho Grande", where Mexican recipes are passed down through the generations, to learn inside tips on how to start a culinary fire ¡a lo mexicano!

    PREP (preparar)

    To start grilling, very few tools are needed: tongs, a sharp knife and, of course, a grill. Besides heating the grill itself, "Take care of what you put on the grill," says Chef Jose Manuel Ortiz, owner of El Rancho Grande.

    COOK (cocinar)

    Serrano, poblano and chiles…oh my! For truly Mexican flavor

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  • Salsa your way to a better body

    By Verónica Mezzini & Michelle Roberts

    Salsa. It's not just a topping for your favorite tortilla chips. This Latin dance and others alike could be the key to attaining a toned bod while sashaying to African-inspired beats and having fun. Just ask boricua beauty Jennifer López who seems to understand the benefits of these high-energy dances, flaunting lean legs at a recent performance.

    Shaking your hips to some of the most popular Latin rhythms could actually burn the same amount of calories as other traditional forms of exercise. In fact, a 140-pound adult could burn as many as 340 calories during one hour of dancing- the equivalent to swimming or running for the same amount of time. According to health and fitness website, the movements of these fast-paced dances work the entire body and increase your heart rate to create an extended caloric burn.

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    ¡Muévete!: Traditional workouts vs. dance

    Rather than

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