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  • Latina Celebs Take on the Fashion Runway

    "When it comes to style, sensuality and sexiness are at the very base of Latinas' fashion decisions," says Fashion and Style Editor for Aviesta, Manuel Parra, who finds that looking sexy for Latin women comes first. We asked Parra to take a look at how Latina celebs put their own sensual signature on high fashion designs and interpret runway trends.

  • Surprising Latin Superstitions for the New Year

    We take a look at some of the most unusual traditions Latinos follow when it comes to welcoming the New Year. Perhaps they'll bring you some good luck, as well.

  • VIDEO: The Experts’ Secrets Behind Creating Makeup Trends

    Shine Latina met with L'Oreal Paris' color designer to discover the inspiration behind perfect makeup colors and how to achieve red carpet looks.

    Jennifer Lopez
    A good foundation

    A perfect and flawless makeup look starts with the base, according to L'Oreal Paris' color designer and "makeup anthropologist", Orrea Light. She suggests Latinas choose their foundation correctly by taking their skin's undertones into account. "Cooler tones could go gray and may look a little white on [olive]," says Light. The expert's secret for finding the perfect foundation is testing on the jawline, avoiding the neck because it's lighter than the face.

    Lively colors for Latinas
    For Light, inspiration behind developing the perfect colors or trends stems from everywhere, including the art and automobile industry. "If I see a beautiful Bentley, I'll call the manufacturer and say 'We need that color for a nail polish!'" says Light of the colors reflected in makeup lines. Whether it's a night for bold, red lips, or sexy

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  • New Year’s Resolutions, Latino-Style

    The clean slate the New Year offers inspires us to make resolutions we hope will improve our lives. Keeping our Latinism in mind, though, may actually help us sustain our goals and see them through.

  • Toasting the Holidays a Lo Latino

    Whether piping hot or on ice, here are some of the most festive beverages Latinos enjoy for saying "¡Salud!" during the holidays.

  • Resolve to Get Out of Debt (for Real!) in the New Year

    Financial expert Andrés Gutiérrez gives you tips for sticking to financial resolutions and making 2013 a debt-free year.

    Resolve to get out of debt in the New YearResolve to get out of debt in the New YearMost New Year resolutions, like vowing to lose weight or quit smoking, are usually made with great intentions only to be forgotten by the end of January. "Most people's resolutions are dreams instead of goals; goals come with a plan," says financial expert Andrés Gutiérrez, who defines goals as "dreams dressed in work clothes."

    So, what does a well-devised financial goal look like? Gutiérrez suggests following some basic measurable guidelines: time-limited, specific, written and measurable. Just saying "I'm going to get out of debt", and leaving it at that does not translate into a successful plan. For example, an individual with $12,000 in debt could manage a goal as follows:

    Time-limit: "I'll get out of debt by January 2014" is well limited goal, but, is it realistic? Does it take your current budget into consideration? Maybe taking two years to pay off $500 a

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  • Miss Universe Candidates Model Swimwear in First Session

    Historically, Latinas have been a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the internationally-watched Miss Universe pageant, and this year's contestants are no exception. The ladies posed for their first official photo shoot, showing off their curves in swimwear live from Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas where the show will take place on December 19. The candidates will spend the next three weeks visiting the city, filming and rehearsing while preparing to compete for the crown.

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  • Worst Dressed Latinas of 2012

    While many Latin celebs led the pack rocking some of the best red carpet looks this year, other famous chicas had some major fashion disasters. We take a look some of the worst red carpet fashion and the Latinas who fell victim this year.

  • Holiday Tips from Decorators to the Stars

    Expert gift wrappers show easy and affordable ways to decorate every holiday present.

    Gift-wrapping ideasGift-wrapping ideasThe holidays are here, and a mountain of unwrapped presents begins to accumulate with no end in sight. Now is the time to get cracking on packaging your goodies! But there's no reason the outside of your gift box can't be as thrilling as the inside. Latina gift wrapping expert Brenda Guerrero, whose celebrity clients include the Kardashians, suggests always surprising with your own decorating style, while keeping your loved one in mind. The finalist of the 16th annual Scotch Brand Most Gifted Wrapper Contest, shares some of her best gift decorating tips for wowing your lucky recipients from start to finish.

    Star-style gift wrapping
    For gift givers who enjoy going above and beyond with luxurious paper and elegant bows, Guerrero offers some ideas her celeb clients have loved:

    • Khloe Kardashian Odom
    , who loves giving presents to her family and staff during the holiday season, prefers an elegant and

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  • The Latin Christmas Table

    Take a look at the traditional food served for Christmas in different countries around the Spanish-speaking world.


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