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  • EXCLUSIVE: Get a "Twilight" Vampire Look in 4 Steps

    A celebrity makeup artist shows Shine Latina exclusively how to recreate one of the vampy looks from the upcoming "Twilight" movie, "Breaking Dawn Part 2"How to create the sexy vampire makeup lookHow to create the sexy vampire makeup look.

    Latin beauty expert Marco Ochoa was inspired by Carmen Denali, a Twilight saga character played by Argentinean actress Mia Maestro, to create a sexy and modern vampire look. "I chose Carmen as an example, as she has a hint of an olive tone to her fair complexion. Her bold eyes and lips are in trend this season," says Ochoa, who believes this is a look that will work well for those wanting special makeup during the fall and winter season.

    Step 1 - Foundation and Contour
    Since vampires are known for having a pale, almost chalky complexion, use a base that's at least 2-3 shades lighter than your normal skin tone. Every product you use should leave a matte finish.
    Expert Tip: Contouring is a very important step when creating a vampire look. It allows you to accentuate certain features such as temples and cheekbones. It is

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  • Celebs and the Meaning Behind Their Tattoos

    For these famous Latinos, their tattoos tell the story of life moments that left an indelible mark on their lives.

  • Gay Catholics No Longer a Contradiction Among Latinos?

    A look at today's Latino community and perhaps a changing tolerance towards its gay members. Gay acceptance on the increase among LatinosGay acceptance on the increase among Latinos

    It wasn't easy for Cuban-born Lourdes Rodríguez-Nogués to admit her homosexuality to herself and the world. She was a good, Catholic girl in the traditional sense that studied in the best religious schools of Puerto Rico. But in 1977, once she moved to Boston and finished her doctorate in counseling psychology, she decided to "come out". "I'll be darn if I resign my faith just because I'm gay," says Rodríguez-Nogués of the conflicting emotions she felt when reconciling her Catholicism with her life as a lesbian.

    Pray in English, Cuss in Spanish: Livin' La Vida Bilingual

    That's when her involvement with "Dignity USA" started, and today she is the organization's first Latin president. The program, started by a priest in San Diego to give gay Catholics a place to meet and be surrounded by a supportive community, offers an open mass with communion during meetings. Masses are usually

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  • Vergara's Preggers Halloween Costume

    ABC's hit show "Modern Family" posted a picture on their official Facebook page of Colombian star Sofia Vergara in character...pregnant and ready for Halloween! Check out the star- prosthetic belly and all!- gearing up for what promises to be a very spooky episode of her sitcom.

  • The Many Latinas Crowned Miss Universe

    From Argentina to Venezuela, meet a few of the Latinas who brought home the title of "the most beautiful woman in the world."

  • 5 Common Myths to Avoid Regarding Oral Care

    Avoid these five common myths, and improve your dental health.

    While dental care may seem relatively straightforward, Dominican-American dHow to keep a healthy smileHow to keep a healthy smileentist Claudio Miró continues to encounter patients, especially in Latin communities, who are misinformed when it comes to taking care of their mouths and teeth. Shine Latina takes a look at the five most common myths of dental health that are nothing to smile about.

    MYTH #1 "Daily brushing is all I need to keep my mouth clean and healthy."

    Brushing your teeth is the minimum need for maintaining good, oral health. According to Dr. Miró, daily oral care should always include the following:

    1. Brush your teeth and tongue twice a day-once in the morning and once right before going to bed, especially if you like to snack at night.

    2. Floss daily to remove plaque from between teeth.

    3. Use a mouth rinse, like Listerine, to quickly remove bacteria that lodge in the ridges of the tongue.

    MYTH #2 "Brushing my teeth with baking soda

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  • Take Your Daughter to Work: Mario Lopez and Baby Gia

    There's no doubt that two-year old Gia Francesca, daughter of Latino celeb Mario Lopez and dancer/model Courtney Mazza, is the apple of her Daddy's eye. At only two years old, Lopez's baby is already a pro at working red carpets and live sets. Check out the top shots of this toddler star.

  • Tips for Funding College Without a Student Loan

    Shine Latina sat down with personal finance advisor Andrés Gutiérrez to find out the way to a college education while avoiding a mountain of loan debt.

    In many families, and in Latino ones especially, paying for a college education isnCollege without loansCollege without loans't usually part of a family's financial plan. There is no tradition of putting birthday money away or opening a higher education fund to celebrate a newborn. So, when the time comes for a high-school student to go to college, the lack of financial preparation may place the family in a difficult dilemma: forego college or pay with student loans.

    Going to college should be a natural discussion in the family. "If you finished high school, you should consider yourself college material," says financial expert Andrés Gutiérrez. "Just as children go to middle school after elementary and to high school after middle school, kids and their parents should plan for a natural transition to college from high school."

    Making a decision of going to college

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  • How to Avoid Money Problems in Your Marriage

    When "money pincher" falls in love with "big spender", the ending may not be a happy one. Shine Latina sat down with financial expert Andrés Gutiérrez to find out what couples need to know aTips on balancing marriage and moneyTips on balancing marriage and moneybout managing money together to avoid becoming a divorce statistic.

    In marriage, as in many relationships, opposites tend to attract. It's usually a strong, silent type that falls in love with the fun extrovert. Unfortunately, the very differences that once attracted them to each other are the ones that can turn a symbiotic relationship into an antagonistic one. And, according to financial expert Andrés Gutiérrez, the results could be devastating when you add individual approaches to handling money.

    Two money personalities

    "When it comes to marriage and money, one is always the spender, the other the saver," says Gutiérrez, who has found that in every couple there will always be a Nerd (the saver) and a Free Spirit (or spender).

    The Nerd wants to save to buy a home, put money away

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  • PHOTOS: Hottest Shoe Trends for Fall

    Mexican popstar Anahi launched online shoe retailer Aviesta, and Shine Latina sat down with its Fashion and Style Editor to talk about the styles Latinas- and women everywhere- can expect to see this season.


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