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  • VIDEO: Latin Popstar Reveals Her Makeup Secrets

    Mexican pop/rock artist Paty Cantú is well known for her musical talent, but who knew she's skilled as herPaty CantúPaty Cantúown makeup artist as well? Shine Latina sat down with the singer to get her tips for a rockin' look.

    Paty Cantú, who was born in Texas but grew up in Guadalajara Mexico, started performing at age 16. Since there usually wasn't anyone available to prep her makeup before hitting the stage early on in her career, she learned how to do it herself. Today, most can't tell she's her own makeup artist. "Even if you do your own makeup, it shouldn't look like you did it," says Cantú.

    This multi-talented Latina follows a couple of beauty secrets, including a balance between the eyes and the lips. Cantú says that one of the first things she learned about makeup is playing up the drama, but keeping it in focus: "If you're going to go heavy on the eyes, don't go heavy on the lips," says the artist. She then decides what area of her face to intensify,."I go as simple as I can, and

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  • Celeb Birthdays in October

    From famous children, to the spouses of Latina stars, this month we keep our cumpleaños en familia. October is also the month to celebrate the birthdays of some of the most influential Hispanic artists of the 20th century.

  • Celebs Who Have Beaten Breast Cancer

    In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, get to know these celebrity chicas who are breast cancer survivors and continue their fight against the disease.

  • A Fiesta that Makes College Dreams Come True

    A new financial aid website and a series of college-prep fairs are partnering to raise the graduation rate among Latino students.
    Latino college graduates have new reasons to celebrate.Latino college graduates have new reasons to celebrate.
    He was an excellent student and the first in his family of Mexican immigrants to finish high school. But when he sat down with his school's counselor to talk about going to college, he received discouraging advice: just go and work in the steel mills. That's how Marty Castro's story begins, but it's not how it continued. Castro is not only the first college graduate in his family, but also a graduate of The University of Michigan Law School, who became the first Latino to lead the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

    Castro's story, however, is a disheartening exception within the largest minority in the United States, as Latino students represent only 14% of all US students who have earned a college degree. In an effort to bridge the gap, Castro co-founded New Futuro, a website aiming to become "the largest Hispanic scholarship database" in

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  • Eva's 9 amazing gowns at the Alma's

    The Latina actress, who hosted the 2012 NCLR Alma Awards with funny man George Lopez, had nine different changes in a dazzling fashion display worthy of Hispanic entertainment's biggest night.

  • VIDEO: Selena Gomez Reveals the True Object of Her Admiration

    And the initials are not "JB"!

    She's the kind of actreSelena Gomez (WireImage)Selena Gomez (WireImage)ss, pop singer and fashionista most chicas love to follow and admire. But when we asked Selena Gomez who she looked up to, she had only one answer: the first Selena. "I was named after Selena Quintanilla, and I looked up to her growing up. I loved her music. I watched her movie over and over again. I went to Corpus Christie [Texas]; I saw her grave and her home. That's someone I definitely look up to," says Gomez.

    VIDEO: Get Selena's makeup look

    Like Quintanilla, Gomez was raised in Texas in a family who celebrated its Mexican roots and made Latin culture its own. The Latina actress reportedly grew up celebrating Quinceañeras and having Sunday asados after church. And when it comes to comida mexicana, she names pork tamales as her favorite dish, but says she's afraid nothing good will come out if she's the one preparing them.

    Check out what Selena Gomez's says about love in her video interview:

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  • Sofia's fun day at the Emmy's

    This Colombian bombshell is all about having fun. Follow her day as she enjoyed the Emmy Awards celebrations with the cast of Modern Family and with her own familia.

  • When the Most Beautiful Women...Are Men

    They're gorgeous, fashionable, and we all would love to look as beautiful as they are, except that "they" are some of our favorite male actors playing women in movies and telenovelas. See if you can recognize the famoso in drag, and which look you like best.

  • Shakira is Having a Bebé!

    by Ruth Mercado for Shine Latina

    Confirming the increasing sounds of the rumor mill, Colombian pop star Shakira (35) said on Wednesday Shakira and Gerard Piqué Shakira and Gerard Piqué that she is indeed pregnant. In a message delivered via social media, the singer of "Hips Don't Lie" says to be "very happy" along with her boyfriend of three years, Spanish soccer star Gerard Piqué (25).

    Her short message to the public (written in both English and Spanish) was published simultaneously in Facebook, Twitter and her website, In it she also apologizes for cancelling a number of already scheduled promotional appearances, fueling further rumors of a possible prescribed bed rest. What is not clear is if she will continue with plans of joining the cast of "The Voice" as announced previously.

    A family photo album: Ricky Martin as a father

    Here's a look at the happy news in the Latina singer's own words:

    As some of you may know, Gerard and I are very happy awaiting the arrival of our first baby! At this time we have decided to

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  • Sexy, Loud and "sufrida": Putting an End to Latina Stereotypes

    Do people still look at a Hispanic woman and immediately identify her with a stereotype? We explore the typical labels often placed on Latinas and see if they ring true or not.

    She walks into a conference room and identifies herself as Dagmar Rosa (with a hint of a Spanish accent) to the group of professionals gathered. She's an attractive woman of dark features, wearing a white blouse and black pants. She puts her purse on the table and sits down. Who is she? If you thought that she could either be a new member of the housekeeping staff or the sexy, newly-hired office worker all the men will want to date, you may have stepped into a couple of old ethnic pigeonholes, better known in this case as Latina stereotypes.

    Stereotypes based on cultural backgrounds are abundant in American society; they're the stuff late show comedians and your everyday Joe joke about. In the case of Latinas, though, their struggle has been twofold: Hispanic women have been faced with preconceived

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