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  • 4 Steps to Get a Perfect Pedicure at Home

    Perfect PedicurePerfect Pedicure

    While a relaxing beach getaway can instantly deliver on the promise of a golden glow and tousled waves, summer-ready feet require a little more effort. Here, celebrity nail guru Jin Soon Choi's step-by-step guide breaks it down.

    1. Shape Up

    After removing chipped polish, trim nails straight across with steel clippers and smooth uneven edges with a fine-grit emery board or metal file. Opt for a slightly rounded shape to prevent painful ingrown nails, advises Choi. Then, lightly buff out ridges and any discoloration on the nail plate with the coarse side of a four-way buffing block.

    MC TIP: Constantly sporting dark polishes can turn nails a yellowish hue. To lift really stubborn stains, try using teeth-whitening strips or bleaching gels on nails for 20 minutes.

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    2. Super Soaker

    For the full spa experience, fill your tub with warm water and soak feet for five to 10 minutes. Go all out by adding a few drops of uplifting essential oils

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  • 4 Ways to Boost Your Libido

    Way to Boost Your LibidoWay to Boost Your LibidoKegels, schmegels... No one's ever worked this hard to get you off, and we aren't talking about your college boyfriend

    Sexual health researchers are sweating bullets tackling science's next frontier, the female libido. What turns us from frosty femmes to breathy, toe-curling, spine-arching sexpots? And why do 42 percent of us have trouble flipping that switch, according to a recent study of 31,500 women? Help is on the way, in the form of a drug billed as the "female Viagra." In 1998, men went from limp to lusty with a pop of a pill. In early 2011, we could follow suit if Flibanserin - currently under FDA review - makes it to pharmacies. Till then, read our tips on staying revved up. Cue the Marvin Gaye ... (And if you're really feeling libido-less, check out for help.)

    1. Exercises

    Forget Kegels. This must-try flexing routine has a new name - pelvic floor physical therapy - and is taking off in doctors' offices and Pilates and

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  • 12 Ways to Save Money on Groceries and Food

    Save Money On GroceriesSave Money On Groceries

    1. We won't ask you to set aside your Saturday nights for coupon clipping, but most major supermarket chains will list their weekly sales online, so log on before you do your food shopping. Tweak your menu and shopping list according to what's on sale, or compare the sales at a few different stores, if you have more than one nearby to choose from.

    2. Ordering takeout? If you're ordering from a major chain like Domino's, look up promo and coupon codes. Sites like even sort coupon codes by their success rate, as reported by customers on the site.

    3. Replace meat with an extra serving of greens to save some green - go vegetarian for a few meals every week. Stock up on your favorite veggies, and experiment with different recipes and seasonings.

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    4. A slow cooker can be the most useful kitchen tool for those short on money and time. Throw in ingredients in the morning, and by the time you come home for dinner,

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  • 7 British Women to Know

    With all of the mania surrounding the birth of Kate Middleton's baby, it is the "British invasion" all over again. From thrones to fashion, posh to cockney, we compiled a list of must-know ladies hailing from Mother England.


    With those heartbroken pipes, this Tottenham-native shattered international walls with chords of emotion. At only 25, she has received nine Grammys for her albums, 19 and 21.

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    Helen MirrenHelen MirrenHelen Mirren

    With her aristocratic demeanor, this Emmy, BAFTA, Golden Globe, and Academy award winning actress is a pro when it comes to putting on a royal face. She's played three different queens in three different movies and television series: Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Elizabeth II, and Queen Charlotte.

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    Princess DianaPrincess DianaPrincess Diana

    The Princess of Wales captured the world's heart and was beloved by a nation. She married Prince Charles on July 29, 1981 in a wedding that

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  • 10 Tips to Climb to the Top of Your Career

    Career TipsCareer Tips

    The corporate ladder can be very unstable, so we rounded up some of the best on-the-job advice to help you keep moving up.

    1. Act Like a Boss

    Consistently step up whenever you have the opportunity to take charge. An unstable economy offers sporadic chances for upward mobility - if your manager is fired, you should make a move immediately. Bob Calandra, coauthor of How to Keep Your Job in a Tough Competitive Market, provides this script: "I'm not looking to be promoted, but I also recognize no one wants chaos. I know the ins and outs of my boss's job, so feel free to tap me for any of her work while we're in this transitional phase." Don't appear as though you expect something in return, and you might just get it.

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    2. Find Out if You're Underpaid

    You can't get what you deserve unless you know what you're worth. Do your research online ( and have salary range information for most careers), ask around the

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  • 5 Royal Heirs from Around the World

    People worldwide may be celebrating the birth of Britain's royal baby, but don't forget about all the other royal kids out there too! MC has rounded up some of the most adorable mini monarchs-to-be that will give Baby Cambridge a run for his/her money.

    By Diana Pearl

    Heir of SwedenHeir of SwedenSweden

    Youngest of the young heirs to the throne of royal families of the world Princess Estelle of Sweden, just a year and four months, is third in line to the throne after her mother, Crown Princess Victoria.

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    Heir of Morocco Heir of Morocco Morocco

    The eldest son of King Mohammed VI, the 11-year-old Crown Prince Moulay Hassan, is next in line to the throne of Morocco on his father's death.

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    Heirs of the NetherlandsHeirs of the Netherlands


    Following the abdication of her grandmother, Queen Beatrix, and the succession of her father, King Willem-Alexander, to the throne, Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange (left), 9, became their heiress apparent in the Netherlands. Next in line are her

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  • 4 Ways to Beat Post-Vacation Pudge

    Beat Post-Vacation PudgeBeat Post-Vacation PudgeSummer's nearly over, and while that means we no longer have to worry about looking hot in that adorable swimsuit, it also means that our bikini bods may be a little worse for the summer wear. We're talking vacation weight, put on while snacking on chips at the beach house or indulging in a few too many barbecues.

    We caught up with Michelle Lovitt (trainer extraordinaire of Courteney Cox), who gave us four tips melt away about 2 percent of body fat in two to three (very active) weeks. In other words, before the tan lines fade.

    1. Interval train five days a week for a half hour with a heart-rate monitor - working 80 percent of maximum heart rate during sprints and never dip-ping below 60 percent during "rest." Find your target heart rate.

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    2. Do all your resistance training
    - squats, planks, sit-ups, reverse lunges - on a BOSU ball. "It forces you to use more muscle to keep stable," Lovitt says. Alternate between 15 to 30 minutes of

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  • 4 Steps to the Perfect Pedicure


    1. PREP WORK

    First things first - pretty toes are hair-free. Depilatories are a faster, longer-lasting, and painless alternative to tweezing or waxing. Next, soften tough heels in a mineral sea salt soak. "In a pinch, liquid dish soap also removes dirt and makes cuticles more pliable," says Ferri. Pat one foot dry - letting the other soak longer - and slough away calluses with an emery board or pumice stone. "Don't use anything more abrasive, like a metal tool," warns Weingarten, "and avoid infection by not exfoliating any blisters, corns, or bunions." Soak the scrubbed foot in a clean bath while working on the other and dab a cotton ball soaked with hydrogen peroxide on any blisters after feet have been washed.

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    On dry feet, apply cuticle oil to the base of the nail - Ferri swears by olive oil as a substitute - and push back cuticles with an orangewood stick. "Only cut cuticles [with a cuticle trimmer] if they look like they're about

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  • Top 12 Events from Prince William's Royal Childhood

    As we prepare to celebrate the birth of Will and Kate's royal baby, Marie Claire is looking back at the new dad's own royal childhood. By Diana Pearl

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  • 10 No-Fail Ways to Wow Your Boss

    Impress Your BossImpress Your Boss

    You already arrive before she does, stay late, and always volunteer for projects big and small. Now knock her socks off with these winning tips guaranteed to impress even the toughest managers.

    1. SAVE HER MONEY. "Bosses are under enormous financial pressure, and if you can relieve some of that with money-saving strategies, you'll show your boss that you care about her welfare and the success of the company." - Jessica Eaves Mathews, founder and CEO of Leverage a Lawyer, a virtual law firm, Albuquerque, NM

    2. MAKE HER WEAKNESS YOUR STRENGTH."Study your boss' skill set and excel in the areas she doesn't. Does she hate public speaking? Offer to run the morning meeting. Is she bad with numbers? Manage her spreadsheets. When you ace a task that's not her strong suit, she'll look to you as someone she needs and you'll create a forum where you can easily shine." - Abby Ziff, digital ad director of WebMD, Washington, D.C.

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