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  • Gifts That Give Back to Charity

    Charity is the new black. Forget the gifts that keep on giving; go for the gifts that give twice - with proceeds going to a worthy cause.
    100+ Gift Ideas100+ Gift Ideas
    Helping a Third-World Family Help a third-world family this holiday season by donating a goat that will provide both nutrition and income. A beautiful, lasting gift. $120 at
    PeaceKeeper Vday lipgloss Help her feel good about her make-up with PeaceKeeper lipgloss. All profits go to women's health and human rights programs. $14 at

    Adopt a Gorilla Adopt a sweet baby gorilla in your friend's name and support the Diane Fossey Gorilla Fund. The animal lover on your list will adore it. $50 to $300 at

    Fair Trade Honey Sweeten her holidays with the honey that supports fair trade and small-scale, rural farmers. It feels good to give. $18 at

    Rwandan Peace Scarf
    Look smart and feel good with this stylish scarf hand spun by disadvantaged women. Proceeds help genocide survivors. $45 at

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  • The working girl: Gifts for professionals

    Need a gift for your boss or a colleague? Here's a list of everything she'll need to get down to business in the office. Impress the professional woman on top with gifts that keep her on the ball and in the know. Help her plan her route to the corner office this holiday. Tory Burch Zip-Around Wallet Nothing says chic like a Tory Burch accessory. In metallic gold with the little touches that make this one wallet she won't want to put away. $225 at

    Audrey File Totes She'll look as fashionable as she is smart, with this stylish alternative to the briefcase, with plenty of room for all her extras. $49.99 at
    T3 Bespoke Wet-or-Dry Iron Turn wet locks into dry, shiny ones with this handy high-tech beauty tool that locks in moisture while keeping frizz at bay. $200 at

    The Working Girl's Survival Kit Makes staying beautiful easy. With a collection of 22 essentials, your friends will be equipped to handle any beauty emergency that comes their way.

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  • 5 gift ideas for the men you love

    From dad to dude you're dating - get him a gift he'll love. Up his style ante with this covetable gear, and there might be a kickback for you!

    Max Benjamin Cigar and Martini Bag
    The cocktail bag your boyfriend will love. Includes compartments for cigars, glasses, bottles, and more. $199.99 at

    Sephora Scent Sampler
    Indulge your man with this best-selling scent sampler, featuring ten deluxe fragrances for him to try. $50 at

    Tortoise Steak Knives, Set of Six
    This handsome set of six tortoise knives is exactly what the steak lover on your list is hungering for. This is one gift that will last for ages. $165 at

    The Greatest Presidential Stories
    Give your history buff something to pore over this holiday season. Filled with stories that never made the textbooks, your man will delight in all these newfound facts. $18.95 at

    Veranda Grill Canopy
    This stylish canopy is the perfect accessory for an outdoor grill, allowing for barbecuing in any

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  • My boyfriend stole $450 million and I got arrested

    Alessandra PetlinAlessandra PetlinThree years ago, Debra Ryan had a bustling career and a millionaire hedge-fund boyfriend, Sam Israel. But after he was convicted of fraud, she risked it all to help him flee.

    The U.S. Attorney's office charged Debra Ryan with helping her boyfriend, the financier-turned-fugitive Samuel Israel III, vanish the morning he was slated to enter a federal prison for a 20-year fraud sentence. Her role in his desperate, half-baked escape has left her $500,000 in debt and battling an aiding-and-abetting charge that could put her behind bars for a decade.

    Ryan says the day Israel's lawyer informed him that money was gone for good, she found him naked, on the toilet, moaning, "My life is over."

    Ryan attended Israel's April sentencing at a Manhattan courthouse clad in head-to-toe black. "It was a funeral to me," she recalls. The judge ordered Israel to serve 20 years in a federal prison and pay $300 million in restitution, one of the harshest punishments ever meted out to a white-collar

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  • New Japanese Sex Trend: Man on Man Comic Books

    www.tokyopop.comwww.tokyopop.comBOY LOVE

    Would you get turned on by man-on-man comic books? Don't knock it till you try it! The latest turn-on for a growing number of sensation-seeking gals? Yaoi, Japanese comic books written for women, by women, depicting "boy love," guy-on-guy sex among androgynous-looking men. The theory goes that the characters' relatable features and physiques enable female fans to insert themselves into the stories and play out fantasies of dominance and submission, says Lillian Diaz-Przybly, a senior development editor at Yaoi publisher TokyoPop.

    Waddaya think - would these do it for you?


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  • Your Ultimate Holiday Gift Finder

    Over 100 Christmas Gifts to Give - and Get!

    Besides acquiring invaluable info on the most splendid Christmas gifts possible, there might be - just maybe - a few things here for you. When we read that 82% of women confess to buying something for themselves when gift shopping, we were like, Duh! If the season of giving brings out the taker in you, help is available... right here. Happy Holidays!


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  • Why Madonna's Divorce Crushes Us

    Jon Furniss/Wire ImageJon Furniss/Wire ImageCall me delusional, but despite the endless rumors about custody, prenups, and settlements, I still can't believe she's getting divorced from Guy Richie. The most upsetting part, though, is that most people are assuming it was inevitable, all her fault, or both.

    Sure, Madonna is exceedingly type-A, the ultimate ball-busting alpha woman. But I haven't heard anyone question Richie's role, how maybe he couldn't handle her never-ending string of successes while his once-ascending career sputtered out a series of creative and commercial flops (she bounced back from Swept Away; him, not so much).

    Well, why should a stranger's marriage mean so much to me? In 2000, when they wed in a fairytale-perfect castle in the Scottish Highlands, it proved that the belief about men being intimidated by powerful women was an antiquated load of bull. A successful husband, an adorable family, a killer body, a substantial bank account, and a rockin' career? Madonna's happily ever after assured me a modern

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  • 5 Reasons to Be Happy Today

    Rene Mansi/iStockRene Mansi/iStockYour world is actually improving! We dug deep for the good news about chocolate, sex, your paycheck, and more!

    Thought you couldn't put a price on a good sex life? Two economists did it. They calculated that, in terms of happiness, having sex more often is equal to getting a $50,000 raise. Now, if only we could charge our men overtime . . .

    Early detection and treatment has dramatically increased survival rates of breast-cancer patients since the 1990s. More than 90 percent of cases are now caught in the first and second stages, which yield 98- and 80-percent survival rates for five years, respectively.

    Mr. and Mrs. Jones, take note: Happiness researchers (yes, they exist) have found that as long as your basic needs are met, more wealth does not make you happier. In fact, it can actually trigger anxiety.


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  • 10 hilarious habits that men hide

    Harold Cunningham/Wire ImageHarold Cunningham/Wire ImageSome will crack you up. Some will gross you out. Ten ultra gutsy guys reveal the personal quirks that make them "unique."

    "I check for monsters under the bed. It all started when I was little, and I still need to do it on occasion. Only once has a woman ever noticed. I couldn't think of a good excuse, so I was honest: 'I'm checking for monsters.' She laughed and threw a pillow at me. Did she think I was kidding?" - Joe, 28, bond trader

    "After any meal I cook, I worry about residue on my pots and pants (what if it's E.Coli?). So I fill them with water, turn the burners on high, and boil the heck out of them." - Blake, 27, actor

    "I pick my nose - but only when I'm alone." - Patrick, 28, educator

    "I bite my toenails." - Geoff, 28, researcher

    "I speak to my cats exclusively in Spanish." - Nathaniel, 29, PR professional

    "Each morning, I sort baseball cards. It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple of hours." - Mikael, 47, mime

    "I shave my pubic hair." - Michael, 32, program

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  • 5 reasons to be grateful

    Kutay Tanir/iStockKutay Tanir/iStockA new take on beer goggles, hope for a female-orgasm pill, proof your getting better with age, and other great reasons to smile.

    The age at which great innovators have their history-making, million-dollar ideas has been steadily rising over the past century, a U.S. study found. So if you don't yet feel the spark of genius, it's OK: Creative output tends to rise in the 20s and 30s and peak in the late 30s and early 40s.

    Within 10 years, a new pill could be available to help you reach the big O with less, um, effort. A LONDON research team has discovered that the "greatest single factor" affecting a woman's ability to climax may be her DNA. With proper funding, they will be able to produce a miracle drug sometime this decade for orgasm-challenged women.

    According to psychologists and aging experts, we actually get happier as we age. As women grow older, we become more

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