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  • 6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism for Summer

    Boost Your MetabolismBoost Your MetabolismIt's no secret that the key to successful weight-loss and healthy weight maintenance is to keep that metabolism revving, fueled by energy and nutrition-rich foods, dietary supplements and an active lifestyle. And, "a little strategy can go a long way toward keeping a diet and weight-loss initiative on track - particularly when the going gets tough," notes Dr. Britta Zimmer.

    Follow these steps to kick your metabolism into high gear and keep those temptations in check:

    1) Eat mostly vegetables with lean protein: Half your plate should be brightly colored vegetables (spinach, kale, red peppers, broccoli) because those with deep colors contain the most nutrition. The other half should be good quality, low fat protein sources, such as eggs, tofu, fish, chicken and turkey, which will give you a feeling of fullness for a longer period of time and, thus, better hold those cravings at bay.

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    2) Keep blood sugar stable: Losing weight is very

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  • 5 Healthy Foods You Should Eat Every Day (Plus Quick Recipes)

    Healthy FoodsHealthy FoodsThe new trend among the weight conscious? Eating more. Don't focus on consuming less of the "bad" foods - aim to incorporate more of the good foods into your diet. Not only will you feel less deprived, but you'll also end up being too full to crave the junk. Try these five nutritional superstars for a result that's even greater than the sum of its wholesome parts.

    1. Spinach

    For $1.50, the price of a large bag of spinach at most grocery stores, you can reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis, lower your cholesterol, and raise your I.Q. Spinach is an excellent bone-builder, containing vitamin K, calcium, and magnesium. It's also high in flavonoids, plant molecules that act as antioxidants, which have been shown to prevent breast, stomach, skin, and ovarian cancer. Spinach is a great source of vitamin A and vitamin C, which not only keep you from getting sick in the winter, but also de-clog your arteries and reduce heart disease.

    Spinach contains antioxidants that neutralize free

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  • 10 Surprising Foods that Pack on the Pounds

    Foods to AvoidWhen you're trying to maintain your weight, it can be difficult to decipher which foods should be on our daily menus, and which we should ditch for good. With all of the trendy diets, health "buzzwords," and deceptive packaging we deal with on a day-to-day basis, the foods you once thought were figure friendly could actually be causing you to slowly pack on pounds. We consulted Lisa Drayer, a nutritionist, author, and spokesperson for Nectresse all-natural sugar substitute, who gave us the rundown on what we should - and more importantly, shouldn't - be snacking on this summer.

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    1. Dried Fruit: This common snack can be highly caloric. When fruit is dried, there is less water so sugar becomes more dense - like grapes dried into raisins. Portions should be limited to a quarter of a cup.

    2. Peas and Corn
    : These vegetables are considered to be a starch because they have a high carbohydrate count. Consider them as bread-carb portions.

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  • 4 Need to Know Healthy Heart Tips

    Healthy HeartHealthy HeartHeart disease isn't just your mother's problem. Doctors have found artery-clogging plaque buildup in the bodies of people as young as their teens and 20s. Stare down the number-one killer of women by getting smart about fat.

    You can protect your heart by filling up on fats that boost good cholesterol, including monounsaturated fats (found in olive oil, canola oil, and nuts) and polyunsaturated fats (found in fish). Cut saturated fats (found in meat and cheese) to 7 percent of calories or less, and keep transfats (found in many baked goods and fast foods) to less than 1 percent of calories. So, for an 1800 calorie-a-day diet, you want less than 14 grams saturated fat and less than 2 grams transfats (a McDonald's Quarter Pounder with cheese has 12 grams saturated fat and 1.5 grams transfats).

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    Eating 30 to 35 percent of calories from fat may be better than eating a low 20 or 25 percent from fat. Recent research found

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  • 9 Myths About Your Salad



    There's nothing "just" about the 490 calories and 41 grams of fat in a Subway BMT salad with ranch dressing. That adds up to even more calories and fat than a Burger King Bacon Cheeseburger (360 calories, 18 grams of fat). At Ruby Tuesday, the Carolina Chicken Salad packs -- brace yourself -- 1,300 calories and 72 grams of fat (275 fewer without dressing).

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    Not quite. You do save on calories when you take out the fat, but many such dressings are loaded with sugar -- more than two teaspoons per serving -- and offer zero nutrition. Plus, they block your ability to absorb the carotenoid antioxidants in salad greens and tomatoes -- important compounds that reduce the risk of heart disease. In one study, people eating full-fat salad dressing absorbed twice the nutrients of those using reduced-fat dressing. Fat-free dressing allowed for virtually no absorption of these good

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  • 7 Easy Ways to Burn Fat Faster

    7 Ways to Burn Fat7 Ways to Burn Fat


    Eating a low-carbohydrate protein bar 90 minutes before you work out will enable you to exercise longer and harder (and burn more calories) than you normally would, says Steve Zim, author of Hot Point Fitness. However, that 90-minute mark is crucial. Eat any closer to your workout, and blood will rush to your stomach, actually diminishing your performance.

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    Inhaling and exhaling through your nose, rather than your mouth, helps stabilize your heart rate and (like the preworkout snack) increase your endurance. The result? You work out longer and burn more calories. But don't get discouraged if it feels unnatural at first - it takes about six to eight workouts to perfect.


    Strength-train before doing any cardiovascular work, says Ken Fitzgerald, owner of Lift Gym in New York. Why? It takes the body about 15 minutes to warm up and start burning fat. So, a

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  • 10 Guilt-Free Summer Snacks

    Watermelon and FetaWatermelon and Feta

    Don't derail your summer diet by snacking mindlessly between meals. With these healthy suggestions from Melissa O'Shea, Exhale Spa's national nutrition director, you can stay satisfied all season long without having to fret about counting calories. By Alyssa Vingan

    1) Edamame Hummus with Veggies
    "This is perfect to pack for on-the-go snacking or on road trips. There are several different versions you can make - I like this one from the Food Network."

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    2) Make Your Own Trail Mix
    "If you have plans for long hikes or bike rides this summer, trail mix is the perfect nonperishable snack. Make your own by combining dried fruit, raw nuts, unsweetened coconut, and cocoa nibs."

    3) Frozen Grapes
    "One of the most refreshing snacks on a hot summer day! When they are frozen it takes us longer to eat them, so we feel satisfied off of a smaller serving."

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    4) Air-Popped Popcorn
    "Sometimes you need a

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  • 7 Ways to Benefit Your Body with Green Tea

    Green TeaGreen TeaBy now, we know that drinking green tea is undoubtedly good for our bodies. The antioxidant and free-radical scavenging properties of green tea have made it a must-have for the health conscious and numerous studies highlight the potential benefits of green tea including cancer prevention and weight loss. But green tea isn't just a delicious and healthful drink; it can also be used as an at-home health and beauty remedy. Read on to find out 7 surprising things you didn't know about green tea. By Rona Tison

    1. It can reduce puffy peepers
    : Stayed out too late last night? Soaking a cotton pad in green tea and placing it over eyes for 10 minutes can reduce the puffiness of tired eyes, making you look revitalized and refreshed.

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    2. It can soothe skin
    : Spent a little too much time in the sun? Use the naturally calming properties of green tea to soothe sunburned skin. Place green tea in a spray bottle and mist on sunburned areas for

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  • 5 Need to Know Networking Tips

    NetworkingNetworkingKnow Your Target
    You can network with virtually anyone, but you'll yield better results by honing in on someone in your field with more experience and power. These are the kinds of contacts that could evolve into mentors.

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    NetworkingNetworkingBe Prepared
    Know what you're looking for. If you want a mentor, focus on a notable person in that segment of the industry. (If you're hungry for a publicist position, find someone in that position.) Don't be afraid to use flattery to get what you want. You'd be surprised how well people respond to it! Bring a stack of business cards-but don't just hand them out to everyone. Be selective, and show your appreciation by having some appropriate talking points ready.
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    NetworkingNetworkingDon't Rush
    It's always best to approach someone by speaking about something other than work. Break the ice. Remark on details from the event - "These canapés are delicious!" That's a more organic segue into your agenda

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  • 6 Ways Your Coworkers Can Help You Get Ahead

    CoworkersCoworkersSTEP 1: Find Our How You're Perceived by Coworkers
    People are much more apt to help and follow someone they like and respect. Want to know how well liked you are-that is, how much support you can count on when you need it? Ask. Start by creating a list of all the subordinates, equals and supervisors with whom you interact regularly. Be sure you meet with each person on your list at least twice in six months. Each time, ask for feedback on your performance in general. Most importantly, take constructive criticism and apply it. Otherwise your efforts will seem transparent.

    5 Secrets of the Highest-Paid Women

    CoworkersCoworkersSTEP 2: Don't criticize.
    Nobody likes a combative, critical coworker. Don't be one. Approach requests and proposals from colleagues with sensitivity and openness; look for a way to say "Yes, you have my support"-if not to everything, then to some part of what is being put before you. Try to remove "Yes, but…" from your vocabulary. It's shorthand for "No" and it's a real

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