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  • Dancing into Shape: The Best Dance Classes in America

    Get your best bikini bod for summer with these fun fitness tips.

    Summer is right around the corner, and with the looming beach season to think about, what better time to find an awesome new workout? Our Health and Beauty Editor Jennifer Goldstein kicked off the season by checking out the new 2Fly class at Crunch gym in New York City. After reading her new feature, "Everybody Dance Now," where she gets a blast from the 90's past in this hip-hop inspired dance class, we couldn't help but want to dance ourselves into shape, too. We've rounded up some of the best dance classes in America, so whether you're into Bollywood, billboard hits or just plain boogie-ing, there's bound to be something to catch your eye and get that body rockin'.

    Philadelphia, PA: "Burn It Up" at 12th Street Gym. This group fitness class created by choreographer Stepp Stewart features moves like the "Axl Rose."

    Chicago, IL: "Werq" at Cheetah Gyms. Chicago choreographers and trainers Haley Stone and Julie Steffen created this class where you rock out to Top 40.


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  • 5 Ways to Make Your Beauty Regimen Eco-Friendly

    Here are 5 ways to make your beauty regimen eco-friendly.

    Every year Earth Day rolls around, that inevitable question - what can I do better? - rolls around with it. Sometimes the answers are simple: throw water bottles away in the recycling bin; reuse takeout tupperware; don't cave to the litter monster. But what about being eco-friendly in our day-to-day beauty routines?

    Product labels are far from the mind when rushing to get dolled up in the morning, and "going green" is easily disregarded when choosing conditioners and concealers that do their job for your long days. But turning your beauty routine green doesn't have to be an impossible task! Celebrate Earth Day with these five tips and tricks.

    The Best Flat Belly Foods To Beat The Bloat!

    1. From a stick to a tar: We all love a good lipstick, but sometimes the brands we use can be filled with loads of unfriendly chemicals for our skin and the planet. Try switching from a lipstick to a natural lip tar, like Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. The OCC tars are 100-percent natural

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  • Master Class: How to Wear Hair Accessories

    "Hair accessories have gotten a bad rap from people who don't know how to wear them," says Eva Scrivo of New York City's Eva Scrivo Salon. As the mercury rises and chic hair baubles heat up the runways - from outsize bows at Marc by Marc Jacobs to understated crimson barrettes at 3.1 Phillip Lim - learn to don headbands, pins, and clips without looking like a Gossip Girl reject.

  • How to Boy-Proof Your Lair

    Marie ClaireWhether you're moving in with a man for the first time or bringing home someone special on a first date, you'll want to make your place just a little more boy-proof... which may involve shoving some potentially embarrassing items into the depths of your closet.

    Cellulite cream.

    2. Sprinkles, the teddy bear you've had since first grade.

    3. Your autographed copies of He's Just Not That Into You, Women Who Love Too Much, and The Five People You Meet in Heaven .

    4. That New Kids on the Block poster - from the reunion tour.

    20 Secrets Men NEVER Tell Women

    5. The Wicca altar.

    6 The nude oil portrait you painted of your ex.

    7. Your Hummel collection.

    8. The Christmas photo with your entire family dressed in matching homemade outfits - taken last year.

    30 Dates That Spice Up Your Relationship

    9. Your Magic Wand Gee-Whiz attachment.

    10. Hello Kitty anything (Hi, Mariah!).

    11. Indigo Girls box set.

    12. That still-in-the-original-packaging 1993 Winter Princess Barbie.

    13. Economy-size bottle

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  • Summer Skin Beauty Countdown

    Whether you have one minute or a month to prepare for a tropical getaway, here's a guide to grinning and baring it in no time. Get that sun-kissed look!


    With self-tanners stepping up their technology, you'll never have to worry about looking like you've been mainlining carrots.

    The Best Flat Belly Foods To Beat The Bloat

    Two Days: New, clear self-tanning gels like L'Oréal's Sublime Bronze allow for fast absorption and tidy application that won't stain your clothes or beloved Frette sheets (the formula turns bronze on contact with your skin's melanin). Just exfoliate a day prior to ensure streak-free results, and allow 24 hours for the shade to develop.

    4 Do-It Yourself Hair Remedies

    One Day: A few drops of Guerlain's Terracotta Serum in your favorite moisturizer promises a golden, longer-lasting bronze. Its secret: a Tan Booster ingredient derived from the carob tree that safely boosts your skin's melanin (unlike pills such as prescription Psoralen, which make you more

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  • Gunn Laws: How to Dress Beyond Black

    Marie ClaireMake Room for Some Color

    Q: I recently moved from New York City to the South. All my clothes are black! What kinds of casual tops should I look for this summer? I wear a uniform to work and jeans with flat shoes on my days off, but I want to make things more interesting.

    A: I'm glad that you are acknowledging the limitations of black apparel and have a desire for more pizzazz in your wardrobe. Happily, the 2010 spring/summer season is chock-full of interesting options for tops, with embellishment being one of the key factors. There are tops with pleating, ruffles, scalloped petals, sequins, or stones; the styles range from camisoles to wraps; and prints are in abundance. Since there is something out there for everyone, there is no need to betray who you are. Find items that resonate with you and wear them with joy and aplomb!

    4 Do-It Yourself Hair Remedies

    When to Splurge on Shoes

    Q: I'm on a shoe budget and want to make a good fashion investment for the season. I am obsessed with Tory

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  • I Don't Want Kids — Get Over It!

    Marie ClaireLike almost 20 percent of women in the United States, Jen Kirkman won't be having kids. But a funny thing happens when the 38-year-old comedian tells jokes about her choice to be sans children: People think she's kidding, that it's just part of her act. Or they tell her she'll regret it.

    But Kirkman, a regular on Chelsea Handler's Chelsea Lately and After Lately, is serious about living life on her terms. MC talked to her about her hilarious new memoir, I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales From a Happy Life Without Kids (Simon & Schuster).

    MC: So you never wanted kids? Ever?

    JK: No, I never had the urge. I was born this way. Also, I don't want to sacrifice what I'd need to sacrifice to properly raise a child.

    MC: Why did you write this book?

    JK: I wrote it for other people in my situation so they don't feel so alone. I'm very secure in my decision-and nobody in my family is making me feel bad about it. The book is for those who are made to feel uncomfortable or bad

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  • Spring Clean Your Life: Top 10 Reasons to Do Yoga

    We at MC have picked our cumulative brains and put together a round-up of the top 10 reasons you should give Downward Dog a bona fide shot.

    Suddenly, it seems like your entire post-work subway car is sporting Lululemon and you hear that every pro athlete is hitting the Bikram studio; everyone you meet has appeared to be jumping on the yoga bandwagon. But is it for you? The answer is yes, yoga can be for anyone. We at MC have picked our cumulative brains and put together a round-up of the top 10 reasons you should give Downward Dog a bona fide shot. Now, this doesn't mean you should give up your daily latte for Kombucha tea, but it's worth a try, right?

    1. Reduces stress and anxiety: Stressed? Please, who isn't. Even worse: Does it stress you out that you're stressed? Then time to buy a yoga mat, find your local studio, and sweat what's bothering you.

    2. Helps you sleep: It's the quintessential catch-22: How do you get a good workout when you're so exhausted? Find a form of yoga labeled beginner, restorative, or basic. After a few sessions, that glass of red wine before bed won't be essential, but it might be

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  • The Best New Timesaving Beauty Products - for You Hair, Body, and Face

    Streamline your routine with new beauty multitaskers that work just as hard as you do. John Frieda Styling Tools by Conair Salon Shape Hot Air Brush $40

    Let's face it: We all have the best intentions when it comes to our beauty routines-washing our faces before bed (every night), blowing out our hair, and keeping up with weekly manicures-but life, work, and, well, sheer laziness present some serious roadblocks. With that in mind, we've rounded up the latest and greatest products that help save precious minutes, not to mention tidy up the clutter below your bathroom sink.


    Style: If you love the idea of a full-on blowout every morning but end up running out the door with a damp ponytail on most days, it's time to rethink your tools. "This is the ultimate multitasker," says River Lloyd, stylist for the Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon in NYC, of the John Frieda Styling Tools by Conair Salon Shape Hot Air Brush, $40, a round brush/blowdryer/curling-iron hybrid that can be used on wet hair. "It works for every texture; the

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  • 5 Ways to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

    Marie ClaireMarie ClaireTame the green-eyed monster with these tips from Marie Claire's Living Flirtatiously blogger Maura Kelly.

    1. Remember that you don't have the same DNA that someone else has. Some people are just naturally born with fantastic looks, enormous brains, incredibly physical acumen. Some people are natural Marilyn Monroes, like my friend Duval. Some people are naturally Steve Jobs or Conan O'Brien - they naturally operate on a higher intellectual level. And then there are...the rest of us. Who are sexy, attractive, and interesting in our own ways.

    2. Remember that you may not have had the kinds of advantages others have had. Even if you've had *some* advantages, that doesn't mean you've had *all* the advantages that your friends, peers, and colleagues have had. For example, a while back, a friend of mine was beating himself up for not being more successful. "I've had every advantage in the world!" he was saying. But I pointed out to him that, okay, sure, he has a degree from an

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