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  • Feeling Sluggish? 10 Ways to Get Your Energy Up in 5 Minutes or Less

  • 7 Ways to Save Money on Taxes

    Learn how to cut corners and save some money this tax season!1. Go green and save some green. You can get tax credits under the Energy Policy Act for reducing your home's energy use. To find out what qualifies, go to

    2. As long as you itemize, nearly all of your medical expenses can be deducted, from prescription drugs and doctor visits to surgery. See the full list of medical deductions at to make sure you're not forgetting anything.

    10 Tips To Climb To The Top of Your Career

    3. You already know you can deduct charitable donations, but don't forget any ticket you've purchased that had a "suggested donation." You can also write off out-of-pocket costs you incur while doing charitable work, like the ingredients used in a dish you regularly prepare for a soup kitchen.

    4. Certain costs for managing your money that top two percent of your annual gross income are deductible, like safe-deposit box fees, calls to your broker, tax-prep fees, and subscriptions to investment journals.

    5. Still paying for that pricey diploma?

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  • The 8 Best Workout Apps to Get You Fit for Spring

    Want to work on those six-pack abs in your own home or train for that 5k sans the cramped environment of a gym? Your smartphone may have all the capabilities to get you motivated and fit. We compiled a list of our eight favorite workout apps that will have you toned and feeling great in no time - all on your own terms.

    #1: Map My Run

    Map My Run

    Whether you're just jogging for fun or training for a marathon, this is the perfect app for all types of runners, from those of us beginners to the more advanced bunch. Using GPS, you can track your distances, routes, splits, and overall progress. There's also a helpful voice that updates you with every mile increase.

    #2: Daily Butt Workout

    Daily Butt Workout

    Hate doing butt exercises for the whole gym to see? This is the best way to tone your behind in the comfort of your own home.

    #3: Daily Ab Workout

    Daily Ab Workout

    Get that same intense workout as if there was a trainer right next to you. Prop your phone up to watch the fitness model and start

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  • 10 Ways to Flirt with a Nerd

    Marie ClaireWhat a full weekend I had. There were boys everywhere. Including at a friend's birthday party, on Friday night, where I was too chicken to flirt with some hot über-politico nerd-dude.

    Today... let's discuss how to flirt with nerds, shall we?

    After an exceptionally fun evening of speed-dating with the nerds, I decided to get in touch with the man who organized and MC-ed the whole event, one Matt Wasowski, a.k.a. "The Boss of Nerd Nite" (as well as the author of the very nerdy book It's Okay to Like Sports: How Women, Artists and Intellectuals Can Find Cultural Value in Athletics.)

    Anyway, I asked Matt if he had any special advice about how to flirt with the nerds.... Here's how our conversation went.

    MAURA: Let's get serious now - very serious.... What's your definition of a nerd?

    MATT: As the Boss of Nerd Nite, I've always maintained a very broad - and thus, very inclusive - definition of nerd. The word applies to anyone who is both passionate and

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  • 9 New Ways to Make Your Relationship Work

    Had a fight? Count to 10 before changing your Facebook status. New world, new rules to make love work now. By Elise Nersesian-Solé

  • Miranda Kerr's Guide to Looking Gorgeous

    Skincare mogul and street-style star Miranda Kerr's guide to looking gorgeous.

  • How to Decipher an Intimidating Wine List

    Find the perfect wine for a cozy meal at home!Keep this cheat sheet from Matt Lilien, founder of Wine Wala advising company, in your purse.

    Tastes like: Tropical fruits, with a buttery finish
    Pair it with: Pork, chicken, seafood, strong cheeses

    Pinot Grigio (Gris)
    Tastes like: Lemons, green apples, pears
    Pair it with: Salads, light fish, light cheeses, white pizza

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    Sauvignon Blanc
    Tastes like: Citrus, tropical fruits, herbs, gooseberries
    Pair it with: Salads, vegetables, fish

    Tastes like: Apples, pears, flowers, minerals
    Pair it with: Fish, cheeses, chicken, light appetizers, desserts (for sweet Riesling)

    Tastes like: Lychees, spices, flowers
    Pair it with: Asian foods, spicy foods, strong cheeses

    Cabernet Sauvignon
    Tastes like: Cassis, black currants, herbs, cedar
    Pair it with: Beef, lamb, stews

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    Tastes like: Black cherries, plums, spices
    Pair it with: Lamb shank, duck, sausage

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  • Quick Fixes for 5 Major Beauty and Fashion Emergencies

    We asked the pros for their most tried-and-true tricks for any — and we do mean any — last-minute beauty or fashion emergencies.We asked the pros for their most tried-and-true tricks for any - and we do mean any - last-minute beauty or fashion emergencies.

    1. Chipped Nails

    According to L.A.-based manicurist Jenna Hipp, if it's minor, dab a touch of rubbing alcohol directly on the area to remove oils, then follow with a spot of matching color over the chip. Two minutes later, apply a top coat. If you're prone to post-mani chips, Hipp recommends trying a nude shade that mimics skin (like HIPPxRGB Nail Foundation Nail Lacquer, $16) so it's less visible. "Steer clear of metallic and matte finishes that tend to accentuate imperfections and are harder to cover up."

    2. Broken Heel

    Unless you have some serious secret cobbling skills, fixing a broken heel requires professional attention. "Depending on the severity, an emergency tube of ShoeGoo can be a temporary solution," says Chassie Post, lifestyle editor at in NYC. "Otherwise, the stilettos have to come off." She always tucks a pair of

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  • Eyebrow Therapy: How to Get the Brows of Your Dreams

    Arch de Triomphe: Eyebrow TherapyPlauged by a tweezer-happy bad habit, Ashley Ross aims for the brows of her dreams.

    When my older sister began shaving her legs, I became intrigued by what else the shiny new pink toy in our shared bathroom could remove. So, at 9 years old, I ran the blade over my furry, blonde brows, naively unaware that the hair wouldn't come back anytime soon. I should have learned my lesson, but when anemic eyebrows cropped up in the early 2000s, I eagerly plucked and tweezed until my face was frozen in a look of perma-confusion. Later, living in New York on a Hannah Horvath budget translated to zero investment for eyebrow maintenance. Instead, I'd tweeze weekly in my tiny bathroom, obsessing over thick hairs and long hairs and blonde hairs and barely-there hairs.

    These days, skinny brows seem so last decade. Well-endowed brows have become ubiquitous on runways; Lily Collins and Cara Delevingne are the latest modern beauty icons. After admiring Lizzy Caplan's set in Save the Date, I made an

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  • The Napping Revolution

    A new surge in sleep science suggests that 10 minutes of midday shut-eye could be the ultimate wellness-booster.

    It's a fact of life: Nonstop work e-mail chains, after-dark texts, and full-DVR temptation are cutting ever deeper into the late-night hours previously earmarked for sleep. And according to the National Sleep Foundation, women are hardest hit, reporting higher incidences of nighttime wake-ups and daytime drowsiness than their male counterparts. Now, scientists have convincing evidence that naps - those peaceful interludes once reserved for sick days or vacations - are a must-try modern-day solution to our perpetual sleep shortage. "Naps aren't a substitute for nighttime sleep, but they offer a great 'energy-rejuvenation break,'" says Nancy Rothstein, a Chicago sleep consultant whose adopted moniker is "The Sleep Ambassador" and who helps companies maximize employee productivity; she even created a New York University online course on sleep wellness, which debuted in February. Jennifer Martin, Ph.D., adjunct assistant professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, and a

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