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  • 6 Redheads Throughout History

    Marie ClaireMarie Claire

    Redheaded ladies, you are a very special bunch. You are so special that you are a rarity - you only make up 1-2 percent of the world's population and you are less sensitive to pain than your non-redhead counterparts! Whether your tresses are burning auburn, touches of tangerine, or strands of strawberry - your unique locks are enviable, and have been copied for ages. Here are some of our favorite crimson women throughout history.

    1. The Deity: Aphrodite, Before Time: Congratulations! You're hair is on the radiant Greek goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite. This supernatural stunner is often portrayed in mythology and in paintings with cascading, burning red locks.

    2. The Ruler: Elizabeth I, 1533

    Highly regarded for her adept ruling abilities, Queen Elizabeth I came to the English throne in 1558, and transformed England from a weak power to a mammoth European power over her 45 year reign. Nicknamed "The Virgin Queen," the ruler had her fun, flirted, yet rebuffed many offers

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  • 10 Things Young, Working Moms Think but Never Say

    Things Young, Working Moms Think But Never SayThings Young, Working Moms Think But Never Say

    I'm going to caveat this post by stating: I love my almost 2-year-old son more than life itself; I love my husband; I love my dog; and I love the life we all share together. But I'm just going to come out and say it: Sometimes I miss my single life.

    Managing a career, a marriage, and kids is stressful, no doubt about it. But I feel judged when I go beyond the typical lament involving a crying baby to voicing my actual disdain for my now very routine days. There are times when I longingly think back to my former life and sigh, not because I want to give everything up that I have now, but because I took for granted how delightfully simple my single life was-when major concerns gravitated around paying my rent and purchasing a new pair of shoes. Back when I would get upset over a failed first date because all I wanted to do was find "The One," get married, start a family, and have a purpose greater than myself.

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    With full anticipation that some

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  • 5 Types of Tattoos Throughout History

    Marie ClaireMarie Claire

    1. The Ancient Tat, The B.C. Years.

    Tattoos were the trend du jour ranging across ancient cultures including: Egyptian, the Scythian people of the Altai Mountains, to tribes in Peru and Colombia. In Egypt, they were marks of prostitution and supposedly even protected one against sexually transmitted diseases. In other cultures, such as in Ancient Greece, tattoos were meant to brand someone as a slave or as a member of a religious sect. Tools to apply ink included a sharp point attached to a wooden handle, bronze instruments, and needles tied together.

    2. The Aristocratic Tat, 1890s - 1910s.

    Tattoos were briefly fashionable with the British upper class during the late 1800s and early 1900s. They were usually in places that were easily covered by clothes and designs ranged from butterflies (hello early tramp stamp?) to initials. Queen Victoria was rumored to have a Bengal tiger fighting a python. Now, we have to ask: Is Queen Elizabeth II keeping this tradition alive?

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  • 5 of the Sexiest Hairstyles in History

    Sexy HairstylesSexy Hairstyles

    1. Venus, 1486
    Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" also gave way to some major seductive Renaissance hair. What's sexier than a fiery-tressed goddess blooming out of a shell? You tell us.

    Styling Tip: Extensions via Zeus

    2. Brigitte Bardot, 1965
    With such a blonde and bouyant mane, it is no surprise that French actress Bardot was nicknamed a sex kitten. Her teased locks are timeless and still on-trend even today.

    Styling Tips: Ride on the back of motorcycles in Paris and let the wind take charge

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    3. Farrah Fawcett, 1977
    Her coif reached new heights of bedhead in the '70s…we mean that figuratively and literally. It was even theorized that those feathered locks spelled out "SEX" during one famous photoshoot.

    Styling Tips: Go ask Charlie

    4. Kate Moss, 1995
    Kate Moss was the epitome of sex hair in the '90s, giving her strands a more tousled, grunge look: Less styling and more sex (preferably with Johnny Depp). We're into it.

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  • Tinder Dos and Don'ts: Five Tips that Will Make Him Swipe Right


    The old adage "You only get one chance to make a first impression" rings particularly true on the popular dating app Tinder. You log in through Facebook, select a few photos of yourself, type in a line or two about who you are, then get to matching with people in your area. You like them and they like you? Boom: you're flirting within seconds.

    Here's the thing: Guys though don't really analyze your Tinder profile. On average we spend about five seconds per woman, often determining whether we would like to match with you/take you for a drink/hook up right off the bat. Here's some advice on how to get us simple-minded, ADHD-addled men to swipe right.


    1. Don't post a blurry or dark picture. Is that really the best pic you have of your face? The one that's all pixely and has horrible backlighting from the club? Don't make that your initial picture. Swap it out for a full body shot or at least something that lets us see you.

    2. Don't lead with that group shot of you and

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  • 5 Ways to Actually Be Friends with Your Ex

    How to be friends with your ex

    Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder won "best chemistry" at Wednesday's People's Choice Awards. Which, as they pointed out in their acceptance speech, may be most interesting because they used to date in real life. But now they don't. But their characters still do. "How horrible!" you say. "They broke up and still have to see each other all the time?" Not true - with a bit of exploration and communication it's possible to still be friends with your ex. Here's how:

    1. Take space.
    When you initially break up with someone, there are going to be a lot of strong feelings. You'll have some remorse, some anger, maybe some jealousy when you see a picture of some girl with her arms around him. That's all normal! Don't beat yourself up for feeling what you're feeling. But also don't feel like you need to do something about it. Take the space you need to be by yourself and mend your broken heart. No need to go to extremes with alcohol or new partners or calling him late at night. It's okay to

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  • 6 Types of Piercings Throughout History


    1. The Ancient Piercing, B.C.

    Ranging from the lip and tongue in ancient African cultures, the nose and ears in Israel, and the nipples in Rome (ouch), the history of putting sharp objects through the body is dated back almost to 5,000 years ago. Piercings in ancient times could have signified multiple things such as marks of prostitution, the wealth of the husband (gold means ballin', silver means squalin'), and also so demons couldn't enter your brain (yeah, it was a thing).

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    2. The Pearl Earring Piercing, 1500s - 1800s.

    Hairstyles that exposed the ears became popular, which gave way to the adornment of the ears. Pictured above is Johannes Vermeer's famous painting "The Girl" circa 1655, sporting a popular drop-earring style at the time. Look familiar? The painting was the inspiration for the movie "Girl with a Pearl Earring" starring ScarJo.

    3. The Roaring '20s 'Piercing', 1920s.

    We are putting quotation marks around

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  • The 5 Most Important Lingerie Styles in History

    Lingerie in Throughout HistoryLingerie in Throughout History

    1. Linen Undies, 3000 B.C.

    Undergarments in Ancient Egypt remind me of America in the 1960s or a beach in the south of France: no bra required. Servants wore loin clothes with no tops (like the ones pictured above), while higher-ranking ladies, like Cleopatra, had the luxury of covering up with full-length tunics.

    2. The Organ Pulverizer, 1890s.

    The corset, aka the über-bra from hell, came to popularity during the 16th and 17th centuries in France. The corset pictured here is from the Victorian era (c. 1890s) dubbed the "Wasp Waist." Confused why? It was supposed to cinch the waist and make your bosom bloom like a wasp's. Notable Facts: These corsets were so tight they often caused miscarriages, deformed the organs, and morphed the ribs. Oh, the price of beauty.

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    3. Androgynous Silk Sacks, 1920s.

    No more freakishly squeezed waists or jumbled organs here (nice, liberation!). Like the fashion of the 1920s, clothes as well

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  • 7 Easy Tips to Actually Fixing Your Life in 2014

    Bridget JonesBridget Jones

    It's a brand new year! Whether you're looking for a special someone, hunting for that next job, or wanting to make some extra cash, the steps you take to achieve your goals are as important as setting them in the first place. Check out the seven easy tips below that will turn lofty resolutions into measurable results, one day at a time.

    1. If you want to save money in 2014, learn to consign.

    If you're anything like us, your desire to save money is probably at odds with your healthy interest (read: obsession) with fashion. We get it, and instead of cutting yourself off from shopping completely (because that would be awfully depressing), take some time to strategically plan out your purchases. Eyeing a new bag? Perfect! But don't let yourself purchase the item till you've sold a purse collecting dust in your closet. You can take your gently worn items to consignment stores like Second Time Around, or join the best online destination for such purposes: ebay. It only takes a few simple

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  • 7 Ways to Beat a Post-New Year's Hangover

    HangoverHangover1. Down H20

    Everyone tells you this one: Hydration is the key to beating a hangover. Replenishing fluids after a long night of downing bottles of champagne (sparkling wine if you're classy) is the first step to nursing yourself back to being a functional human again. Down two large glasses of water right when you wake up to flush your system out.

    2. Drink So Much Soda

    Sorry all of you staunch soda opposers but you may have make an exception if you're hugging the toilet the morning after. According to a study at Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou in China, Sprite helps to break down the harmful compounds in alcohol that cause you to have hangovers. So, crack open a can and watch your hangover fizz away (pun intended).

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    3. Get Some Sleep

    Ever heard of a two-day hangover? Welcome to your new hell. This is what happens when you don't get enough sleep. So, crawl into your bed, call out of work, and zzz it off.


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