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  • How to Get Executive Presence

    Olivia Pope has executive presence.TOO SEXY FOR WORK
    Good rule of thumb: Your skirt is too short when your hands reach farther than your hemline while standing. Other office no-no's: cleavage, bra straps, panty lines, and sheer tops. When in doubt, channel Scandal's Olivia Pope (right) - the poster girl of chic professionalism.

    5 Secrets of the Highest-Paid Women

    Save the kohl-rimmed eyes, red lips, and bright eyeshadow for after-hours. Another big gaffe: wearing no makeup at all. In general, natural hues work best.

    If your blouse strains to stay closed or your trouser pockets pucker, your clothes are too tight. Make finding the right size a priority, especially if you've recently lost or gained weight, or are just back from maternity leave.

    7 Bedtime Habits That Are Ruining Your Sleep

    If your hair is highlighted or colored, be sure to stay on top of touch-ups. Nothing sabotages a killer suit like two inches or regrowth.


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  • How to Interpret Office Reviews

    DVF knows success.YOUR BOSS SAYS: "Too edgy"
    WHAT IT MEANS: Plainly put, you're not friendly enough. Managers don't see you as approachable, which may be hindering your career. Quick fix: Smile more and make an effort at deskside chitchat.

    YOUR BOSS SAYS: "Lack impact"
    WHAT IT MEANS: Shyness (being passive in meetings, waiting to be asked questions) can be confused with indifference. As a result, others don't solicit your opinions. Quick fix: Swallow your anxieties and pipe up with ideas.

    YOUR BOSS SAYS: "Too emotional"
    WHAT IT MEANS: You gesticulate and raise your voice when championing ideas, which suggests you're not in control. Quick fix: Make more eye contact and use just one hand to reinforce your points - it's not as pushy.

    5 Secrets of the Highest-Paid Women

    YOUR BOSS SAYS: "Not a team player"
    WHAT IT MEANS: While often constructed as an inability to work with others, this criticism tends to speak to a standoffishness with coworkers, especially socially. Quick fix: Make it a

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  • 6 Myths About Organic Food

    Organics don't contaminate soil and groundwater with pesticides and chemicals like regular farming does, but there's a surprising downside: Since organic farming is only about half as productive as conventional farming, it requires far more land to produce the same amount of food. Dennis Avery of the Hudson Institute's Center for Global Food Issues estimates that modern high-yield farming has saved 15 million square miles of wildlife habitat, and that if the world switched to organic farming, we'd need to cut down 10 million square miles of forest. Less-productive farming could also lead to even less food for the world's undernourished.

    Studies keep flip-flopping on this: One found more vitamin C in organic tomatoes than in conventional ones; another found more cancer-fighting flavonoids in organic corn and strawberries. But other studies haven't found organics to have a nutritional edge. What

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  • 6 Questions to Ask Before Relocating

    Some important questions to consider before you jet off.1. "What kind of help can I expect for my move?"
    Your employer should pick up the tab-from airfare to shipping your sizable stiletto collection overseas. Other important considerations: language courses and flights home for major holidays.

    2. "Will I be paid in U.S. dollars?"
    The best option is a split payroll-part of your salary is paid in dollars, the rest in foreign currency. The upside? Easy access to greenbacks for your car payment back home. "You'll also avoid the cost of exchanging money and won't be as vulnerable to the whims of exchange rates," says Balderrama.

    5 Secrets of the Highest-Paid Women

    3. "Who will provide my health insurance?"
    Your U.S.-based health plan likely won't cover you overseas, so you'll need to enroll in a foreign program, which may take as long as six months to kick in. Get a written confirmation from your company that it will take care of any medical bills incurred during that limbo period.

    4. "What is my tax liability?"
    You'll still owe American

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  • How to Deliever a Knockout Speech

    Wow your coworkers!ARRIVE EARLY If you're speaking at a conference, you're likely an important person with a busy schedule. Don't rush in to an important speech - take a quiet moment to calm nerves and gather thoughts.

    PULL YOUR HAIR BACK Nothing's more distracting then constantly brushing away bangs or - gasp! - twirling your hair.

    5 Secrets of the Highest-Paid Women

    SPEECHES ARE LIKE THEATER Your job is to inform, inspire, and entertain. So whether you're addressing buttoned-up execs or a more relaxed crowd, use clever quips to hold their attention.

    TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE STAGE When addressing a large group for longer than a few minutes, don't just stand behind the podium. Walk around - it keeps the energy high and allows you to connect with the entire audience.

    How to Look Great in Every Photo

    WEAR A BOLD COLOR These days, large conference rooms are usually outfitted with video screens, which project the speaker's image to the room's far reaches. So what you wear matters. Pick a

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  • Dressed to Thrill: Katie Holmes in Narciso Rodriguez for Kohl's

    Katie Holmes wearing Narciso Rodriguez for Kohl's.

    Every woman needs a little black dress in her arsenal, and we think we just found the one that's going to become our new secret weapon. The ever-chic Katie Holmes attended the Narciso Rodriguez for Kohl's Collection Launch Party in New York City on Monday evening, wearing this little number from Rodriguez's line, which was inspired by his recent trip to Istanbul, Turkey.

    5 Secrets of the Highest-Paid Women

    The black shirred fitted dress and Katie's care-free long locks-and those legs!-are total perfection. We love that our November 2011 cover star kept the look simple with nude heels, no jewelry and a black clutch-she's the epitome of natural beauty.

    The best news of all? This dress can be yours for just $70, available exclusively at on November 7 at 7 a.m. We'd say that this piece is certainly worth waking up early for.

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  • Burlesque in a Bottle: Dita Von Teese Launches Perfume

    Get Dita Von Teese at either of Fred Segal's two locations.

    Legendary burlesque star Dita Von Teese embodies all things glamour, elegance, and mystery through her dancing, costumes, and overall pin-up persona - which is precisely why we jumped at the news that Ms. Von Teese has just launched her signature, self-named perfume in the U.S. for the first time. Showcased in a sensual, onyx bottle with a vintage pump, her debut scent has already received eau de parfum honors such as the German Fragrance Foundation Duft Star Award for Best Female Lifestyle Fragrance.

    How to Look Great in Every Photo

    Dita Von Teese features a lush blend of peonies, Bourbon pepper, jasmine, and a closing note of sandalwood, among a handful of other attributing scents. "I wanted to do something very sensual, sleek and simple that speaks of wanting to be a grown-up, sophisticated woman who is in charge of her life," described Von Teese.

    5 Secrets of the Highest-Paid Women

    And in charge of her life, she most definitely is. Pick up Dita Von Teese at either of

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  • 7 Bedtime Habits that Are Ruining Your Sleep

    1. Going from Night Owl to Early Bird

    Who says bedtime is just for kids? Take extra care to maintain your sleep schedule, especially on the weekends. The body responds to routine. If your bedtime is sporadic- 11 pm some nights, 1 a.m. others- your mind won't be properly prepared to snooze on the weekdays.
    Now that's a bed we could sleep in!
    2. Bringing Books to Bed

    Reading before bed is a habit for many. Problem is, your body has likely adapted to that routine-it won't go to sleep until you've logged a couple chapters. Retreat to a comfy couch or window nook instead for your literary fix. The bed should be off limits for anything other than sleep or sex.

    20 Secrets Men NEVER Tell Women

    3.Facebooking Into the Wee Hours

    The brightness of your computer screen stimulates the brain. Plus, it's difficult for your mind to stop fretting about your digital to-do list, even once you've logged off. Avoid late-night surfing and shut down your computer. Give yourself time to wind down without any electronics.


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  • Top 12 Successful Women Under 40

    For Marie Claire's third annual Women on Top Awards, we combed the country for the up-and-comers leading thought-revolutions, creating businesses, and making names for themselves in fields from the military to the arts. None is a day over 40, with a couple of notable exceptions: We've added a "Super Woman" category to celebrate women of any age who made their mark on 2012. But their accomplishments speak for themselves...

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  • 3 Lashtastic Drugstore Mascaras

    The best mascaras a girl could ask for!As a beauty-product-hoarder, I often debate when to spend big and when to pinch pennies. For perfume and bronzer, I always splurge. But mascaras? Save all the way! Most of my favorites come straight from the drugstore.

    For lashes that pop better than your favorite falsies, try my top three steals, and keep your cash for something more worthy - like shoes!

    7 Bedtime Habits That Are Ruining Your Sleep

    A two-step system, L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes ($9) fully coats and deposits color without any chance of flaking. Jojoba, palm oil, panthenol and glycerin work to soften and condition for serious lash pow.

    To add instant drama, try CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara ($5.50). In a patented, volume-boosting formula, each coat maxes out lashes with smudge-free, foolproof application.

    9 Signs That He's Cheating

    Just one coat of collagen-enriched Maybelline Volum' Express Colossal Washable Mascara ($8) plumps up lashes. The thick brush sweeps through to

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