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  • Don't Hate Me Cause I'm Beautiful: Inside the Samantha Brick Controversy

    Brick launched a global debate about how women feel about one another's looks. Cultural commentator Jami Floyd explores an unexpected phenomenon.

    Attractive womanWomen despise gorgeous women. That's what 41-year-old British journalist Samantha Brick asserted in a now-notorious essay published in the U.K.'s Daily Mail. Her proof? Firsthand experience, of course. "There are downsides to being pretty-the main one being that other women hate me for no other reason than my lovely looks," she wrote.

    Within hours, Brick's essay went viral, with countless people worldwide weighing in via online comments and Twitter to disabuse her of this notion. Their message, as Brick herself puts it: She's no Elle Macpherson. But they weren't that polite. As one commenter wrote, "No, love, [women] don't hate you because you are beautiful (which you aren't, really). They hate you because you are a smug, self-satisfied, deluded, vacuous idiot."

    Reading all of this, I began to wonder: Does Brick have a point? I

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  • Could the Forking Diet Work for You?

    The Forking DietFrenchwomen are obsessed with the latest diet - le forking, as it's known in fashionably slim circles. By eating only what you can spear with a fork, it's easy to drop pounds without ever feeling hungry. By Hanya Yanagihara

    I have never been a fad dieter, mostly because I have no sense of discipline. But I have known many fad dieters. I once worked for a woman who ate only white food; I was an assistant, and I remember frantically removing pieces of offending brown bread from sandwiches before one business lunch, hyperventilating with anxiety. I worked with another who wouldn't eat as long as the sun was in the sky (and trust me, it wasn't Ramadan and she wasn't Muslim). I won't even catalog the friends who've suffered through various cleanses.

    On the face of it, the Fork Diet (or Le Forking, as the Parisians call it) seems no crazier than any other diet. It's certainly straightforward. The sole rule: You may eat only what you can pick up with your fork. Simple. And with the goal of

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  • How Shy Girls Can Win at Work

    Shy WorkersIn this job market, quiet types can't afford to fly under the radar while chattier-though not necessarily more talented-colleagues get all the plum assignments. We asked Nancy Ancowitz, author of Self-Promotion for Introverts, how to overcome your diffidence and outshine the show-offs. By Marina Khidekel

    Perfect your (vocal) pitch.
    Wallflowers tend to end their statements as if asking a question -- So, I had an idea for next week's client presentation? "You can't sell yourself if you sound like an insecure sorority sister," warns Ancowitz. Her suggestion: Use a tape recorder to practice speaking more authoritatively. Keep at it until you quit sounding like a wounded kitten.

    5 Secrets of the Highest-Paid Women

    Stick with numbers, not adjectives. "Introverts are averse to bragging, but if your boss doesn't see you shine, you're done for," says Ancowitz. Here's how to remind her of your achievements without showboating: Provide quantifiable metrics. If she asks whether you're on track to

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  • The Perfect Sunscreen for Your Lifestyle

    Sun protection is a BIG topic in my family. To this day, my mother still monitors the number SPF I slather on pre-sunbathing - even from far away! Since May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, I decided to practice what my mom preaches, and share it with you! One of these mom-approved formulas is right for everyone. By Lindsay Leff

    marie claire
    For the athlete
    : Easy application and continuous, waterproof protection - Up & Up Sport Spray SPF 30 Sunscreen ($7)

    For every skin tone: Invisible, even coverage with a complexion-boosting tint - SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 ($32)

    10 Ways To Get Your Energy Up In 5 Minutes Or Less

    For the beauty girl: Provides broad-spectrum protection light enough to wear under a full face of makeup - L'Oreal Paris Sublime Sun SPF 50+ Liquid Silk Sunshield for Face ($11)

    For the sensitive-skin-conscious: Oil-free, without any parabens, and jam-packed with antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and E and soothing aloe - Peter Thomas Roth Sheer Liquid SPF 50

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  • The 4 Best Dry Shampoos

    Dry shampoo is a lifesaver. Whether I need to refresh my hair before work, or am looking to add some extra va-va-vroom when I head to drinks with the girls, the magical stuff solves my hair troubles instantaneously. For hair that never becomes limp and lifeless, I keep a canister (or five!) of dry shampoo in my beauty closet. These are some of my favorites. By Siobhan Bentley

    marie claireOjon Full Detox Rub Out Dry Cleansing Spray ($24): This fuss-free dry shampoo contains soap bark tree extract to clean hair and leave it feeling revived. With no icky, white powder, it's completely undetectable.

    10 Hot Sex Positions You Need to Try

    TRESemmé Fresh Start Strengthening Dry Shampoo ($5.50): This one refreshes hair while strengthening it to ensure that every last strand is looked after. It also smells delicious!

    Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Shampoo ($25): Want to add volume and thickness to your tresses? A couple of sprays of this dry shampoo leaves hair bouncy and full of life.

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  • 11 Killer Boutique Workouts

    If you're looking to get in shape for spring, look no further: We've rounded up - and tested out - the best boutique workouts around. These are the classes you need to try right now. By Ashley Ross and Alyssa Vingan

    marie claireSoulCycle

    What is SoulCycle? It's a full-body spinning workout, but what really sets it apart is its community aspect, as well as its unique spiritual component. Then, there are the playlists. According to Danny Kopel - one of MC's personal favorite instructors - the way each class' soundtrack is put together and choreographed is almost an art. "SoulCycle is emotional and spiritual," Kopel explains. "When you leave, you feel like you've been taken on a journey."

    How can you get the workout at home? Kopel suggests that whether you have access to a spin bike or a treadmill, put together a playlist of music that speaks to you and moves you - it will help you to power through the workout. Also, try to incorporate light weights if you can.

    marie claireBallet Beautiful

    What is Ballet

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  • The 10 Most Drastic Celebrity Hair Color Changes

    From Cameron Diaz to Victoria Beckham, these stars bounce from blonde to brunette to red - and back again - like none other. By Koryn Kennedy

    marie claire
    Katy Perry

    Known for her outrageous fashion choices as much as for her addictive, poppy music, Perry's hair color has run the gamut. Recently, she traded in turquoise for purple, and somehow, it feels subtler.

    How to Look Great in Every Photo

    marie claire
    Blake Lively

    After years of Serena van der Woodsen blonde, the fashionable actress switched to strawberry for her role in Hick. But, the change was temporary. Lively went back to being a golden girl once the movie wrapped.

    marie claire
    Crystal Renn
    The fashion industry let out a collective gasp when the always-brunette plus-sized model stepped out with platinum blonde locks and brows - and a noticeably slimmer frame.

    marie claire

    Emma Stone

    A veteran of the blonde-to-red transition, the naturally flaxen-haired actress debuted a golden 'do at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. She'd last embraced her real color for her role in

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  • 12 Food Swaps to Help You Drop that Pesky Winter Weight

    Celebrity chef and nutritionist Tricia Williams gave us a foolproof food plan that will have you feeling great (and shedding pounds!) just in time for summer. By Alyssa Vingan

    Coconut SugarCoconut SugarInstead of Sugar, Try Coconut Sugar
    "Coconut sugar is the nectar of the blossom of the coconut before it grows, and it has a low glycemic index. What I love about it the most is that it behaves a lot like white sugar when you bake with it. It's low in calories, and it gives you that crunch in cookies that you don't always get from those artificial sweeteners."

    7 Bedtime Habits That Are Ruining Your Sleep

    Instead of Milk, Try Almond Milk
    "We take diary out of the equation because it makes a lot of excess mucous in the body. Almond milk is the best go-to and it's also really easy to find in grocery stores. I think almond milk pairs really well with different things - in cereals, in porridges."

    QuinoaQuinoaInstead of White Rice, Try Quinoa
    "Quinoa is a whole grain - technically it's the seed - but it's very protein-rich.

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  • Dara Torres’ Road to the Olympics

    Dara TorresIt was the perfect image of hope: Dara Torres holding her daughter in one arm, her flowers in the other, and wearing a silver medal around her neck at the 2008 Beijing Games. When she dove back into the pool at age 41 - 24 years after her first Olympic appearance - she won America's hearts. Now 45, the 12-time medalist is fighting to compete in her sixth Olympics, and to become the oldest swimmer ever to participate in the games. As Marie Claire learned, she is as impressive as ever. By Ava Feuer

    In 2008, your shocking comeback had the whole country pumped up and rooting for you. What motivated you to return to the Olympics?

    It was peer pressure. I started swimming when I was pregnant, and just did it for fun. I went to a couple of meets, including the Masters World Championships where there were about 5,000 swimmers. So many of them came up to me and said, "you should represent us in the Olympics - us older people."

    Is that the same reason you're competing in 2012?

    This time

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  • The World’s 8 Chicest Spas

    You can thank us later. We explore the exotic, superluxe treatments to try stateside and far, far beyond. By Joy Hernon

    spaspaSpa Saffire at Saffire Freycinet
    Coles Bay, Tasmania (
    Why it rules: Home of the Tasmanian devil and the cleanest air on the planet, the Freycinet Peninsula, with its sweeping views of the Hazards (a pink-granite mountain range), makes for the ultimate spa setting.
    Local flavor: Try the Sapphire Ritual ($420), which is performed on a Daintree-wood treatment table sourced from the Australian rain forest. We're not exactly sure how a blue topaz balanced on your forehead serves to "stabilize your energy field," but we're interested, and the locally mined, sapphire-dust-infused facial, which aims to restore luminosity and tighten pores, sounds promising and so luxe.

    The Spa at the Mandarin OrientalThe Spa at the Mandarin OrientalThe Spa at the Mandarin Oriental
    Prague, Czech Republic (
    Why it rules: It's the only spa in the world located in a former Renaissance monastery, yet is

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