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  • 4 Myths About Your Partying and Drinking Habits

    4 Myths4 Myths

    Red Bull, hookah bars, and more: What's true, what's not.

    False. A typical hookah session lasts 45 minutes, so you're exposed to at least 50 times more smoke than if you lit one cigarette. Plus, "water-pipe smoke contains about eight times the carbon monoxide, nearly two times the nicotine, and 36 times the tar of a cigarette," says Thomas Eissenberg, Ph.D., at the Institute for Drug and Alcohol Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.

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    False. "One drink a day can be good for you," says Lisa R. Young, R.D., Ph.D., author of The Portion Teller. "But if you skip Wednesday and Thursday, that doesn't mean you can have three drinks on Friday and toast to your health," she says. "Your body (namely, your liver) can't handle so much alcohol at once, even if you didn't drink for a few days beforehand."


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  • Guide to a Get-Ahead Grin

    Get Ahead GrinGet Ahead Grin

    Could teeth be getting in the way of your success? MC Beauty Director Erin Flaherty explores the challenges of an imperfect smile, and shares why she finally decided to do something about it.

    If it's true that the office is a grown-up playground, my career anxieties can be summed up with a quick description of schoolgirl hell. I was the unfortunate kid with an alarming overbite and, to add insult to injury, crooked lower teeth. A boy I worshipped nicknamed me Bugs Bunny; a nemesis called me bucktoothed. I finally persuaded my parents to send me to an orthodontist, who, upon evaluating my mouth in front of several colleagues, declared, "Here we have a young girl who could be pretty if her bite were fixed." I begged my parents for braces, but budgetwise, orthodontics weren't a priority. For years, I fantasized about straight teeth, unbending paper clips and molding them over my incisors when I was alone in my room. Over time, I mastered the fine art of evasion, perfecting a

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  • Our Favorite Backstage Hairstyle so Far from NYFW

    Model Karli Kloss backstage at DKNY with sleek hairModel Karli Kloss backstage at DKNY with sleek hair

    For DKNY's 25th anniversary, the runway was a sporty meets urban-wear mashup of slouchy denim, paisley bodysuits, and baseball caps. In a nod to the '90s, Karan printed black and white "DKNY" monogram text on shirts and pants, and stuck iron-on-patches onto jeans and overalls.

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    While the clothes had a downtown feel, the hair took on a more uptown-slick route: It was clean and polished with a side part and low side pony. According to Wella Professionals Global Creative Director, Eugenie Soulieman, "[The hair] needed something that was uniform to pull the look together because the looks are really diverse, so in a funny way, the hair didn't have anything to do with the collection. It was an idea that kind of works for everything really: It is just very well done hair, perfect, just very low side part, a low side pony tail, with a straight slick gorgeous texture. We aren't doing anything that hasn't been done before, but it really isn't about

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  • 10 Common First-Date Mistakes

    Good vs. Bad DatesGood vs. Bad Dates

    The best thing about bad dates is that we walk away with a great story, and little doubt that the perpetrator is not the person for us.

    I was thinking about some of the common errors made on first dates. I came up with 10 common mistakes that could kill the chances for a second date. By Rich Santos.

    1. Arriving Late
    Even five minutes of lateness is inexcusable on the first date. People are already anxious on these excursions, so making someone wait and think more about everything is pretty rude. Seems like the trend in NYC is to be late for things regularly. On one date, I texted the girl and told her I was running late. She said she was too. We ended up just having the date ½ hour later than planned and technically no one was late because we were both ½ hour late together.

    2. Having a Wardrobe Malfunction
    Make sure you cater what you wear to what you're doing. I try not to make a girl walk too much if she's in heels. Also, I've seen girls wear pearls and a nice

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  • 12 Buzzy Designers to Buy Now

    Want to get street style snapped during Fashion Week? We don't think there's any better way than wearing a thoughtfully selected piece by one of the industry's most buzzed-about designers. Top editors and buyers have praised these burgeoning labels for a couple of seasons, and if you're looking to shop for the next big thing this fall, we suggest scooping up something by one of these soon-to-be household names.

    By Alyssa Vingan

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  • 4 Ways to Take Years Off Your Eyes

    Eye CareEye Care

    When should you start using eye cream? Home to the thinnest skin on your body, the eye area starts to show signs of wear and tear by your 20s. Overtime in the office, that extra glass of wine, and even smiling all conspire to speed up the aging process. The eyes are also the first place people look on your face. But before you start avoiding everyone's gaze, try these eye-opening solutions.


    Wearing sunglasses prevents squinting, which causes crow's-feet, explains Dr. Robert Grant, plastic surgeon-in-chief at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center. Sunscreen will also help, but the reason that you suddenly start to see fine lines in your late 20s and early 30s happens under your skin. "Once your body starts to decrease the amount of sebum it produces, you need to moisturize to keep the outermost keratin layer - our natural sun protection factor - intact," explains Grant. "If you allow your skin to dry out, it will get more sun damage." But

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  • 5 Solutions for Tough Times that Will Affect Your Skin

    Skin SolutionsSkin Solutions

    When times are tough, the results are written all over your face. Here's help for the skin issues caused by the drama in your life.


    Vying for the corner office can come with a side of premature aging, thanks to the negative effect stress has on your telomeres, the little caps on the ends of your DNA that help protect and keep cells-including skin cells-young. In fact, one study linked work-related exhaustion to shorter telomeres.

    MENTAL FIX: Exercising 40 minutes a day three days a week buffers the negative effects of stress. If you can't swing a full workout, at least make time for a walk through a park-strolling in green spaces has been shown to relieve stress.

    BEAUTY RX: "A low dose of Botox will stop small lines from turning into full-blown wrinkles," explains Dr. Amy Wechsler, a New York City-based physician who is board-certified in both psychiatry and dermatology. And one study showed a

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  • 25 Most Memorable Fashion Moments of the '90s

    Yes, the '90s are back in a big way, and being the nostalgic group that we are, we couldn't be happier about it. To truly appreciate today's trend, we suggest looking back on its origins. Join us on our trip down memory lane as we recount the most memorable fashion moments of the 1990s. Still on a '90s kick? Good. Check out 10 of the decade's biggest supermodels doing what they do best, here. By Alyssa Vingan.

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  • Football Season Cheat-Sheet for Women

    Football TermsFootball Terms

    Gridiron novice? Don't sweat it. All you need to know about how the game is played.

    1. OFFENSE: The 11 players who attempt to score.

    QUARTERBACK (QB): Receives the snap and passes the ball or hands it off.
    RUNNING BACK (RB): Gets handed the ball from the quarterback, then tries to run through all the defensive players.
    WIDE RECEIVER (WR): Catches the ball thrown by the quarterback.
    OFFENSIVE LINE: They keep the defense away. Line positions include the center (who snaps the ball into play), guards, and tackles.
    TIGHT END (TE): Either acts like an offensive lineman or catches the ball like a wide receiver.

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    2. DEFENSE:
    The 11 players who attempt to stop the opposing team's offense.

    DEFENSIVE LINE (D): The defensive ends and tackles who battle head-to-head against the offensive line.
    LINEBACKER (LB): A player who lines up behind the defensive line to tackle the quarterback or defend against the pass or run.

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  • 4 Football Season Party Dishes Made to Win


    "You don't have to be a die-hard NFL fan to throw a Super Bowl party," says Bronson van Wyck, who designed a fete for NFL team owners before the Super Bowl in New Orleans last season. "People are always happy to attend a party." On the invitation, ask guests to wear team colors to get everyone in the spirit.

    Serve regional food and drinks based on the cities competing-like crab cakes for Baltimore and Cable Cars for San Francisco. "Keep the food preparation simple," Van Wyck says. "You don't want to be in the kitchen when the winning touchdown happens!"

    Don't invite just sports fans or else the party will not be social. "Set up the TV for true fans to enjoy the game, but also have another area for those who are more interested in socializing." A party game is always a good idea: Create a pool for light betting and donate half of the proceeds to a charity backed by one of the winning team's players.

    Up your party's foodie factor with tips from chefs who work with Taste of the

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