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  • 8 Ways to Use Books to Flirt (Even if You Don't Read Much)

    Mei TaoMei TaoResident dating blogger, Maura Kelly interviewed Jack Murnighan, editor-at-large for, author of a new book called Beowulf on the Beach: What to Love and What to Skip in Literature's 50 Greatest Hits; and, last but not least, a primo flirt on how to use books to flirt. Read his tips below:

    Are there books that are more likely than others to make a guy start talking to a woman in the coffee shop?

    JACK: Like a suggestive skirt, a suggestive novel, such as Nabakov's Lolita - or a book with a suggestive title and cover, like another book I wrote called The Naughty Bits - will send a signal. (Whether or not you want to send that particular signal is up to you.)

    Also, if a woman is reading a book by an author who is considered a "guy's writer" - like Cormac McCarthy - that's likely to get her a lot more attention than if she were deep into Pride and Prejudice. Similarly, a woman reading James Joyce's Ulysess

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  • 5 Foods For Beautiful Skin

    Kate Powers/Getty ImageKate Powers/Getty ImageBEAUTY BITES: Chow down on antioxidant- and zinc-rich oysters, dark chocolate, and blueberries for a clear complexion.

    1. Tomatoes: Perhaps the only vegetable best eaten processed. Tomatoes are a major source of lycopene, a potent antioxidant also thought to protect against sunburn.

    2. Oysters: The best source of zinc, period. Zinc helps build collagen, which supports the structure of skin and speeds up renewal and repair.

    3. Blueberries: Full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that prevent long-term cell damage.

    4. Dark chocolate: Full of antioxidants and nutrients, cocoa (choose chocolate with at least 60 percent cocoa) increases blood flow to the skin, which in turn boosts hydration, smoothness, and protection against sun exposure.

    5. Walnuts: A key source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E. The omega-3s found in walnuts also help fight against skin ailments like psoriasis and eczema.

    Get 5 More Beauty Foods here

    How much does what you eat affect your skin, mind,

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  • Cameron Diaz saves the world!

    Mark AbrahamsMark Abrahams...or at least she's trying. Cameron Diaz and Marie Claire's Executive Editor Lucy Kaylin lit out for America to learn what worries us most about the environment.

    Here, some highlights from her cover story Cameron Diaz's Excellent Adventure:

    On life before fame: "I had the good fortune of becoming famous once I had already lived a life, traveled a lot, stood in line, had to ask people to help me, had to find a way to make something work, pay the rent, scrape by," she says. "I used to do $4 a day with a girlfriend. We would get two tacos and split a Coke."

    On finally fixing her nose after breaking it four times: "S- just finds my face - it's crazy." (She most recently injured it with a surfboard, and before that with her own knee.)

    On other forms of plastic surgery:
    "I'd love a bigger butt, more meat on my bones. I'd love to be more voluptuous. It's just not my body type."

    On going green: Diaz felt the urge to start a far-reaching conversation about the environment. "I was like, I'm

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  • 4 Shocking International News Stories

    Stephanie SinclairStephanie SinclairSurrogate Mothers: Womb for Rent Customer service, tech support...these days we outsource everything to India. So why not pregnancy? Here is a report on the growing number of Indian women willing to carry an American child.

    Born into the Japanese Mob Born into Japan's most notorious crime syndicate, Shoko Tendo is struggling to break free of her violent legacy. Marie Claire's Abigail Haworth met the marked woman in Tokyo.
    Please Set Me Free Forced to serve as a tourist attraction in a human zoo, the long-neck women of Thailand want to cast off their coils and live modern lives like the rest of us - if only the government would let them. Few tourists are aware of the scandalous situation, Zember explains, because the women's wages are docked if they discuss their plight. So they "smile and say nothing."

    The FBI's Most Wanted Woman Shadowy details of her case have inspired protests around the world - particularly among Muslim women who are convinced Siddiqui spent the last five years in

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  • 5 Surprising Secrets Men Keep

    What's He REALLY Thinking?'s male dating blogger Rich Santos reveals what men really think about sex, dating, relationships, and you. Discover more secrets of the male mind, read Rich's dating diary, Sex and the Single Guy.
    Alloy Photography/VeerAlloy Photography/Veer1. We notice what you're wearing. Make sure you cater what you wear to what you're doing. I try not to make a girl walk too much if she's in heels. Also, I've seen girls wear pearls and a nice blouse to trashy outdoor drinking events, or heels to sporting events.

    2. We hate when you try too hard to be one of the guys. It's pretty lame that my buddies and I invent words and languages and then giggle over them like school children. But what's even lamer: when some outsider tries to use the language, without ability to contribute. That's what one of my old girlfriends did. My friends and I would discuss how she was trying to speak like us, and it got to the point where I bristled every time I heard her speak one of our made up words.

    3. We are afraid of

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  • Is the economy making you fat?

    Got the recession blues? Pass the fries! Watch out -- bad times can take a toll on your good looks. The ugly truth, by the numbers...

    WeAre Adventurers/iStock PhotoWeAre Adventurers/iStock PhotoSUPERSIZE ME: Thanks to deals like the McDonald's Dollar Menu and Wendy's THREEconomics, a cheeseburger is cheaper than a grapefruit. "People are stressed, and they're tempted into eating poorly," says Beth Kobliner, the author of Get a Financial Life. Indeed, almost half of Americans reported eating unhealthy foods or overeating in order to manage stress in 2008, according to the American Psychological Association. (At least you're not alone.)

    BIG FAT PROFITS: People are flocking to cheap comfort food, with McDonald's almost doubling its earnings in 2008, taking in a hefty $4.3 billion, up from $2.4 billion in 2007.

    GOOBERS, PLEASE: Candy sales tend to go up in downturns, and this time is no different: Nestle's profits jumped nearly 11 percent in 2008, while Cadbury's spiked 30 percent. You know what that means for your face: Bring on the Oxy-10.

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  • What's in Jennifer Garner's Beauty Bag?

    Jeffrey Westbrook/Studio DJeffrey Westbrook/Studio DNow busier than ever with mini-me daughters Violet and Seraphina, the Neutrogena spokesperson shares her simple grooming and fitness regimen.

    1. Tod's Pashmy Mummy bag, $1350: "This is big enough to carry everything I need, and bright colors make me happy."

    2. Neutrogena Original Formula Facial Bar, $2.70: "I've been using this clean and simple soap since I was a kid."

    3. Valslide Sliding Discs, $29.99: "I try to be consistent with my workout and not go overboard. I've been training with Valerie Waters for seven years."

    4. Neutrogena MoistureShine Lipstick in Angel's Blush and Think Pink, $9.49 each

    5. Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby Sunblock lotion, $9.99: "My mom has always been a big believer in sunblock, and now I use this sunscreen on myself and my daughters. I like that it contains naturally sourced minerals and a strong SPF."

    6. Nerida Joy (business card shown): "If it weren't for Nerida, I would skip facials altogether, because it's so hard for me to sit still for

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  • Survey: What's The Dating Scene Like In Your Town?

    Corbis Photography/Veer.comCorbis Photography/Veer.comShine readers, Marie Claire needs your help:

    What's the guy scene like in your town?

    Tell us and you could be featured in the magazine.



    Reprinted with Permission of Hearst Communications, Inc.
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  • The 5 Men You Should Never Date

    Valentin Casarsa/iStockValentin Casarsa/iStockHello guys. Today I want to talk about the man who is currently responsible for adding more joy to my life than any other male in the world: my gym crush, Rich. He's about 6'5, huge dark eyes, and more importantly, he always cracks me up. He called me Moses for a while, after I told him I only ate fish; and after he caught me reading "Brother Karamazov" on the elliptical machine, my nickname became The Intellectual.

    I do fantasize a little about dating Rich ... but I'd never so much as go out for coffee with him, like he's hinted that we should do, not in a million years. That has nothing to do with his age (24)--I am an unapologetic cradle-robber, ladies and gents. It has everything to do with his gym membership. If we got romantically involved, and it went to heck, and we got romantically uninvolved, I'd feel so uncomfortable about going to the gym that, instead, I'd sit at home every night, stuffing my face with dates and peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches, watching

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  • Eat Your Way To a Flat Stomach

    stockphoto4u/iStockstockphoto4u/iStockCut back on low-carb snacks.
    Many bars and candies contain glycerin or sugar alcohols, which can cause bloating because your body can't fully digest them, says Leslie Bonci, R.D., at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.
    Exercise Myths: 6 Ab Mistakes That Make You Fat

    Watch it with condiments.
    Condiments can be high in salt, leaving you bloated and puffy. A quarter cup of ketchup gives you a third of a day's sodium allotment; a tablespoon of soy sauce holds nearly half a day's worth.
    4 Ab Workouts That Really Work

    Push the potassium.
    This natural diuretic can counteract the belly-bulging effects of extra salt. Find it in tomatoes, bananas, salmon, almonds and cherries.
    Get Twice the Results (in half the time)

    Have more H 2 O.
    Drinking water makes you retain less water by carrying bloat-causing elements such as salt out of your body.
    How To Get Strong Sexy Abs - The Easy Way


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