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  • Make Your Hair Grow Faster

    PM Images/Getty ImagesPM Images/Getty ImagesQUESTION: Can I Make My Hair Grow Faster?

    Realistically, no. But here are some hair-helper tips that certainly can't hurt. Give yourself at-home scalp massages, says L.A. stylist Philip B. They stimulate the blood flow to your scalp, which helps nutrients get to your hair follicles more quickly. While washing your hair, massage the scalp with your fingertips, starting at the back of the neck and moving around the hairline.

    UCLA dermatologist Harold Lancer also suggests taking an over-the-counter vitamin every day that contains antioxidant blends and vitamin B derivatives to help increase hair strength. Dr. Lancer recommends the brand Marlan, available at most major drug stores.


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  • The Best and Worst Drinks for Your Diet

    Watch what you drink!

    Alcohol makes the calories add up faster than you think. Though the majority of our calories come from solid foods, "fluid calories also add to your caloric intake, but with little effect on your satiety," says Richard Mattes, Ph.D., a nutrition professor at Purdue University.

    Alcohol also slows the breakdown of fat. In one study, people drank 100 grams of alcohol - about six drinks - and their ability to burn fat dropped more than 30 percent. "We burn fat in our liver. But when we drink alcohol, the alcohol burns instead of fat," says Charles Lieber, M.D., director of alcohol research, Bronx Veterans Administration Center.

    Beer (12 oz.), 138 cal.
    Light beer (12 oz.), 96 cal.
    Champagne (6 oz.), 121 cal.
    Red wine (6 oz.), 123 cal.
    Dry white wine (6 oz.), 114 cal.
    Manhattan (2 oz.), 145 cal.
    Vodka and tonic (8 oz.), 169 cal.
    Coffee liqueur (2 oz.), 191 cal.
    Vodka martini with olive (2 oz.), 149 cal.
    Get more calorie information and eating tips here >> The Anatomy

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  • Stylish Gifts for Trendy Women

    Trendy gifts for your sophisticated siren. Day or night, she'll glam it up with the latest styles.

    • Frog Cocktail Ring This is an ideal gift for the friend with an eye for the ultra chic. Goes with all the new colors of the season. $40 at
    • Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes This holiday, give the gift of beautiful eyes with the trendsetting mascara that curls lashes at 360 degrees. Only by Givenchy. $27 at
    • Fashion File Books Your favorite fashionista will love keeping organized with these trendy files. Inscribed with the fashion capitols of the world. $75 at
    • Restoration Rocks Jewelry For the art lover on your list, these modern pieces of jewelry are true masterpieces. The fragments are taken from the restoration of the Guggenheim museum. $175 and up at
    • Organic Rose Oil Skincare Based on pure and organic rose water, this line of products is packed with antioxidants, moisturizers and nutrients that
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  • Chic Gifts Under $20

    Hello, recessionista! Here are some great bargain gift ideas that are sure to be a hit without breaking the bank.

    • Gothic Tray Serve up a chic gift with this classic platter. Made from high-quality melamine. The perfect gift for your favorite hostess. $19 at
    • Shemergency Kit This clever kit stores 24 compact solutions for all sorts of emergencies. Includes bandages, nail polish remover, and more. $20 at
    • Bond No. 9 Fragrances Choose six fragrance samples from Bond No. 9. Each eaux de parfum is housed in sleek glass vial, hand-wrapped in award-winning colorful foils to look like mini bon bons. And, the price is just right: $15,
    • Formula 210 Hand Cream Made with a unique blend of emollients designed to mimic your skin's own natural lipids, this cream locks in and replenishes moisture. It has been clinically tested to increase skin moisture up to 210% in just minutes - and maintain up to 63% of that moisture at the end of the
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  • Nina Garcia's Stylish Gift Ideas

    Here are some gifts Nina Garcia, Marie Claire's fashion director will be giving this season: It's not size, label, or even the thought that counts - it's all about style.

    Cups $28 each, Asianera;

    Dictionaries $156 each, Graphic Image at Grove New York;

    Mini Notebooks
    $1.15 each, Apica at Kinokuniya Bookstore; (212) 869-1700.

    Clutch $250, Rashedah;



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  • Celebrity Hairstyle Do's and Don'ts

    Real women turn celebrity hair disasters into smash-hit styles.James Devaney/Wire ImageJames Devaney/Wire Image

    Don't try to pull off hair accessories the size of your head. Paris Hilton's Christmas wreath is a big don't, no matter what time of year.

    Ben GoldsteinBen Goldstein
    Do add some flavor with a whimsical accessory pinned right over your part--but keep it small and subtle. To get this look, use a straightening iron to get hair to lie flat against your head. Make a deep side part and pull hair back into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Fasten in a loop so the ends stick out and mist the entire style with shine spray. MARIE CLAIRE RECOMMENDS: FLAT IRON like Hot Tools Flat Iron, $39.99.

    James Devaney/Wire ImageJames Devaney/Wire ImageCELEBRITY DON'T
    Don't go too dark. We usually love Cameron's casual blonde bob, but her light skin and blue eyes look washed out with this too-harsh dark dye.

    Ben GoldsteinBen GoldsteinREAL WOMAN DO
    Do find a darker hue that flatters. If you have lighter features and want to go darker, go for a medium or dark brown instead of black. To get this style,

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  • What's Your Beauty IQ?

    Alexandra Verinciuic/iStockAlexandra Verinciuic/iStockAre you a bonafide beauty guru or does your makeup bag consist of Chapstick and a perfume sample torn from the latest issue of Marie Claire?

    1. Which of these are natural teeth whiteners?
    A. Green tea
    B. Strawberries
    C. Lemons
    D. Bananas
    Find The Answer Here

    2. What's the best kind of lip balm to prevent chapping?
    A. Petroleum jelly
    B. Flavored
    C. Cocoa Butter
    D. Tinted
    Find The Answer Here

    3. True or False: Cellulite creams don't work.
    Find The Answer Here

    4. What percentage of women say they would consider Botox?
    A. 17%
    B. 34%
    C. 47%
    D. 68%
    Find The Answer Here

    5. 80-percent of sun damage happens before the age of:
    A. 18
    B. 27
    C. 35
    D. 45
    Find The Answer Here

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  • Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Ancient Birth Control

    Birth Control Through The Ages…

    Wonder How She Got Him to Wear It:

    A French cave painting from 10,000 B.C. shows a man wearing a condom during intercourse.

    Early Birth Control:
    Egyptian women inserted the tips of an acacia shrub (plus dates, cotton, and honey). Body temperature fermented it into an ingredient now found in spermicides.

    And We Complain About Latex?
    A brew of alcohol and dried beaver testicle was used to prevent pregnancy during the 1700s.

    Commandeered Caps:
    During WWII, a British company made cervical caps from rubber originally destined for hotel flooring.

    The Yesterday Sponge:
    Women in Constantinople reportedly used a sponge dipped in lemon juice as a form of birth control.

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  • The 1-Day Quick Weight Loss Meal Plan

    Follow Gregory Joujon-Roche's event menu to slim down fast before a big night out.

    A 12-ounce "strip shake" gets your digestion working efficiently so that you drop weight fast. Mix one using these health-food-store staples:

    • 2 oz. coconut kiefer
    • 5 oz. kombucha (Joujon-Roche recommends Synergy's Cosmic Cranberry)
    • 1 oz. raw aloe
    • 1 tbsp. omega 3,6,9 blend
    • 1 tbsp. flax meal
    • 1 tbsp. super greens powder
    • Ice for texture and temperature (optional)
    Then mix a "master cleanser" to sip on throughout the morning. To 32 ounces of water, add:
    • Juice of one fresh lemon
    • 1 oz. fresh ginger juice
    • A shake of cayenne pepper
    • 1 tsp. of Joujon-Roche's Fat-Burning Lemonade (make your own by combining a pinch of L-carnitine tartrate and D-ribose powders)
    Eat nothing else until noon. If you can't last, eat 10 raw almonds to tide you over.

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  • Is It Possible For Women to Have Sex Like Men?

    Hola Images/Getty ImagesHola Images/Getty ImagesKimberly, a 27-year-old nanny in Atlanta, has had sex with three men in the past month. "I have a job, hobbies, and friends I love. A monogamous relationship is the only component of my life that is lacking-but I love it!" she says. "I want Mr. Right eventually, but for the time being, I've got needs, and Mr. Right Now will do just fine."

    Welcome to the hookup culture-or as Washington Post reporter Laura Sessions Stepp puts it, "the most confusing sexual landscape any generation has faced."

    Question: Do you think it's ever possible for women to have sex like men?
    Answer: Sure, but nine times out of 10 they're going to feel something afterward. I have no data to back this up, but I am convinced that one reason we're seeing alcohol-consumption rates go up in women is that they are taking part in these sexual encounters, believing they should do so and be strong about it. And they're having to do it over and over again. At some point it denies their own biology and desires, so of course

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