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  • Dress Up Your Pet: 5 Food-Themed Pet Costumes for Halloween

    Carrot Top CatCarrot Top CatWhen Halloween rolls around, the streets will be swarmed with pint-sized goblins, witches, and vampires. Across the country, little ones will dress up and knock on doors to receive their candy, and parents will snap photos with each new costumed friend that arrives. Those who have four-legged children don't have to miss out on the fun this spooky season: your little friend can get in on the fun, too!

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    Deciding what to dress your loyal companion up as can be a little challenging. While you know they would look adorable in a frilly tutu or dressed as a little witch, most likely those frilly costumes will last a grand total of 10 minutes on their little fluffy bodies. You want to be sure that your pet is comfortable while they are looking cute.

    Keep your pet warm and adorable with a fun food-themed costume. Most of the ones available out there are simple and easy to get on. Your furry friend will look dashing as a sizzling piece of bacon

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  • 6 Fabulous Wedding Cakes and Cake Toppers

    Take a look at some of these beautiful wedding cakes and toppers.Take a look at some of these beautiful wedding cakes and toppers.Traditional wedding cakes frosted in white are still beautiful options for any couple. But as we progress in wedding trends, we've found that wedding cakes and wedding cake toppers are getting more personal. Both serve as extension of the couple, an edible representation of who they are, whether that is playful or romantic, heterosexual or same-sex.

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    Everyone deserves a beautiful wedding cake on their wedding day. And with 13 states (and hopefully many more soon) finally legalizing gay marriages, same-sex couples have a little bit more to celebrate on their big days.

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    While rainbows are still a popular theme, we found that cakes and cake toppers for same-sex couples are trending more toward sleek, artistic, and heartfelt styles that describe who they are as a couple. From the overly glamorous to the subtly sweet, we found a ton of beautiful cakes (and a few toppers) from real couples who

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  • 7 Healthy Football Season Snack Tips

    Try these healthy snacks and tips for your next game day.Try these healthy snacks and tips for your next game day.What is your favorite part about watching football? Well, for some of us, it's the actual game, but for many it's the food and snacks. But with game day now a weekly event, junk food has become a weekly offense. So healthy lifestyle expert Kimberly Daly has compiled a list to keep us on track for eating right during the big game - and that doesn't mean you still can't indulge in a few cheesy fries.

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    Food Commandments for Football Season:

    Avoid salty and sugary snacks:

    There's a reason why it's impossible to have just one potato chip. Packaged, processed snacks are engineered to be irresistible, so it's best not to test your self-control by having them to begin with. Make your own munchies ahead of time from whole ingredients and put out fresh, ready-to-eat options like homemade hummus and vegetables, or plain non-GMO popcorn sprinkled with chipotle seasoning.

    Plan for the splurge:
    If you're heading to a football watching

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  • 5 Awesome Ice Cube Trays to Make Your Drinks Even Cooler

    Hip Hop Ice CubesHip Hop Ice CubesAs the icicles melt away outside, our drinks are looking a bit forlorn - the days of spiced cocktails, hot chocolate, and warming drinks are coming to an end as we look forward to the ice-cold drinks of spring and summer. And the best way to jazz up your iced drinks, whether a mocktail or cocktail, is with a fun shaped ice cube.

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    What we're loving are the quirky, cool, and often hilarious ice cube trays that keep us feeling young and fresh. More often than not, you'll find an ice cube tray to meet every personality. Food lover? Try a fish-bone ice cube. Music lover? Freeze an hip-hop-homage ice cube (dollar signs and all).

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    Star Wars junkie? A whiskey sphere that replicates the Death Star. Pick your poison, there's an ice cube for all. And while we're sure we'd love a Jaws-inspired shark fin looming in our vodka cranberries, these ice cubes are just as much for kids' delight as well. After all, why eat

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  • 6 Over-the-Top Kitchen Appliances

    Somethings you just don't need. Somethings you just don't need. Sharp knives, pots and pans, wooden spoons and whisks are all of paramount importance in the kitchen, but what about the Stovetop Potato Baker or the endless variations on cake, cupcake and cookie molds? A fairy cake mold is certainly cute for a two-year-old's birthday, but do we really need new shapes each year for every possible occasion?

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    A marriage between the age of invention and the age of consumption has sent inventors of all stripes on a binge, churning out product after product meant for singular tasks a home cook might need once, twice or, most likely, never. The craze for useless kitchen appliances probably started with the electric can opener, one of which my grandmother has insisted on keeping for about 60 years and attempting to open the dog food with it. She always resorts to the handheld version, but somehow that electric can opener has held a prized place next to her utensil jar.

    With the invention of a

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  • America's Best French Fries

    America's Best French FriesAmerica's Best French FriesEven though their name sounds very international, french fries are about as American as any food can be - they're deep-fried, they're the quintessential vehicle for ketchup (America's favorite condiment, hands down), and they're made from one of the country's most bountiful crops, potatoes. However, while french fries are so popular in the U.S. that they can be found on most menus, those who know fries know that the standard, mediocre orders stand worlds apart from the outstanding examples.

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    So what makes a perfect fry? There's the crunchiness element for sure - that crisp exterior texture that holds up against the impending threat of sogginess. Then, the soft, fluffy interior, filled with potato that's cooked through but not dried out or raw-tasting. The color also comes into play - the best fries have that undeniable golden-brown hue. When all of these elements come together, they create the perfect fry that needs no condiments.

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  • A Beautiful Three-Tiered Wedding Cake with a Modern Twist

    These feathered accessories are a great way to add subtle style to your wedding cakeThese feathered accessories are a great way to add subtle style to your wedding cakeThough the trends for wedding cakes seem to tend toward extremes, either overly traditional or wildly eccentric, you aren't prohibited from elegantly blending both. A great example of putting a modern twist on a classic design is Haute So Sweet's feathery design.

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    This simple, three-tiered cake is completely versatile and functional for any themed wedding. Its striking simplicity is perfect for a bride and groom who are looking to add just a little bit of flare to their big day!

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    -Lauren Gordon, The Daily Meal

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  • 6 Easy Breakfast Recipes You Need to Try Making This Weekend

    Breakfast Burrito RecipeBreakfast Burrito RecipeBreakfast may very well be the most important meal of the day, but few of us give it the attention it deserves. Our first meal should be an intentional one that gives us the energy we need to focus and work throughout the day, but far too often, our best efforts are left behind in favor of a quick bowl of cereal, a hurried fast-food sandwich, or worse - no breakfast at all. With a little planning, we can have the best of both worlds: a delicious, almost-instant breakfast that fuels us up without consuming our already rushed morning. Check out these 6 recipes that are sure to jump start your day.

    Breakfast Casserole with Broccoli, Ham, and Cheese Recipe

    This breakfast casserole is packed with broccoli, ham, and is lighter on the eggs than the usual savory bread pudding, so it won't fill you up before the big meal later in the day.

    Click Here to see the Breakfast Casserole with Broccoli, Ham, and Cheese Recipe

    Breakfast Burrito
    (Pictured at top of page)

    These breakfast burritos are

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  • The Ultimate Chicken Recipes to Try at Home

    These are easy but delicious chicken recipes to try at home. These are easy but delicious chicken recipes to try at home. One of the easiest things to make, but one of the most challenging to freshen up, is chicken. These are some easy chicken recipes that won't take too much time or energy to prepare, but are way, way better than ordering takeout.

    Basic Chicken Stock Recipe

    Chicken stock is a fantastic and flavorful substitute for water when preparing quinoa, rice or couscous or for adding richness and depth to sauces. The next time you make chicken for dinner, instead of giving the bones to the dog, throw them in a pot and make this simple and easy recipe. You can also substitute duck or rabbit bones for chicken bones. (Rabbit makes a particularly flavorful stock.)

    Click here to see the Basic Chicken Stock Recipe

    Mustard-Lime Chicken Recipe

    A tangy, kid-friendly recipe that's perfect for grilling outdoors. Try serving it with a light salad on the side.

    Click here to see the Mustard-Lime Chicken Recipe

    Chicken Teriyaki Recipe

    Just so you know, the "chicken teriyaki sauce" in a bottle does not taste

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  • Feel Better: 6 Classic Comfort Foods to Make This Weekend

    Korean Short RibsKorean Short RibsMelted, gooey cheese atop tender noodles or hot chili filled with creamy beans - ah, the joys of comfort food. Whether they're used to mend an aching heart or a tired body, comfort foods relieve the pressures of the outside world, even if just momentarily, offering a respite from the fast-paced lives that we lead.

    Savoring the warmth and heartiness of many classic, comforting dishes like mac and cheese or hot apple pie can also serve as a tripdown memory lane. Memories of the pie your grandmother made or your uncle's meatball special come floating back as the aromas waft your way.

    Whether the recipes we've collected here accurately represent your favorite version of the dish or not is not important - we just hope to inspire you to get in the kitchen and start cooking up a storm. Experiment with these new variations on lasagna, pie, and chowder or let them motivate you to make your version at home.

    Ricotta Cheesecake

    A favorite dessert that's so popular they named a profitable

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