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  • Fruit JelliesFruit JelliesHalloween candy is still as exciting for most adults as it is for children. It's part of everyone's fall ritual, whether you're taking your kids trick-or-treating or handing out candy to adorable children in costume. Kids love the traditional favorites - and so do many adults. But with packaged goodies full of extra sugar and additives, what could be better than making your favorite candies at home?

    Making your own versions of your favorite candy at home is a fun way to create delicious and festive treats. It's also a great activity to get your kids involved in the kitchen. For a few go-to recipes, check out some of our favorites.

    To recreate some staple Halloween favorites, including Reese's, Nestlé Crunch, Snickers, Mounds, and Dots, we used really high-quality chocolate (milk for the Reese's, Crunch, and Snickers and dark for the Mounds). To make them just a little healthier, we lowered the sugar in almost all of the recipes as well. For depth of flavor, praline paste was added to

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  • 7 Easy Ways to Bake Your Sunday Dinner

    Ann Nurse's Baked Stuffed PeppersAnn Nurse's Baked Stuffed PeppersAnn Nurse's Baked Stuffed Peppers Recipe (pictured)

    Not like typical stuffed peppers with a meat or rice filling, these are baked with a sprinkling of pine nuts and capers, topped with seasoned breadcrumbs, and drizzled with olive oil. They make a fine first course alongside other simple antipasti, or a great side dish with plain grilled or roasted meat or fish. These peppers are typical of the Italian region of Puglia, where Ann's family has its origins. For advance preparation, get everything ready and bake close to the time you intend to serve them, or bake the peppers early in the day for the evening. However, don't make these the day before or the breadcrumbs will lose their freshly toasted flavor.

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    Baked Crabcakes Recipe

    Baking crab cakes cuts down on calories and better preserves the tenderness of the delicate, flaky meat found in this crustacean.

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    Twice Baked Potatoes

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  • The Bible Diet: 5 Foods and Drinks from the Bible We Still Consume Today

    The Bible is chock-full of food: foods that we consume nearly every day.The Bible is chock-full of food: foods that we consume nearly every day.The Bible is chock-full of food: foods that we consume nearly every day, foods that exist but we've only heard about, and foods that exist purely within the Biblical canon. Some are mentioned symbolically, some are simple meals. We've rounded up some of the most important, well-known foods mentioned in the Bible.

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    Food makes its first presence known at the (literal) beginning , in Genesis 1:29, where the Bible reads:

    "Then God said, 'I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.'"

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    Food was first created for Adam and Eve to be healthy and strong, according to the Examiner. Throughout the Bible, food is seen as a means to save lives. For example, in 1 Kings 17:4, the Lord says to Elijah,

    "You will drink from the brook, and I have directed the ravens to supply you with food

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  • 7 Delicious Ways to Have Eggs for Breakfast

    Mini Morning Egg Bites RecipeMini Morning Egg Bites RecipeAsparagus and Eggs Recipe

    Here is a dish that can be put together in just around 10 minutes. It looks beautiful and can be served as a main dish at brunch or as a salad for dinner. As always, the fresher the eggs, the better the dish, especially in such a simple preparations as this.

    Note: Adding a bit of wine or vinegar to the poaching water helps the egg hold its shape by causing the outer layer of the egg white to congeal faster. We recommend wine over vinegar, simply because it tastes better!

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    McDonald's Egg McMuffin Recipe

    The Egg McMuffin - that tasty and compact wedge of cheese, egg, and buttered toast - is only 300 calories. Plus, it's easy to make at home. So if you want to know how we get that egg and ham to be perfectly round, read on.

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    Wild Rice Scrambled Eggs Recipe

    Adding wild rice to scrambled eggs provides texture to the dish, plus it also makes it more of a

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  • 5 Most Fattening Iconic Chain Restaurant Dishes

    Chili's Texas Cheese FriesChili's Texas Cheese FriesGenerally known for their quick service, cheap cost, and large portions, fast-casual restaurant chains continue to draw us in with their delicious and often very fattening dishes, such as Houston's spinach artichoke dip (95 calories per serving), Denny's Grand Slam (862 calories in a dish), and California Pizza Kitchen's BBQ chicken pizza (1,060 calories in a pizza) - all iconic dishes which we love to order.

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    The top 10 fast-casual chains - Applebee's, Chili's Grill & Bar, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Buffalo Wild Wings, Outback Steakhouse, TGI Friday's, The Cheesecake Factory, Texas Roadhouse, and Ruby Tuesday - with the highest sales earned more than $25 billion in sales in 2012.

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    Obviously, we migrate to these restaurant chains for the good food. But many of their most popular menu items are 1,000-calorie, high-fat dishes. Some of these include Texas

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  • Perfect for Brunch: 6 Easy and Delicious French Toast Recipes

    French Toast RecipesFrench Toast RecipesThe weekend has finally arrived, and here at The Daily Meal our favorite part is always brunch. For us, it's a time to kick back, relax with friends, have a mimosa (or two), and eat some darn good food. And this weekend, we're craving French toast.

    We love the classic kind - thick bread sprinkled with a little bit of powdered sugar and drizzled with maple syrup - but there are so many ways to spruce it up that we figured we'd give you our most beloved, unconventional recipes for the weekend so you can make them at home on your lazy Sunday.

    By using a variety of different breads, like brioche and panettone, and fillings like peanut butter and jelly, our recipes feature something for every type of food lover. The sweet and holiday-inspired gingerbread French toast and the savory, breakfast-gone-wild bacon, egg, and cheese French toast are sure to impress your guests with a brunch like they've never tasted before.

    French Toast with Toasted Walnut, Orange, and Cranberry Recipe

    I found my

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  • The 5 Sexiest — and Un-Sexiest — Food-Themed Halloween Costumes & & Yandy.comWith Halloween just around the corner, it is no secret that people will be dressing up as their favorite foods. While there are tons of fun and creative costumes to make to the kids look like your favorite dish, adults are getting in on the fun, too - but in very different ways.

    On The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, comedienne Kristen Shaw made a guest appearance as a correspondent to discuss the "serious" issue of the sexy food costume.

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    "The fact is that women get this one night, this one night out of the whole year out to be viewed as sexual objects - and we get to choose what kind! You can be a sexy pirate, a sexy nurse, an even sexier nurse..." she quips. "When my mom was growing up in the oppressive olden days she only had two options for a Halloween costume: sexy secretary or sexy meter-maid. In these modern, liberated times a woman is free to be a sexy whatever the hell she wants!"

    Cue: Sexy pizza. And banana. And bacon. And

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  • Just in Time for Halloween: Tim Burton Wedding Cakes

    Tim Burton Wedding CakesTim Burton Wedding CakesWedding cakes are an art form - an edible art form for that matter. And for many brides, the wedding cake is just as important as the dress and bouquet on their big day. A wedding cake is not something that is simply eaten and forgotten; it makes a statement with how good it looks, how great it tastes, and it reflects the bride and groom as a couple.

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    Filmmaker Tim Burton's characters have always been an amazing influence on pop culture. So much so they are making an appearance on people's wedding days! We found these two cakes, which depict The Nightmare Before Christmas and Frankenweenie, by Black Cherry Cake Company are the perfect combination of romantic and slightly creepy.

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    Perfect for Halloween, these three-tiered cakes have an exquisite amount of detail that really capture the artistry of the original characters.

    Click Here to see 21 Jaw Dropping Wedding Cakes


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  • The World's Strongest Beer

    Worlds Strongest BeerWorlds Strongest BeerJust in case you're tired of Scotch but would really like to get drunk off one drink, here's a beer for you: Snake Venom beer, with 67.5 percent alcohol content.

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    The Daily Record reports that Banffshire's Brewmeister Brewery in Scotland has broken their own record for the world's strongest beer. Last year, the two brewers Lewis Shand and John McKenzie created Armageddon, a beer with 65 percent alcohol. They sold 6,000 bottles, the Daily Record reports, but fans wanted a stronger beer.

    Enter: Snake Venom. "Snake Venom is definitely sharper in taste. With Armageddon, we actually tried to disguise the taste by making it quite oily. We thought if it was too strong, people wouldn't like it. But the problem we found is that people said we shouldn't have tried to cover up the intensity," Lewis told the Daily Record.

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    Guinness World Records has yet to acknowledge their win,

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  • The World's 5 Most Unusual Theme Restaurants

    Ninja Themed RestaurantNinja Themed RestaurantGoing out for dinner - with friends, family, or maybe on a date - is a great way to spruce up your workweek, or celebrate the weekend. We all have our own taste in restaurants, from fine dining to fast-casual and from sushi to pasta, but for some diners, the "regular" dining scene is just not enough.

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    Around the world, different themed restaurants have opened up, some more outrageous than others. For those seeking an out-of-the-box dining experience, there are many intriguing options. In New York City, you can enjoy a Japanese dinner served to you by ninjas, who will drop down from the ceiling to show their best ninja kicks. To get to the dining room, diners will also have to walk through a labyrinth, which is supposed to resemble a Japanese mountain village. In Tokyo, courageous diners can step into the scene of a prison hospital for dinner, and in Ukraine, you can dine inside the world's largest coffin (as long as you don't suffer from

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