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  • 6 Great Recipes for the Last Grills of Summer

    Get your last grills of the summer in with these 6 easy recipes.Get your last grills of the summer in with these 6 easy recipes.Labor Day weekend is here, which means we're all gearing up to say farewell to summer. While warmer weather will continue and summer will technically go on for a few more weeks, Labor Day is considered the perfect opportunity to celebrate summer, and your last chance to go out with a bang.If there's one thing that signifies summer cooking, it's the grill, so this weekend we'll be firing up ours and taking full advantage of it, grilling everything from breakfast to dessert.

    When considering what to grill this holiday weekend, think about everything that you want your Labor Day to be. You want it to be relaxing; it's a three-day weekend and the last of the summer, so you should stretch out your legs and enjoy yourself, and that goes for your cooking, too. You want it to be fun, because it's a celebration, right? So anything you're grilling this weekend should be new and intriguing, and should excite the mouths you're feeding, as well. Last but not least, it should be delicious; no

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  • 5 Gadgets to Improve Your Parties

    Check out these amazing products that will get your party going.Check out these amazing products that will get your party going.You've bought all the snacks. The booze is in the fridge. Your delicious dip is cooking in the oven. You've been planning this soirée for weeks, and every detail down to the playlist has been meticulously thought out. Or has it?

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    You may think you know how to throw a shindig, but a few upgrades in your gadget arsenal could make all of the difference. Planning to play your perfected playlist out of your laptop speakers? Not if you want to hear the tunes over the din of your guests chatting. For less than what your KitchenAid cost you, you can have a booming wireless speaker that will fill any room. Or how about a corkscrew equipped with a digital thermometer, and an iceless wine-chiller to make sure it maintains an exact temperature for the wine connoisseur? And craft brew lovers in your crew will love the stylish mini keg we found, which will keep their brews ice-cold.

    Technology exists to simplify our lives, and there is no

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  • America’s Best Italian Restaurants

    Frasca Food and WineFrasca Food and WineThe great American Italian restaurant has changed in style probably more than any other genre of restaurant over the past several decades. Even as recently as 50 years ago, the term "Italian restaurant" conjured images of red and white checkered tablecloths, carafes of middling chianti, and a red sauce-heavy menu with classics like chicken Parmigiana that were more Italian-American than authentic Italian. Then something interesting happened: people got bored, and a new breed of Italian restaurant came onto the scene, able to rival even the highest-end French dining rooms. From a neighborhood trattoria in Brooklyn to a high-end restaurant in San Francisco with a tasting menu focused on the bounty of Northern California, we rounded up the best Italian restaurants in America.

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    So what were our classifications for an "Italian restaurant," exactly? First, we decided that restaurants that specialized in pizza

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  • Top Secrets for Better Grilling

    Istockphoto/thinkstockIstockphoto/thinkstockA summer staple for outdoor cooking, grilling is an easy way to gather friends and family and make quick and tasty meals. Whether you fall on the "grilling is so easy" or the "I still end up with burned food" side of skills, it never hurts to learn a few tricks from the pros. Let's face it, they know what they're doing.

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    From cleverly using leftover fruit peels to the best cuts of meat for grilling, chef Gresh offers his go-to tips that will make you a better griller.

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    I always grill little extras for other meals. Some of my favorites are red onions grilled and tossed in pesto. Use them the next day in eggs, as a garnish for a soup, or on a sandwich. Or, carrots grilled until the outside is black, then cut into bite-sized pieces and tossed with sherry vinegar, olive oil, and goat cheese is a staple for a side dish.

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  • Healthy Boost: Natural Energy Drinks Worth Trying

    Scheckter's OrganicEnergyScheckter's OrganicEnergyNow that the cat is out of the bag on Monster Energy Drinks and 5-Hour Energy's link to FDA death reports, everyone wants to know what energy drinks they can safely sip on. Good thing the market is now full of naturally caffeinated alternatives to the products in the energy drink aisle.

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    The Daily Meal has found other options to get your dose of energy - plus real vitamins and nutrients. Not only are they packed with natural sources of caffeine, like green tea leaf extract and green coffee bean extract, they contain vitamins A, B, B6, B12 (particularly known to boost energy), C, and a multitude of other antioxidants, polyphenols, and minerals, too.

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    More important, though, is what's missing from this lineup of drinks: synthetic caffeine and other frowned-upon ingredients.

    We think these make good alternatives for those looking to avoid the midday crash, and help sneak in some true health

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  • Ways to Be the Perfect Guest

    Flickr/old sargeWe've all seen celebrities behaving badly, but have you ever shown less than model behavior at a cocktail or dinner party? Accepting a dinner party invitation is the first step towards being a gracious guest, however model behavior goes well beyond an R.S.V.P. and bringing a hostess gift (even if it's cockroaches). You need to know what is expected of you. Just because you have amazing dancing skills does not mean you can dance on tables. And even though Charlie Sheen has knocked back all that booze doesn't mean you should, too.

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    Ensuring that you'll be welcomed with open arms at your next cocktail or dinner party (and then invited back) is really quite simple if you're familiar with a couple of common social graces. Don't put a damper on the dinner by bringing your bad day at work along with you. And try to be punctual. Don't blame bad traffic for your late arrival (when we both know it was because you couldn't decided what to wear). And even though you

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  • The Best Nuts for Your Health

    Maximize your health with these healthy nuts.Maximize your health with these healthy nuts.We all know by now that kale, chia seeds, and quinoa are simply filled to the brim with vitamins and minerals, and although that we've been told nuts are good for us - some are even considered the ultimate superfoods - they often seem to get a bad rap.

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    Many people shy away from nuts because they hear that they're high in calories and fat. But what people might not realize is that most of the fats found in nuts are the really good heart-healthy kind known as monounsaturated fats. So the fat you're consuming is only benefiting your health and not damaging your waistline.

    Now that you know not to be scared of nuts simply because of their high fat counts, it's important to realize that certain nuts will offer different health benefits. For example, peanuts contain high amounts of folate, while almonds contain more calcium than any other kind of nut. In addition to each of their specific nutrient strengths, they each provide various amounts of

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  • You Can Have Your Bacon and Drink it Too

    It's no secret that bacon makes a great addition to your cocktails.It's no secret that bacon makes a great addition to your cocktails.Ah, bacon. You're the music to our ears, the peanut butter to our jelly, the... well, bacon to our eggs. You're basically the Miss America of foods, if Miss America was a little greasy and well, not a stick-thin model. It's clear that bacon is no longer relegated only to the breakfast dishes, so hey - let's just drink all the bacon.

    It's no secret that bacon makes a great addition to your cocktails. In fact, your whiskey is basically just begging for it. And so are your Bloody Marys. (Why do you think bacon-flavored vodka exists, anyway?) But there are plenty more ways to enjoy your bacon, like in a milkshake (yes), or in your coffee (heck yes). And hey, did you know you could even pair your Negronis with bacon?

    Yep, we just really like bacon. And seeing as International Bacon Day coincides with the start of Labor Day weekend, we might as well get cracking with all the bacon-y booziness, like yesterday.

    Bacon Old-Fashioned

    A bacon version of your favorite whiskey cocktail.


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  • Foods Guaranteed to Keep Your Energy Up

    Start eating right for your health and your energy.Start eating right for your health and your energy.We're always on the go - whether it's packing the kids up for school, hitting the gym, or just getting through a project at work - and we constantly rely on high levels of energy to get through it all. Yet no matter how many cups of coffee we've had, there are times when we feel lethargic and at a loss for what we're looking for. In order to get through our busy and hectic schedules, it's important to turn to the right sources of energy, and not the high-sugar and caffeinated drinks that we usually depend on.

    We know that food is our fuel, but there are specific foods that are great at keeping us energized. Protein-packed foods like kale, rolled oats, and beans are great for providing you with energy all throughout the day, and they carry additional health benefits, too. In addition to foods that can give you energy, there are certain things you should eat because they're great for helping to unlock energy in other foods. For example, did you know that you'll become lethargic faster

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  • 10 Best Airport Restaurants Around the World

    9. Encounter (Los Angeles International Airport)9. Encounter (Los Angeles International Airport)Faced with concourses filled with ubiquitous shrink-wrapped sandwiches, greasy fast-food burgers, and processed pastries, the thought of eating at an airport is rarely appetizing. But that may soon change, as airports around the world are revamping aging terminals and the world's best chefs, several of them Michelin-starred, are recognizing the value of serving exemplary meals before liftoff.

    The Daily Meal's list of the Best Airport Restaurants Around the World was carefully curated through a six-month-long nomination process. Globe-trotting gourmands that we are, The Daily Meal staff packed its bags, hit the road, canvassed concourses around the world, and compiled a preliminary list of more than 100 restaurants. We also consulted food and travel experts like Nikos Loukas of InflightFeed and other trusted sources and added their recommendations to those of The Daily Meal's editors, who have traveled and dined extensively around the world.

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