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  • 4 Easy Enchilada Recipes for Busy Weeknights

    Arthur BovinoArthur BovinoEnchiladas are a great option for busy weeknights - as long as you have tortillas and a few basic pantry ingredients, you're in the game. But you can make them really exciting in a number of ways. Customize the fillings by using a variety of meats (maybe even some of that leftover grilled chicken from the night before), vegetables (grilled poblano peppers, anyone?), and fresh herbs and spices. To help speed you on your way, look for jarred enchilada sauce in the international food aisle at the grocery store. And to up the health quotient, use whole-wheat tortillas instead of flour or corn for that extra boost in fiber.

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    So, if you're ready to wrap dinner up, check out the highlights below:

    Vegetarian Enchiladas

    Using store-bought enchilada sauce, canned beans, and canned corn makes this recipe a snap to put together in a pinch. This is pantry cooking at its best.

    Click here to see the Vegetarian Enchiladas Recipe.

    Smoky Black Bean Enchiladas

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  • Easy Recipes for Back-to-School Meal Planning

    Ted AxelrodTed AxelrodWith the first day of school fast approaching (or already here for some kids), it's time to think about starting off the school year right. When busy parents are putting together their shopping list for supplies, they usually manage to tick everything off the list - notebooks, pencils, pens, index cards, and perhaps some new clothes. But there's one thing that they may not be giving enough attention to - how, exactly, to stock the fridge, and what to pack tiny (or not so tiny) Tim for lunch.

    Despite Michelle Obama's best efforts to reform the school lunch program nationwide, most schools have a long way to go before their lunches are where they need to be in terms of nutrition. After all, a serving of tomato paste still counts as a serving of vegetables in a school lunch - this concession was won by lobbyists representing the food industry.

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    Approximately 32 million children currently participate in a school lunch program. And while

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  • 5 Food Classes that Will Change Your Life

    Get cooking!Maybe it's the explosion of research and publications surrounding the state of American food production, like Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food and the 2008 documentary Food, Inc. Maybe it's a dreamy Jeffersonian desire to return to the land in the midst of the digital revolution, driven by nostalgic hipsters and modern homesteaders. Maybe we, as Americans, are just fed up with the way we've been cooking and eating.

    Whatever the reasoning is, many Americans are exchanging packaged, factory-produced, and fast food for something a little slower and a little more hands-on. As Pollan wrote in a 2012 New York Times article, "In the last couple of decades, a new economy of farmers' markets, community-supported agriculture (also known as farm shares) and sustainable farming has changed the way millions of Americans eat and think about food. People by the millions have begun, as the slogan goes, to vote with their forks in favor of more sustainably and humanely produced food, and against

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  • 6 Uniquely Delicious Hot Dogs from Around the World

    Flickr/JudeanPeoplesFrontFlickr/JudeanPeoplesFrontThe beloved hot dog is a quintessentially American food, right? It's served ubiquitously on the Fourth of July and at every summer cookout across the country. It's topped with ketchup (unless you're in Chicago) and mustard and relish and served at the ball game. There is even a National Hot Dog & Sausage Council. Well, while the history of the hot dog remains somewhat of a mystery (the frankfurter, which spawned our hot dogs, of course comes from Frankfurt, Germany, but no one can put a finger on how they evolved into the American "hot dog"), it is safe to say that this proudly American dish has made its way around the world, with every region putting their own unique stamps on it.

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    While we were busy debating Nathan's Famous versus Vienna Beef versus Oscar Mayer, the humble hot dog was busy becoming French, Chilean, South African, Belgian, Chinese, and Icelandic. Of course, it's easy to see why so many cultures would find it

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  • 5 Irresistible Flatbread Recipes for Late Summer

    Fairly flat and absolutely delicious recipes the whole family will enjoyFairly flat and absolutely delicious recipes the whole family will enjoyTechnically speaking, a flatbread is unleavened, meaning it has no yeast, baking soda, or baking powder. "Flatbread is a general term for any bread made from unleavened dough, often in round, flat loaves or forms," writes Barbara Ann Kipfer in The Culinarian: A Kitchen Desk Reference.

    In common parlance, though, the meaning of flatbread in America has morphed into something very simple and basic: a dish that often resembles a thin-crust pizza, but rectangular (-ish), and sometimes jazzed up with the addition of sauce and toppings. Many recipes developed in test kitchens for food and drink websites and also cookbooks will often feature a bit of yeast or baking soda, but not too much - otherwise, the finished product wouldn't be so, well, flat anymore.

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    We're not here to delve into a boring, protracted discussion of how and why the term "flatbread" has been "punched down" over time (we assume that you are here mainly to put lunch or

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  • Final Exam: 5 Great College Coffee Shops Across America

    We've made a list of best coffee shops near college campusesThrowing it back to the old-school SATs seems fit for a college-focused article: Lithium is to batteries, as _____ is to college students. The obvious answer is, of course, coffee.

    Coffee might as well be part of the blood pumping through students' veins. It's a delicious and naturally low-calorie jolt of caffeine for which we're ever so grateful. There's a moment in every college student's career that causes a dependence on coffee (and if you haven't had yours yet, it's coming). Whether you're up late finishing that 10-page paper due tomorrow, waking up at 6 a.m. to squeeze in a workout before class, or simply catching up with friends, you're likely in need of a cup of coffee. Coffee is a driving force in the collegiate life; nearly every college offers a chain's brew on campus or nearby. But we decided to look past the convenience of the trusty chains and find the best coffee shops near college campuses.

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    A 2013 NPR report by Allison Aubrey notes

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  • The 5 Fish You Should Be Eating Now

    Thinkstock/iStockphotoThinkstock/iStockphotoWe're always hearing that we should be eating more fish. Whether it's from our doctor, from a friend in the culinary industry, or from some extreme pescetarian who hates on the consumption of meat because of its effects on the environment, we're constantly being told that fish is a better cooking, and dining, option.

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    It's true, too. The health benefits of eating fish are undeniable, whether it's battling diseases or getting a huge dose of nutrients like protein, calcium, or vitamin B12. And when bought fresh and cooked right, fish is delicious, and it's a great choice for cooking because most kinds have a mild enough taste to pair them with any type of foods or flavors. Last but not least, even meat eaters can admit that the production of beef in this country does not lend itself to a good outlook for the environment, so why not order salmon over steak one night?

    So now that we've covered why eating more fish is good for your taste

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  • Labor-Less Labor Day Recipes

    Valaer MurrayValaer MurrayLabor Day is all about relaxing and enjoying a day of total leisure. Work can be done the other 364 days of the year, because on Labor Day, all you have to do is grab some friends, some food, and enjoy your day off.

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    With summer officially coming to an end, Labor Day also represents the last chance to light up the grill and enjoy some good-old outdoor cooking. It's like summer's going-away party, so let's send it off right with some great food that won't consume our whole day.

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    In honor of Labor Day, here is a compilation of delicious recipes for your long weekend that won't distract you from your day of rest. Kick back and enjoy.

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    Slow-Cooker Spanish Lentil and Chorizo Stew Recipe

    This is a simplified slow-cooker version of a dish that I first had in college when I did a semester abroad in Madrid, Spain. I chose a home-stay and was matched with an old-school

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  • Garlic Found to Help Prevent Lung Cancer

    thebittenword.comthebittenword.comA recent study suggests that eating raw garlic twice a week can decrease your chances of getting lung cancer significantly. Research performed at Jiangsu Provincial Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in China stated that "garlic may potentially serve as a chemo-preventive agent for lung cancer," suggesting its ability to prevent the risk of lung cancer, food navigator reports. The report suggests that by eating two cloves of raw garlic per day, smokers can reduce their risk of lung cancer by nearly 30 percent.

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    Garlic has always been an integral part of eastern medicine, and also has been known to be linked to both the immune system and cardiovascular health.

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    A compound in garlic, called diallyl sulphide, is an antibiotic, anti-fungal body that is released when a garlic bulb sprouts into cloves, and it may be responsible for garlic's long history of traditional medicine. In Germany, garlic tablets are

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  • 6 Incredibly Outrageous French Fry Recipes

    Jane BruceJane BruceIf you think of some of the most iconic, classic dishes, they always have a starch. What would a pizza be without a crust as its bottom layer? Or a classic sandwich without two pieces of bread? Even a great Caesar salad becomes greater with the crunch of a few croutons. Whether it's serving as a bed for other ingredients, holding them together, or simply adding texture and taste, a starch always adds something to a dish, making it something that it couldn't be without it. What if that starch was always fries? What if you were to reimagine some of the most time-honored, cultishly-adored, classic dishes, but replace its integral starch component with… fries?

    Fries make the perfect starchy substitution to any dish that you're craving, even if that dish didn't have a starch to begin with. They're crisp, fried, and slightly salty, and they have the power to add texture and flavor to just about anything you're craving (really - anything).

    Our recipes might seem pretty outrageous, and

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