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  • These Pancake Recipes Are Not Just for Breakfast

    Maryse ChevriereMaryse ChevriereThe French have crêpes, the Dutch have puffy pannekoeken, the Russians have blini, and the Japanese have okonomiyaki, and here in America, we have the good old flapjack, short stack, hot cake, and griddle cake. Whatever you want to call them, nothing beats waking up to the scent of a fresh batch of pancakes cooking on a skillet.

    Top pancakes with real maple syrup (or some good old Aunt Jemima or Log Cabin - doubtless some scream "blasphemy" at this point, while others cry out in nostalgia), fresh fruit, whipped cream, or jam, and they're the ultimate breakfast or brunch treat for kids and adults alike - that is, unless one is inclined toward that other breakfast-food camp (ahem, waffles).

    The funny thing is, though, pancakes really aren't just for breakfast. Oh sure, IHOP always has ads on TV declaring that pancakes are for any meal - but they're still serving breakfast-y pancakes with syrup at dinner. And breakfast for dinner gets pretty old.

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  • Sensible and Creative: Cupcake Wedding Cake Towers

    Change up your wedding and add excitement by serving a cupcake wedding tower instead of a traditional wedding cake! Change up your wedding and add excitement by serving a cupcake wedding tower instead of a traditional wedding cake! With cupcakes growing in popularity over the past few years due to cost and convenience, many people have been substituting cupcakes for cakes (as the main dessert and centerpiece) at large functions like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. Using cupcakes as an alternative to the traditional large wedding cake, a tiered cupcake wedding cake is not only original and trendy, but also great for your budget. Cupcake wedding cakes are doable for even the most average baker, with the added benefit that cupcakes can be made and frozen ahead of time, as well as dressed up or down. Because you are not limited to overpriced costly designer made cakes, the cupcake wedding cake is a sensible and creative choice as you are able to make them yourself and avoid expensive cake cutting and serving fees in the process.

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    The big argument over cupcakes vs. wedding cakes is that alternately versus a cheaper cost and tradition. If you are concerned about the

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  • 6 Easy Flavor-Filled Grilled Chicken Recipes

    Alice CurrahAlice CurrahBuckah! What's for dinner tonight? Why, chicken, of course, but since the weather's nice and warm out, we'll be hitting the grill. Two things, though, come to mind. The first is: boring! And the second is: dry. But, it doesn't have to be that way. If you want tender, juicy grilled chicken and interesting recipes, read on.

    So, first things first. How do you make grilled chicken that's moist, tender, and flavorful instead of dry, rubbery, and bland? Well, you can choose to use thighs, which have higher fat content and less of a tendency to dry out, but, if like many health-conscious people, you prefer boneless, skinless chicken breast, we have a few tips that ought to help.

    Use a brine: A brine is a simple salt water solution that will help meat stay moist as it cooks on a grill; as a rule of thumb, dissolve a tablespoon of salt and a tablespoon of sugar, if using, per cup of water. Brine chicken breasts for only 2-3 hours for best results.

    Use a marinade: A marinade consists of

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  • 5 Wild and Crazy Potato Chip Flavors GohWhen it comes to sheer diversity of chip flavors, you have to hand it to the folks at Pringles - Curry, Mexican, Crispy Cheese, Ketchup, Wisconsin White Cheddar, Chili Cheese - they go all out! But as anyone who has strolled a grocery aisle overseas knows, the international market for chips is the flavor Wild West - things get crazy. It's as if whoever created that first nutty flavor, whatever it was, got snakebit by all the Pringles jingles all at once. First they got the flavor, then they got the fever, then they unleashed a flavor bonanza.

    Click here to see our first Crazy Potato Chip Flavors Story

    As noted in our first installment of Crazy Potato Chip Flavors, there's no limit to the accents and seasonings that you can reach into a crisp bag and cover your fingers with. Many are actually pretty good. There are the classics, of course - salt and vinegar flavoring, sour cream and onion, barbecue. But then others start to get dubious, go over to the flavor dark side, outside the

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  • Which Chain Restaurant Has the Cheapest Wings?

    flickr/ Eddie Welkerflickr/ Eddie WelkerAs recently as 50 years ago, chicken wings were commonly used only in stock preparation, or were simply thrown away. They're bony, fatty, and otherwise unimpressive when compared to the other, more useful chicken parts. But as the story goes, one day in the 1960s, the owners of Buffalo, N.Y.'s Anchor Bar decided to deep-fry some wings, then douse them in a combination of hot sauce and butter, and a national institution was born.

    Make Wings at Home: The Ultimate Buffalo Wings Recipe

    Their all-American status, ease of preparation, and the fact that they happen to go along very nicely with beer led to a massive surge in wings' popularity, and now you'd be hard pressed to find a bar that doesn't serve the snack (even those without a food menu sometimes ply their customers with free wings).

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    One other type of establishment where wings are often on the menu? Chain restaurants.

    We here at The Daily Meal decided to help you keep some cash in your

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  • The Best Dishes for Hangovers in America

    Maryse ChevriereMaryse ChevriereHangover cures are like hiccup cures - everyone has a theory about what works best. The online, ahem, "literature" about what constitutes the best hangover cures consists of all kinds of baloney:

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    Eat bananas... Peanut butter! No, prickly pear juice! Coconut water! Drink coffee... Don't drink coffee! If you do drink coffee, drink a lot of water! Eat fried foods! But only before drinking, not after.

    Have a little hair of the dog. Try a Prairie Oyster... Stop, drinking again is the worst thing to do - it causes alcohol dependency. Eat burned toast... No, drink sports drinks!

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    Take Advil... Don't take Advil! It will explode your liver. Take aspirin. B-6. B-12. Rosiglitazone... No, Berocca.

    For many, food is the best cure - something to make you feel better, whether it's mental or not. There are the boring options - cheesy pastas, egg platters - but there are intriguing ones, too.

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  • The Best Places to Pick Fruit All Year Round

    flickr/ Chicago Manflickr/ Chicago ManWith the aromatic smell of summer in the air, the sweet flavor of fresh fruit isn't far behind. For urbanites that thirst for a "Green Acres" back-to-nature experience, a fun family outing or the absolute best way to get that fresh-picked flavor is to… pick it yourself! Throughout America, pick-it-yourself, PYO or U-picks abound for a cornucopia of tastes that follow the growing seasons, not the transport lanes.

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    With U-pick, you don't have to guess how long the fruit has been sitting in the grocery store bin, but you do have to work a little for it. Also, it might not have the same gussied-up, waxed, sheen and glamor that produce has in the store, but fruits of the earth should look a little earthy.

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    Often, you may need to follow tricky directions to find out-of-the-way farms that keep irregular hours that match growing seasons. Make sure you check for all the necessary information in advance, including if you'll need

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  • How to Make an Irresistible S'Mores Cake at Home

    This campfire favorite can be baked up into eight gooey slicesThis campfire favorite can be baked up into eight gooey slicesThere's really something exceptionally satisfying about a s'mores sandwich.

    That classic combo of graham cracker, chocolate and toasted marshmallow is always relegated to summer - sitting around a campfire and carrying out the ritual of picking out the perfect stick to hold the marshmallow, letting the marshmallow light aflame for just the right amount of time, and smashing it all together with melted chocolate and crunchy graham crackers.

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    A s'mores recipe first appeared in a Girl Scout handbook n 1927, although mention of the treat pre-dates that publication and families have been making them ever since, albeit usually in the yard.

    It's such a favorite tradition for so many that some people have even figured out how to make s'mores without a campfire. We're taking it one step further. We're not just make s'mores easier to make, but we're bringing them inside the kitchen and making them something we can enjoy all year round. How?


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  • Can You Believe It? Diner Forgets $33,000 at McDonald's

    Extemely forgetful customer leaves giant pile of cash at restaurantExtemely forgetful customer leaves giant pile of cash at restaurantA person could be excused for misplacing a pair of sunglasses or even a wallet, but it takes an extreme act of forgetfulness to leave an enormous pile of money at a McDonald's. But that happened last week when an extremely distracted customer at a McDonald's in Southern France left behind a backpack containing €25,000, or just over $33,000, in cash.

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    According to The Local, the diner stopped at a McDonald's location in Avignon for lunch on Tuesday, then wandered off.

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    Not long after, the panicked customer burst back through the doors in desperate search of his knapsack and the huge amount of money inside it. He asked the employees and the restaurant was thoroughly searched, but the backpack and its contents were by then nowhere to be seen.

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    The story does have a happy ending, though, as Wednesday afternoon an

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  • The 5 Best Chain Steakhouses in America

    Texas Land & CattleTexas Land & CattleThere comes a time in just about everyone's life when they feel the urge to eat some red meat. Sure, a supermarket steak cooked in a frying pan might suffice, but there's nothing quite like the experience of going to one of those big chain steakhouses. We've come to depend on these places for a good steak and a cold beer, enjoyed in a comfortable and just-boisterous-enough atmosphere, with an overall experience that leaves you full and content. From sea to shining sea, it's our right to have unrestricted access to chain steakhouses, darn it, and for that reason we set out to find out which are the country's best.

    There are two very different types of chain steakhouses, and for today's purposes we're ranking only one of them: the casual chains. While both Outback and Ruth's Chris specialize in steak, they couldn't be more different otherwise, so comparing the two is like comparing apples to oranges. Comparing Outback to LongHorn, on the other hand, well that's something worth

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