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  • 4 No-Cook Sides to Keep You Cool in the Kitchen

    Lara FerroniLara FerroniMaybe it's just too hot in the kitchen to even think about touching the stove or the oven. Or maybe you're looking for a quick side dish you can toss together outside while your favorite protein is cooking on the grill. Either way, we've got you covered with four great recipes.

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    Luckily, with warm weather comes a veritable bounty of produce, which makes putting together some no-cook side dishes a snap. With so many fruits and vegetables to choose from, it's easy to come up with some great salads, slaws, and pickles to go along with your main dish.

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    Spicy Kimchi

    Looking for an assertive, tangy, and yes, slightly spicy accompaniment to go with your Asian-inspired meal? Or maybe you're planning on making bulgogi - Korean Barbecued Beef - or another popular Korean dish. In that case, a little kimchi on the side is a must. With a little advance planning, kimchi is a delicious side dish that goes well with grilled

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  • 5 Great Zucchini Recipes for This Summer

    Phoebe LapinePhoebe LapineThere's one vegetable - excuse us, fruit - that always seems to win the popularity contest during summer. Mild-tasting and approachable, zucchini is often a top pick when scanning the stands at a local farmers' market, and people feel the need to stockpile it every time they leave the house and head to the store.

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    Despite how it tastes, though, and how easy it is to use it, there always seems to be a surplus of zucchini lying around come August. Oftentimes we get so excited about seasonal zucchini come summer, that we buy a little more than we know what to do with, and are forced to let perfectly delicious and ripe zucchini rot and be thrown away.

    While running out of uses for zucchini can happen, it doesn't mean we like zucchini any less. The zucchini's popularity spans the globe internationally, as it's a staple of France's classic dish, ratatouille, and a favorite of the Italians in their stuffed zucchini blossoms. It's also a great source of

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  • Sprinkle on the Love with Rainbow Sprinkle Wedding Cakes

    flickr.comRainbow sprinkles never fail to invoke feelings of nostalgia and childhood, and what better day to reflect on adolescence than the day where you are about to be fully propelled into adult life? Sprinkle wedding cakes are bombarding the wedding scene with their bright and youthful charm, and this trend does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

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    This trend is great because it is both versatile and customizable. Douse your cake in rainbow colors or simply dust it with touches of sweet multicolored magic. Many custom wedding cake bakeries have caught onto this trend luckily these cakes are not too difficult to create, and companies such as Palermo's Custom Cakes in NYC and CMNY Cakes have mastered the trend.

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    Your guests will giggle in delight as they lay eyes on this ravishing treat, and it will immediately set a happy and joyful tone, and who doesn't want that at their wedding? Consider straying

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  • Where You Can Find Cronuts Around the World

    Dominque Ansel's Cronut inspired plenty of Cronut copycats around the world.Dominque Ansel's Cronut inspired plenty of Cronut copycats around the world.Would you line up at 6 a.m. for a Cronut? Ever since pastry chef Dominque Ansel launched his croissant-donut hybrid on May 10, more and more people in New York are aching for a bite of the pastry. Even those who wait on line for hours may leave with empty hands; the Cronuts are first come, first serve, and there is a two-per-person limit.

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    But from Cronut scalpers to bizzare food mash-ups like maple bacon jam cronut burger, blended cronut with bourbon, and Umami-Cronut burger, the Cronut craze does not stop there. Over the past three months, Cronut copycats have popped up across the world, and The Daily Meal mapped out more than 60 places where you'll find them.

    Based on our map, there are Cronut knockoffs in at least 11 countries aside from the U.S.: Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, England, Spain, South Korea, and Canada. Most of the Cronut-copying bakeries in the U.S. clustered either in the East

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  • The 5 Best Donut Shops in America

    flickr/ TheIanRyanflickr/ TheIanRyanLast year we took a look at the best donuts in just about every major American city. Our list included the classics, the new-wave, the dives, the places with lines around the block, the crazy ones, and the ones that you wouldn't know were anything to write home about until you took that first bite into the gooey goodness that is the perfect donut.

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    But what exactly makes a donut shop perfect? The freshness of the product, first of all. Like a bagel, a donut begins declining in quality as soon as it's removed from the heat. Creativity helps, but a balance always needs to be struck between adherence to authenticity and out-of-the-box inventiveness. Also, how have these establishments affected both the neighborhood they're in and the city at large? Whether their specialties are simple cake donuts, maple and bacon-topped behemoths, or ones shaped like a voodoo doll, these shops are all standouts in their own way, and aren't to be

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  • America's Best-Selling Craft Beers

    Flickr/ Jinx!Flickr/ Jinx!Think your favorite craft beer made the list? The Brewers Association has just released its list of the best-selling breweries of 2012, and found that of the top 50 brewing companies, 39 craft breweries made the cut.

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    Said the Brewers Association director, Paul Gatza, in a release, "In 2012, craft surpassed 6 percent of the total U.S. beer market, with volume and dollar sales reaching record levels... Increasingly, beer lovers are turning to craft brewed beer from small and independent producers to satisfy their thirst for bold, innovative and flavor-forward beers." So even though 6 percent doesn't seem like much, it's a big number from our craft breweries.

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    Here are the top 10 craft breweries by total sales in 2012:

    1. Boston Beer Co. (Boston)
    2. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. (Chico, Calif.)
    3. New Belgium Brewing Co. (Fort Collins, Colo.)
    4. The Gambrinus Co. (San

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  • What is America's Best Frozen Yogurt Chain?

    We tasted and compared fro-yo from chains, and one rose above the packWe tasted and compared fro-yo from chains, and one rose above the packSteamy summer days draw us in hordes to frozen yogurt shops, beseeching us to clamor at the dispensers for cool, delicious relief. While ice cream shops have been around for well more than 100 years, frozen yogurt shops are a newer phenomenon and have been spreading like wildfire recently, inviting us to serve ourselves but raising questions along the way. Is it real yogurt that's being frozen? Is it another form of ice cream? Is it healthier than ice cream and other frozen desserts? With chains allowing you to serve yourself and choose from sometimes dozens of toppings, it's certainly a fun and interactive dessert that you can personalize, but what's behind all of the flavor and topping madness, and ultimately, which chain is the best? We took a look at 10 national frozen yogurt chains to see what they're made of, and the truth is that not all frozen yogurt is the same.

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    Fro-Yo's History

    The origins of frozen yogurt go back to around

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  • What Your Favorite Celebrities Eat Behind the Scenes

    PR NEWSWIRE/NewscomPR NEWSWIRE/NewscomOne of the best perks about the celebrity lifestyle has to be the ability to make outlandish food requests on demand, both on and off the set. Stars that work in film and television get this luxurious treatment in the form of craft services, the on-set catering companies that fuel the ubiquitous yet cherished cache of snacks, meals, and drinks that allows your favorite stars to pull long hours without having to leave the shooting location. Thanks to a couple of well-connected individuals, The Daily Meal is offering you an inside look at the foods that some of the biggest stars in the industry like to eat when they're on the job.

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    Most people probably have an image of a table with junk food, like doughnuts, candy, tortilla chips and salsa, and greasy potato chips in their heads when they consider craft services spreads, but this is an outdated mindset. According to David Dreishpoon of David Dreishpoon's Gourmet Catering and Craft

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  • 5 Simply Delicious Casserole Recipes

    Convenient one-dish mealsConvenient one-dish mealsThere's nothing quite like a good cooking challenge once in a while, and taking on the casserole certainly fit the bill this week. It's something we all have a love-hate relationship with; done well, it can be a convenient one-dish meal that doubles as lunch the next day. Done badly, it's the stuff of childhood nightmares; one's heart can only go out to kids (and adults) whose sole thought at that point in time is probably something along the lines of "What did we do to deserve casserole night? Mother of God!"

    First, a disclaimer, though: We did not set out to make the casserole sexy. That would be tantamount to making something like say, a Prius, sexy - just not happening. Delicious, yes. Sexy, not happening in this lifetime. So there, full disclosure.

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    That being said, though, what came out of everyone's ovens this week looked absolutely fantastic and definitely set our collective stomachs rumbling and chops salivating. But the one that

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  • 5 Extremely Embarrassing Food Product Fails

    modernmom.commodernmom.comWhen we go to the supermarket, we have certain expectations of the products that we'll see there. For example, ketchup will be red, not purple. Jell-O will not be celery-flavored. Life Savers will be little round candies, not soda. When these expectations are turned on their heads, not only is it a bit of cognitive dissonance, it's just bizarre. And it's not until the shock wears off that we actually ask ourselves, "Why would anyone possibly want to buy this?"

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    Brand extensions, or when a company rolls out a new product that's still connected to their core brand, are a mainstay of the food product industry. Most are well-thought-out, field tested, and happen to make a lot of sense: Oscar Mayer's known for its lunch meat, so why not buy little rounds of their turkey, with cheese, crackers, a drink, and dessert, all packaged up in a tidy box? Lunchables were a hit when they were rolled out in 1988 for that very reason: it made sense, and

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