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  • New Broccoli Can Help Fight Against Aging

    Flickr/sk8geekFlickr/sk8geekRegular old broccoli just isn't good enough anymore. The AAP reports that there's a new type of broccoli in town, this one with more than two times the amount of anti-aging compound glucoraphanin. Sorry, boring broccoli.

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    Word is that Beneforté broccoli, which was developed through cross-pollination and selection to combine commercial broccoli with a variety discovered in Southern Italy, has an increased ability to produce more phytonutrients like glucoraphanin, nutrients which often help improve the performance of mitochondria cells.

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    "Tiny energy generators in cells called mitochondria, which become less efficient with age, were given a new lease of life and had their performance improved," AAP reports.

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    Researchers tested the effects of Beneforté, recruiting 48 volunteers to have them eat either Beneforté, regular

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  • Fairy Tales Do Come True with Castle Wedding Cakes

    flickr.comAlthough princess-themed weddings have been a pursued for a while now (who wouldn't want to feel like a princess on their wedding day?), the trend has become rampant since Spring 2010 with the release of the line of diamond engagement rings by Disney, each made to represent a different Disney princess. Disney's recent opening of their Wedding Design Studio in California, complete with tools and resources for planning the perfect princess wedding, has made a fairy tale wedding easier and more accessible for these princess-loving brides.

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    This trend is especially fun because it's so customizable. Would you like a sand castle? How about a medieval-style castle that you may find in the mountains of Europe? As you may guess, these cakes are incredibly complex and difficult to create, but cake makers such as Elegant Cheese Cakes in San Francisco and, of course, Disney Fairy Tale Weddings in Southern California, Florida, and Hawaii, make the

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  • 5 Ridiculously Funny Food Pranks to Pull on Your Friends

    Food can bring us joy in life in more ways than you might thinkFood can bring us joy in life in more ways than you might thinkFood has a way of bringing us joy in life, and it does so in many different ways. The first and most obvious way is by feeding us - just being nourished by food and not becoming a victim to hunger is a joy in itself. There's also the pleasure we get from eating it; a gooey macaroni and cheese, a decadent chocolate cake, or even a crispy, salty potato chip are all pleasurable acts of feeding ourselves. Last but not least, there's the fact that food brings us joy by connecting us with people, whether it's at a family dinner party, on a first date at a restaurant, or helping out at a soup kitchen.

    One way food brings us joy, which may not come up that often, is through laughter. As a universal necessity to all humankind, and something that can be manipulated by our own hands, food is actually a great vehicle for creating a few laughs here and there - whether by accident or on purpose.

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    Who can forget the classic scene in Harold Ramis'

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  • 5 Incredibly Extravagant Ice Carvings

    The eye-catching centerpiece to any event can be a true work of artThe eye-catching centerpiece to any event can be a true work of artIf you're ever at an event where an ice sculpture is present, we hope you have your camera handy. And if you ever hold an event that you've commissioned an ice sculpture for, be prepared for lots of, "How did they do that?" questions. It's hard for anyone to remain indifferent to the spectacles created by water solidified, as much as we take it for granted in everyday life; the level of skill shown by carvers is top-notch and endlessly creative.

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    Ice carving is an attention-catching branch of the culinary arts that has developed far beyond an icy swan sitting serenely in the center of a buffet. Over the years, this art form has developed into a thriving industry of its own, with a multitude of ice-carving companies offering impressive portfolios and an array of products both practical and decorative. Frozen water transformed into a piece of art indicates extravagance, however temporary. Ice sculptures are striking tools for innovative food

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  • The Best Breakfasts to Start Your Day With

    Vegetarian TimesBreakfast is hugely important. Studies show that eating breakfast can improve students' test scores, attendance, and behavior - the same must be true for adults!

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    Starting off the day with a nutritious, protein-packed breakfast will help keep you focused, and ensure you won't reach for sugary snacks before lunch. Eating breakfast also helps make sure we're properly nourished, maintains health, brain power, strong bones, and more.

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    What's the typical breakfast?
    The average breakfast is usually rich in carbohydrates, and includes a bagel, muffin, or cereal, which on average weighs in at about 10 grams of protein. Protein is critical for maintaining muscle mass and brain power, among other things, as proteins are part of every cell, tissue, and organ in our bodies. They are constantly being broken down, and thus we must replace them through the foods we eat. Protein also helps keep us feeling

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  • Coke Versus Pepsi: Taste-Testing the Brands

    The portfolios of Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are diverse: but which ones win over our taste buds?The portfolios of Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are diverse: but which ones win over our taste buds?It's weird, the loyalties we feel towards our soda. Some people swear by Diet Coke. Our company's CEO swears by Diet Pepsi. There are the friends who guffaw at a Pepsi can; and then friends who can't stand the taste of Coke. When did our taste buds become so polarized towards well, a cup of sugar?

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    Strangely enough, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have been fighting over our tastebuds since the 19th century - literally. Tracing back through Coca-Cola and Pepsi's history, Coca-Cola was already selling one million gallons per year by the time Pepsi first came onto the market, in 1898. But in fact, PepsiCo went bankrupt twice in its history (the first during World War I and its sugar rations, and then again eight years later), but when PepsiCo came back, it came back fighting. In fact, thanks to Pepsi's merger with Frito-Lay Inc. in the mid-1960s, PepsiCo has given Coca-Cola a run for its money ever since. Business Insider shares that although Coca-Cola

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  • 5 Irresistibly Easy Grilled Dessert Recipes

    Patricia StagichPatricia StagichSlide over those burgers on the grill to make room for dessert. Desserts on the grill? Oh yes - our post-dinner dishes like fruits and cakes are already delicious, but grilling them makes them even more irresistible. A grill doesn't have to be reserved for just the savory courses. The open flame is a fantastic way to bring out the sweet flavors of some of your favorite desserts, whether it's fruit, pound cakes, or donuts.

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    The grill can be your best friend during the summer. It's basically your outdoor oven. Desserts brown just as nicely as they would in a regular oven (as long as you have a cover) and cast-iron pans do the best job when cooking on the grill.

    It's not difficult to do, either. By using simple, store-bought ingredients and pairing them with fresh fruit and herbs, your favorite desserts take on a whole new and delicious flavor profile, and become a welcomed addition to the regular hot dogs and burgers that are on your barbecue

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  • 5 Easy Ways to Go Green in Your Kitchen

    BambecoBambecoIf you took a look around your home, you could probably pinpoint at least 10 things in plain sight that you know aren't exactly environmentally friendly. There are countless reports on how modern conveniences are destroying our planet: our cars emit harmful greenhouse gases, electronics contain hazardous materials, and plastics' chemicals can work their way into the ecosystem, harming not only ourselves but our furry friends, as well.

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    But caring for the Earth doesn't mean you have to abandon all of the comforts of modern living, or go out and buy hemp clothing and install a recycled outhouse in your yard. To reduce your carbon footprint, you just have to make informed choices, and what better place to start making changes than in the most important room in the house: your kitchen.

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    Small, unremarkable changes in your kitchen can make a huge difference. Using an energy-efficient

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  • 5 Cooking Secrets from 5 Great Restaurant Chefs

    Thinkstock/FuseIf you met a florist, you'd probably ask them about flowers, and if a painter crossed your path, you'd want to know what kinds of brushes they use to paint with. If you ran into a lawyer, you might ask them what to do about a recent parking ticket, and you would probably ask a doctor what to take for a current cough.

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    Whenever you run into a professional from a specific trade, it's natural to ask them to share some tips to their success. Beyond being just generally talented in that specific field, these professionals practice their craft day in and day out, and so along with general pieces of knowledge, they also have tricks and secrets hiding up their sleeve for how to do that profession really well.

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    Professional restaurant chefs are in the trade of cooking, and so naturally, we always want to know some of their secrets. It's not just that we want to know how to make their famous

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  • How to Make 5 Iconic McDonald’s Menu Items at Home

    McDonald'sMcDonald'sWhen it comes to replicating a McDonald's meal, some would say that it's absolutely impossible to do, because every last detail that goes into making their menu items is so significant. We were hard-pressed to hear it couldn't be done, so we decided to test this theory in our own kitchen, replicating some of McDonald's favorite menu items. We found that in some cases, the recipes were healthier, and in others, they were just fun to make. Making these recipes is really about paying attention to the details - from the blend of ground beef you use to how you choose to put ketchup on the bun - and each step is more important than the last when creating the ultimate McDonald's experience.

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    While replicating some of McDonald's most iconic menu items at home, we learned a lot about why McDonald's food is as unique as it is. As hard as people try, they'll never get their Big Mac replications to taste the same as the one that comes

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