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  • 7 Chicken Recipes You Need to Know

    Chicken RecipesChicken RecipesWith Thanksgiving right around the corner, everybody has turkeyon the brain. But right now we're daydreaming about another bird: chicken. With our 10 essential chicken recipes, you'll be pecking your plates clean.

    Chicken is often thought of as the "plain Jane" of birds, commonplace with little taste. But there are several ways to dress up your chicken to make it extraordinarily craveable - even the classic roasted chicken can get a pick-me-up! As one of the most popular ingredients used in cooking, chicken can be incorporated into so many different dishes in several ways. You can roast it, grill it, fry it, or sauté it, and each method changes and enhances its flavor profile.

    In our 7 Chicken Recipes You Need to Know, you'll find recipes inspired by all different cultures, from a riff on the traditional Buffalo chicken to a healthier version of chicken Parmesan, Mexican chicken taquitos, and a version of chicken pot pie that would be perfect for a fall entrée.

    Cook these versions

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  • Beyond Pie: 5 Fantastic Pumpkin Recipes

    Go beyond pie with some of these pumpkin recipes.Go beyond pie with some of these pumpkin recipes.Pumpkin pie is a Thanksgiving classic and tables across America are filled with the fall favorite each year. Although pumpkin pie is a must on Turkey Day, there are many other delicious pumpkin recipes to satisfy your pumpkin craving while you wait for the traditional dessert. The Cook editors here at The Daily Meal want to ensure that you make the most out of pumpkins this year - and that means going beyond pie.

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    Unlike in the time-honored pie, pumpkins can also be used in many savory dishes. Try a pumpkin-stuffed chicken breast for an inventive new way to serve a dinner favorite. There are also pumpkin chowders and soups that deliver suburb pumpkin flavor in warm and savory ways. Or try pumpkin for breakfast with pumpkin oatmeal bars or cream cheese pumpkin spread for bagels and toast.

    So, while we wait anxiously for a slice of the customary pie, make some of these pumpkin recipes in the days leading up to the holiday. Try making your own pumpkin

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  • Beyond Doritos and Taco Bell: 4 More Amazing Fast-Food Mashups Worth Trying

    Food HybridsFood HybridsThe world thrives on diversity. We need options, combinations, and variations - otherwise we risk living a rather mundane existence. One of the realms where see the most variety is in the food world. Whether we're home cooks or renowned chefs, we are notorious for experimenting in the kitchen to create foods that will wow and intrigue our palates. These amazing combinations and crossbreeds create hybrid foods and dishes that make life worth tasting.

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    A hybrid is defined as the blending of multiple animals or plants of different breeds, varieties, species, and genera, to result in a specific outcome. Researchers in the food world have been playing with hybrid blends for centuries, and those combinations have inspired dozens of sub-categories in an effort to hone and create the perfect blend of flavors and sensations.

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    There is so much buzz around interesting combinations, we thought it would be fun to

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  • Here's What Your Dreams About Food Really Mean

    Check out the more eyebrow-raising interpretations of iconic and interesting foods adapted from the online dream dictionary, Dream Moods.Check out the more eyebrow-raising interpretations of iconic and interesting foods adapted from the online dream dictionary, Dream Moods.You wake from restless sleep in a cold sweat. You grab at the last wisps of memory. What were you dreaming? A large rolling object was chasing you, a boulder, and you were wearing a fedora... no, that's Raiders, concentrate. It was... you've got it! A giant bagel chasing you through a saffron field! Then you turned into a bartender serving yourself butter and a finger of whiskey. A food dream. But does it all mean?

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    According to dream dictionaries, you might be avoiding a deceitful lover and escaping life's demands by indulging in its pleasures - at the peril of losing friends.

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    "You can interpret a dream forever," noted Ryan Hurd, who runs Dream Studies, a blog that blends dream education and consciousness studies. "But sometimes they are merely expressing the body's desires and feelings through the emotional/visual/long-term-memory-enhanced way of knowing we call dreaming."

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  • What Really is Velveeta and How Can I Cook with It?

    We took a look at the cult-favorite cheese product. We took a look at the cult-favorite cheese product. Velveeta is, no doubt, a cult classic, but what do we actually know about this beloved cheese? In 1928 Velveeta was introduced to the masses by Kraft Foods, and in the 1930s it became the first cheese product to merit the American Medical Association's seal of approval. Although today its most popular use is, of course, to make macaroni and cheese, it was first introduced as a "sauce" to be served "over toasted sandwiches of peanut butter and pickles." Sounds good, right? Maybe not.

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    To develop a more mainstream appeal, in 1953 Velveeta was reformulated as a cheese spread, and was designed to have a taste that replicated American cheese with a more "velvety" texture, hence the name. Through the years this processed cheese product, which Kraft refers to as a "fun, family-friendly" food, has shown its versatility in recipes like queso dip, grilled cheese sandwiches, cheesy broccoli soup, and even Velveeta fudge. It has also gained a major

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  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know Were in Your Juice

    Things You Didn't Know were in JuiceThings You Didn't Know were in JuiceWhether you're a "natural" juicer who likes to squeeze their own fruits and vegetables into a fabulous purée of flavors, or someone who enjoys a nice Sunny D in the morning before heading to work, many of us find joy in juice. There's something so refreshing about an ice-cold glass of orange juice - and it's even better when you throw in a little cranberry juice to make your own mix of flavors. Most of the time when we're buying bottled juices, we aren't thinking about checking out each ingredient before we throw the bottles into our cart - but perhaps we should, as some of them might surprise you.

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    There are many things that drive us to purchase a bottled juice. Maybe we saw a cool commercial about a new beverage or a billboard that advertised a product with half the sugar of typical juices. And while these claims might very well be true, it's imperative to remember that many bottled juices contain some pretty surprising ingredients that you

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  • 5 Easy and Delicious No-Cook Dinners

    No Cook DinnersNo Cook DinnersSo, perhaps you're not the best cook in town, but you want to have your friends over for dinner. Or maybe you're up against the clock and don't have the time to let a roast sit for hours in the oven. Whatever the reason, we've put together a menu of no-cook recipes and tips - no oven, stove, or Crock-Pots required.

    The first tip we can offer is to prep beforehand. Do as much prepping as you can in advance to ensure that when your guests come, you can be part of the party, too. The added bonus of a no-cook menu is that it can require less preparation time, which frees you up to hang out with everyone.

    Next, make sure you plan your menu. Planning your menu beforehand alleviates stress and makes things go more smoothly throughout the night. Have no fear - your meal can still be stellar without using a roasting rack or sauté pan. Think salads, ceviches, gazpacho, and dips. And if you want some heartier fare for a more well-rounded meal, don't be afraid to pick up a juicy roasted chicken

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  • 5 Spooky Halloween Cupcakes that Are Easy to Make

    Halloween CupcakesHalloween CupcakesHalloween is the perfect time to binge on candy, but if you're really looking to make your holiday sweet, trying baking up some delicious desserts. Sure, you can make a plethora of spooky dishes, but it doesn't get much better or more classic than putting out some creepy cupcakes.

    Since cupcakes are so versatile, they become the perfect accessory to your dessert table. Add a little food dye or fondant and suddenly your bite-sized cake has turned into a ghoulish fiend or gory horror show. The best part is, there are limitless ways to use cupcakes to enhance the theme of your party.

    Baking and decorating them makes for a great fall activity for the kids' Halloween pre-party or even could be a great October birthday party idea. Incorporate favorite Halloween candy or just go nuts with gruesome details - cupcakes are the best vessel for a decorative sweet treat.

    To get you started, we rounded up a few spooky cupcake recipes that will make your Halloween party extra sweet.

    Pumpkin &

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  • The Best Refrigerators for Less Than $500

    Our picks go beyond the basics and offer upgraded features. Our picks go beyond the basics and offer upgraded features. Shopping for a refrigerator can be stressful, especially when it comes time to compare many different models. That's why The Daily Meal is helping you by researching and comparing fridges on a budget.

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    We wanted to find the best refrigerators for less than $500, so we checked with major appliance retailers for fridges that are affordable, have good storage, will look great in your kitchen, and will keep your food fresh.

    With a budget of less than $500, you can't get deluxe selections like a side-by-side model, a bottom freezer, or a French door fridge, which is a side-by-side with a freezer on the bottom. You won't get any fancy add-ons, either, like a variety of colors to choose from, stainless steel, or external water or ice dispensers. But there are options out there for those on a budget.

    So what kind of refrigerator can you get for less than $500? A pretty nice model that has all the basics and a few upgraded features, too.

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  • The Best Pizzas in America

    101 Best Pizzas in America101 Best Pizzas in AmericaPizza! If you grew up obsessed with it - postgame pizza, movie-night pizza, baby-sitting pizza, college dorm pizza, New York-, New Haven-, Neapolitan-, deep-dish-, St. Louis-, Detroit-style pizza, pizza! - and pursued that American passion for cheese, sauce, and bread with an adult fascination for seeking the best slice, the finest pie, the Platonic Neapolitan, then the idea of naming America's best is likely contentious. Who serves America's best pizza? "My favorite spot, of course!" Americans will declare. Yes, pizza is tough to rank responsibly. But once again, that's just what The Daily Meal set out to do.

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    One of the problems with even the most well-intentioned best pizza lists is their length, or lack of length actually. Lists mentioning 10, 15, 25, and even The Daily Meal's own collection of 35 places last year just don't do the topic justice. There are too many great places that deserve

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