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  • Where Your Food Really Comes From: The 5 Corporations that Feed America

    Food Services of AmericaFood Services of AmericaWhen you sit down at a restaurant and take a look at the menu, what's the first thing you think about? Whether you're in the mood for pancakes or waffles, most likely. But behind every item on every menu across America is a backstory, and it's one that you might not be aware of.

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    There's a lot of attention right now being given to "farm-to-table" restaurants, where the chef thoughtfully sources each and every ingredient on the menu from reputable, local sources, shops at the local greenmarket for vegetables, meets with the farmer and butcher to make sure meats are raised humanely, and then painstakingly names every source on the menu. While these types of restaurants are great to have around, they're usually quite expensive and make up a minute percentage of all the restaurants that are out there.

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    Major foodservice providers are also frowned upon due to the belief that

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  • The 5 Best Athlete-Owned Restaurants for 2013

    The Ritz-Carlton, DenverThe Ritz-Carlton, DenverWhether on the gridiron, hardwood, diamond, or ice, athletes raise our expectations, and in crucial moments, dash our hopes or fulfill our dreams. Some of them cement fame and glory by following through on guarantees. Others fall, get backpage bullied, and live accepting that they never won a ring. Whatever their success in the record books, many gridiron heroes and ballpark messiahs have splashed their names on dining establishments that also serve as a shrine to their athletic glory. But there's not necessarily any correlation between winning and the ability to open a great restaurant.

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    For the last two years, The Daily Meal has evaluated the best athlete-owned restaurants in America, looking at restaurants owned or invested in by boxers, golfers, skateboarders, hockey players, quarterbacks, and basketball legends. For most, the formula is pretty standard: generic pub food, lots of TVs, even more memorabilia covering the walls, and always, always,

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  • 4 Incredibly Easy Sriracha Recipes

    Jane BruceJane BruceDavid Tran, the man behind Huy Fong Foods and its now ubiquitous product, Sriracha, probably didn't see anything like this coming: an explosion in popularity outside of the Asian-American community, from the chile sauce's integration into popular chain restaurant menus like those of Applebee's and P.F. Chang's to its new found place in haute cuisine with celebrity chefs. The hot sauce, after all, was originally created as a convenience for Vietnamese consumers who wanted something to dress up steaming bowls of phỏ noodle soup.

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    So we thought it was about time, then, to turn our attention to this spicy condiment as the theme for this week's Recipe SWAT Team. Some of us took an Asian-inspired approach, and others a more unconventional approach. Take, for example, Anne Dolce's Spicy Sriracha Wontons, which pack some serious heat and flavor into the filling thanks to Sriracha. If you've never made wontons before, they're easier than you think.

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  • 5 Healthy and Delicious Snacks for After-School Sports

    Amy HantenIt's halftime and the home team is down by two. What's going to get the players recharged and ready to take the lead in the second half?

    This school year, mix up your kids' Gatorade regimen with fun and creative homemade snacks. Instead of feeding them orange slices or hard-as-rock granola bars, give them something that tastes good and is good for them to enjoy during after-school-sports. Just as kids need their shin guards and cleats for the game, they also need to fuel their bodies with nutrients to be successful at sports. Before, during, and after their games, it's important to feed the little athletes things that will give them the protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals they need in their everyday diet - and it goes without saying that it should taste good, too.

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    These recipes have everything your kids and their bodies crave - whether it's protein-packed soy clusters for them to snack on during a break in the game or cheesy mini

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  • 5 Unique KFC Meals from Around the World

    KFC SingaporeKFC SingaporeKentucky Fried Chicken may be based in the Louisville, K.Y., but this fast-food chain has an immense global presence. For example, the chain was recently named the most powerful international brand in China (even over McDonald's and Coca-Cola) in a two-year survey that included 60,000 participants.

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    Massive brands like McDonald's and KFC are different in the menus they offer, but are similar in that they have found a way to use unique marketing strategies that are tailored to specific regions. For example, they implement colloquialisms like "wicked" and "fancy" in London and serve traditional Singaporean porridge with their original chicken in Singapore.

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    Though menu items at KFC in the United States can also vary by location, it appears as though international outlets have a wide range of different selections that are determined by the general tastes of a certain culture. There are Ramadan

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  • The 5 Best Store-Bought Veggie Burgers

    Jane BruceVeggie burgers are one of those foods that are extremely hit-or-miss. There are some restaurants that pride themselves on the assortment of vegetables and grains that go into their house-made burger, and others that stick a frozen puck into the microwave and hope you'll be none the wiser. But when it comes to frozen veggie burgers sold in supermarkets, there are some that are clearly superior to others. We put seven of the country's leading brands to the test, and walked away with one clear winner.

    Veggie burgers share a crunchy reputation with granola and other "health foods" that hit the market in the 1960s and 70s, but you don't need to be a vegetarian to see the benefit of eating these. They're a great way to get your vegetables, they're healthy, and we all know that everything tastes better when eaten on a bun with traditional burger toppings. And for all the love that beef burgers get, they're not something that you really want to be eating with extreme regularity. If there's an

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  • 5 Sexy Whole-Grain Salads for Summer

    Vicky Cohen and Ruth FoxThe health cred of whole grains is pretty well established - studies have shown that whole grains help reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension; help lower cholesterol levels in the bloodstream; and even help fight gum disease. They also keep you feeling full longer than refined carbs, cutting down on hunger pangs and preventing huge spikes in blood sugar. But quite frankly, not many people think of them as sexy - sensible, perhaps, like a Prius, a reliable pair of galoshes, or an electric pencil sharpener, but certainly not sexy. (Kudos to you if you believe any of these things to be sexy.)

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    "Many of us think cooking a whole grain is nothing more than dumping it in a cauldron and then looking at a forlorn bit of beige in the colander later," lament Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough in their celebratory cookbook, Grain Mains. But they're not just filler, they argue. They believe the range of flavors and

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  • 5 Regional Soft Drinks that We Wish Were National

    flickr/MayYumSoft drinks are one of America's guilty pleasures. We all know the big guys like Coca-Cola and Pepsi, but regional soft drink flavors can provide a special sense of pride. In a world dominated by large beverage brands, many regional soft drinks have stayed true to their roots and are still family owned and operated. Others have been bought by larger corporations, but continue to be distributed on a small scale in specific regions.

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    We compiled a list of the top regional soft drink chains we wish were available on a national scale. Some of these beverages, like Moxie, have such a strong following of loyal consumers there is a festival held in their honor. Other hometown favorites, like Chicago's Green River, have even been called "nostalgia in a bottle" because of its long-term popularity. It wasn't an easy selection, but to rank our list, we looked at the buzz surrounding the brands (including popularity on Twitter, Facebook, and the

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  • Make the Perfect Pulled Pork at Home

    Public Market CafeWhen you hear that something is inexpensive to shop for, easy to make, and an economical way of feeding yourself because it'll last for more than one meal, it's pretty hard to turn it down. So why do we keep buying our pulled pork premade from the store?

    For many, pulled pork is a quintessential Southern dish that can't even be touched with a ten foot pole. "I don't have a smoker," may be a common excuse heard, or "I don't know how to make authentic barbecue," might be another. What people don't understand is that pulled pork is one of the most basic and easy barbecue dishes to try their hand at (and we're talking about real barbecue, not a party that you have in your backyard that revolves around a grill), and that even some of the most basic recipes for pulled pork don't require a smoker or an open flame, like traditional barbecue recipes do.

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    A staple of the south, pulled pork originated out of the basic theory behind barbecue's

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  • Easy Ways to Use Seasonal Produce This Summer

    Flickr/jazzylolo {Lauren Kennedy Photography}Flickr/jazzylolo {Lauren Kennedy Photography}Summer markets are full of eye candy. You know what we're talking about - those bright, plump, fresh, ripe items that basically call your name as you walk through the aisle of a grocery store or past a farmers market stand. Summer's produce is a collection of food that is illustrious and beautiful, and is comprised of some of the most prized cooking ingredients in our kitchens. Fruits and vegetables are so luscious and tempting during the summer that it's hard to wait to get your hands on them.

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    But what should you do when you actually do get this bounty into your kitchen? Sure, you know that tomatoes are one of summer's greatest accomplishments, but do you know what to do with them besides toss them in a salad? Have you ever even thought of using a fig before? Or using a strawberry in something besides a fruit salad? Not only is the best produce so delicious at this time of year, but there's a number of

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