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  • Meatless Monday: 7 Vegetarian Recipes that Actually Taste Good

    Vegetarian ChiliVegetarian ChiliVegetarian Chili Recipe (pictured)

    Beans are an ideal source of Clean-Eating protein and even those who aren't vegetarian love this "meaty" meatless chili recipe. It is still a satisfying version of chili without losing out on hearty flavor. Use leftovers in a wrap for lunch the next day.

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    Vegetarian Ramen

    Here's a really delicious take on ramen of the vegetarian variety! This is served as part of a special menu late nights Thursday through Saturday at Uni Restaurant in Boston, and is part of a "Japanese izakaya" menu that also features pork buns and fried chicken.

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    Vegetarian Enchiladas

    Let's face it, you can put literally anything in enchiladas and they'll still be delicious. Meat, vegetables, beans, who cares? As long as it's smothered in tasty enchilada sauce and melty cheese, it'll taste good. This enchilada recipe is vegetarian-friendly, but good enough to please anyone. Well, except vegans. (If

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  • Get the Most Out of Your Kitchen Gadgets with Help from David Burke

    David Burke's French coffee press works double duty at his restaurants and is used to make lobster soup table side. David Burke's French coffee press works double duty at his restaurants and is used to make lobster soup table side. Being a chef is all about thinking on your feet and getting the most out of everything. This is even applicable to your kitchen equipment, which may serve just one purpose in your mind but can work double-duty in the kitchen if you use some of these helpful tips.

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    Coffee Cups and Saucers

    I love serving dessert in unusual vessels, such as coffee cups. My favorite way of doing this is to use the coffee cups and saucers as a display for a buffet. I'll rest a serving platter with the main course on top of the cups and saucers so that when you're finished with the main course, dessert is already out on the table.

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    Besides flipping eggs, spatulas are a fun presentation gadget for your table setting. I like using mine to rest place cards on.

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    Charcoal is not just for your grills! I like

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  • After Kale: 5 New Superfoods

    Superfoods You Need to KnowSuperfoods You Need to KnowEvery day we are faced with a choice of what foods to use to fuel our bodies. Although seemingly satisfying at the time, junk food and fast food are not the best options to give us energy and sustain our bodies. It's often difficult to choose the right kinds of food during a hectic day, but it's important to try to incorporate healthy choices. Eating a good diet (filled with a few of these superfoods) can benefit your health and fuel your body for a busy day.

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    Healthy lifestyle expert and author Kimberly Daly shares with us her top picks for superfoods that you should be eating. Daly says that "ditching pre-packaged, processed foods for whole options is the ticket to a healthier, happier you." She tells us that "loading your plate with new foods introduces you to different essential vitamins and minerals and makes mealtime a lot more fun."

    The uncommon superfoods on this list are easily accessible and can be found in local grocery stores or health food

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  • The 5 Biggest Food Show Flops in TV History

    Biggest Food Show FlopsBiggest Food Show FlopsNothing takes your mind far away from the stresses and worries of the day quite like the warming glow of the television. While there's certainly no shortage of engaging, educational programming available, sometimes we want to be entertained without having to do much in the way of thinking. Culinary programming falls under both umbrellas, with varying degrees of success.

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    Food shows have taken on a number of forms over the decades; from a single cook talking the audience through a recipe all the way to reality-based "extreme" cooking competitions. And while reality TV will apparently take on absolutely any subject, sub-genre, or eccentricity, not all reality shows have staying power. Not every show creates the street-wise, hip feel of No Reservations or captures compelling cooking drama quite like Hell's Kitchen. But plenty of networks have no problem throwing a bunch of shows against the wall and seeing what sticks.

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  • The World's Best Hot Chocolate Recipes

    Hot Chocolate RecipesHot Chocolate RecipesMexican Hot Chocolate

    This Mexican version is a rich and delicious brew that is reminiscent of the one written about in Like Water for Chocolate. To be completely authentic, the hot chocolate must be mixed with a "molinillo," a primitive-looking wooden stirrer used specifically for this purpose.

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    Max Brenner Hot Chocolate

    Located internationally and in Boston, New York, Las Vegas, and Philadelphia, Max Brenner knows how to serve up a great cup of hot chocolate. Whipping together thick, homemade vanilla cream, chopped chocolate chunks, and boiled milk, this hot cocoa requires a drinker who can endure extreme richness. But if you're up to it, this decadent cup of cocoa is more than worth the risk of a stomachache. Their special touch? Dishing up the drink in a hug mug, their trademark cup that perfectly complements the drinking experience.

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    Scott Campbell's Hot Chocolate


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  • 6 Great Sunday Stews to Feed the Entire Family

    Guinness StewGuinness StewGuinness Stew Recipe (pictured)

    Rumor has it that when Arthur Guinness first signed the lease to an unused brewery in the St. James section of Dublin, he was so confident in his brew that he made a deal to own the space for 9,000 years. Centuries later, it is safe to say that it was a smart investment. Everyone can respect a decent pour of the black gold, but what your loved ones will really go wild for is how you infuse it with traditional peasant fare in this easy, hearty stew.

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    Tuscan-Style Kale Bean Stew Recipe

    Cannellini beans give this stew a creaminess and body that will make you forget all about the carbs. If you can't sit around the house for three hours (and who can, really?), you can try using a slow cooker, or soak the dried beans overnight.

    The key to making this stew something really special though, is to make your own stock. But, if you must use store-bought, make sure to get the low-sodium variety. You'll be cooking this

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  • The World's Largest Wedding Cake

    Feast your eyes on the largest wedding cake on record.We love wedding cakes. From nerdy themed ones to gorgeous vintage ones, we love the artistry and passion that goes into making these confectionary wonders. But never have we seen (and maybe never will again) a wedding cake of this proportion.

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    According to a representative from Guinness World Records, the world's largest wedding cake ever displayed was baked by Mohegan Sun Hotel and Casino's chef Lynn Mansel and a team of 57 chefs and "pastry artisans" at a New England showcase in Uncasville, Conn. The cake itself weighed in at 6.818 tons (15.032 pounds) and had seven tiers - each of which took two forklift trucks to raise. If this cake were at a real wedding, it could have fed 59,000 people and evidently weighed more than a bull elephant.

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    Its predecessors weighed in "only" at 5,334 pounds (made by Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla., on June 12, 2003) and 1,530 pounds (Serendipity 3 Restaurant and World of Read More »from The World's Largest Wedding Cake
  • Slow Cook Your Sunday Dinner with 5 Great Recipes

    Slow-Cooker Pork ShoulderSlow-Cooker Pork ShoulderSlow Cooker Shredded Pork with 'Skillet Apples' Recipe

    A slow cooker makes this dish a snap. This fall-inspired dish is perfect for a Sunday dinner, as you can take the leftovers to work the next day, putting them into a sandwich, wrap, or simply serving them with a little brown rice for a nutritious lunch.

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    Slow Cooker Brisket Recipe

    Relax. Let the ingredients do all the work in this warm, welcoming dish. The beer tenderizes the meat, the onion soup gives it sweetness and depth, and the chile sauce goes "Zing!"

    This is from Tammie Barker, who notes that the same basic recipe can be used for up to seven pounds of brisket if your slow cooker can handle that much. True to her hometown, she uses a local beer in it (Boulevard Brewing Co.'s Pale Ale), and serves it with a Kansas City sauce (Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue KC Original).

    Click here to see the Slow Cooker Brisket Recipe

    Slow Cooker Brown Sugar and

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  • 5 Incredible Egg Recipes for Every Meal

    These incredible egg recipes will have you reaching for a dozen (or two). These incredible egg recipes will have you reaching for a dozen (or two). Eggs are simply incredible. Not only can they be prepared in a variety of ways, but they can be served at any time during the day and bounce back and forth from savory to sweet. Eggs are packed with protein and add creaminess and flavor to any dish. Let's face it - what isn't good with a fried egg on top of it?

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    There are so many possibilities for eggs, and this week, we put the Culinary Content Network and our staff to the test to come up with tasty recipes using the incredible egg. Here are some of highlights:

    Spinach and Mushroom Quiche

    This spinach and mushroom quiche is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

    Click here to see the Spinach and Mushroom Quiche

    Shakshouka with Feta Recipe

    Try this recipe for a new spin using eggs.

    Click here to see the Shakshouka with Feta Recipe

    Burger with Fried Egg and Beets Recipe

    This burger recipe, packed with meat, vegetables, and protein, is healthy and will fill you up.

    Click here to see

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  • 6 Things You Didn't Know About Dunkin' Donuts

    An original Dunkin' Donuts sign in Allston, Mass.An original Dunkin' Donuts sign in Allston, Mass.Dunkin' Donuts is a staple coffee and doughnut destination for many Americans, but we bet you didn't know that the company was founded in 1950, and within 4 years, founder William Rosenberg had already opened 5 locations. We set out to get to know Dunkin' Donuts a little better, and discover some of the secrets that the chain coffee shop may have been hiding from us. We certainly didn't realize that there were over 15,000 ways to order your coffee and there's no way all these interesting drink developments are on Dunkin' menus across the world. If you have a secret Dunkin' Donuts recipe leave it in the comments section and we might be able to re-create the Starbucks Secret Menu story with some Dunkin' recipes!

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    But more on Dunkin' - had you any idea that there were so many interesting facts about your favorite coffee and doughnut brand? We couldn't keep them all to ourselves so we thought we would let you in on a few of

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