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  • Why is Hostess Now Freezing Twinkies?

    Larry MooreLarry MooreWhen it was announced that the beloved Twinkie would finally be making its way back to grocery store shelves on July 15th after a much-too-long hiatus brought on by parent company Hostess' bankruptcy, there was much rejoicing. It appears as if the classic processed snack cake will taste just like the one you remember, albeit with one tweak: there's a good chance that the Twinkie you purchase might have been shipped to the store frozen.

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    In another sign of the cake's legendary durability, the New York Post learned that a percentage of Twinkies will be frozen before being shipped out to grocers, in an effort to "date the product for freshness," and provide them with "flexibility in filling their shelves," a representative told The Huffington Post.

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    This effort will help keep the Twinkies that make it to the shelf last longer, as they only keep for 45 days

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  • The Best Bars in America

    Arthur BovinoArthur BovinoBars are wonderful institutions, part watering hole, part social hub, part cultural phenomenon - places where people go when they want to be out in a crowd or else to be alone; where they can (depending on the bar) laugh, talk, dance, sing, sulk, play, fight, flirt, and of course leave sobriety far behind if that's what they're after. Places where people just go.

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    Every bar has its own personality, influenced by location and décor, by specialty (music, featured booze, clientele), and by the personality of its proprietors and bartenders - but that personality can change over time, meaning either from hour to hour or year to year. There are reasonably sedate after-work places that turn into raging singles scenes as midnight approaches, and there are bluegrass bars that evolve into biker bars over the course of a decade.

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    There are bars with rigidly defined customer bases, bars with themes,

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  • Busting the Most Common Kitchen Myths

    ShutterstuckShutterstuckDo you do something religiously in the kitchen just because your mother told you to? Salting the pasta water to make it boil faster, storing coffee in the freezer to extend its life span, or searing a steak for juicier meat are all tips we've picked up over the years for how to be a better cook, but the truth is that some of these tips are actually just myths.

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    Enter Angela McKeller, award-winning recipe writer and author of Gluten-Free Made Easy as 1, 2, 3: Essentials for Living a Gluten-Free Life, whose years of experience in the kitchen have taught her what to believe and what not to believe. McKeller has some surprising facts about certain rules that we've been living by in the kitchen, and she walks us through the most common ones and spells out the truth behind them.

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    Store Your Coffee in the Freezer to Extend the Shelf Life: MYTH

    McKeller is all for coffee - she drinks it regularly

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  • Andy Murray’s Food Obsession

    flickr.comflickr.comHow do you become a Wimbledon tennis champion? It takes a lot of practice, talent, and skill, but it also takes a hefty and healthy diet. Andy Murray, Wimbledon's first British men's champion in 77 years, has divulged his food obsession and perhaps secret to his endurance: sushi.

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    According to MSN Food, Murray reportedly consumes around 6,000 calories a day (the average male consumes about 2,500), and has been known to eat around 50 pieces of sushi in one sitting! Good thing intense tennis playing burns up to 700 calories an hour. The combination of protein and carbohydrates makes sushi perfect for athletic muscle recovery and blood sugar stability, and is apparently a common post-match food for many tennis players, including Serena Williams. When confessing his sushi adoration, Murray also noted that he eats sushi within one hour of training to maximize the food's benefits.

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    So the next time

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  • 6 Ways to Enjoy Summer Strawberries

    Flickr/Dudus MaximusNothing quite screams summer like the scent of fresh strawberries wafting through the farmers' market or the act of picking them off a bush and popping those sweet morsels in your mouth - usually resulting in red-stained fingers. But when strawberries are in season, any stains or spills caused in the line of consumption are well worth it.

    Often, you don't need more than the strawberries themselves, but sometimes a little honey or powdered sugar adds that little extra touch of sweetness. But the beauty of this fruit is that it can also be used in a variety of ways, each showcasing the simplicity and flavor of the berry.

    Try our recipes below and let us know your favorite way to enjoy strawberries.

    Strawberry Lemonade Recipe
    Fresh strawberries, hand-squeezed lemons, and water - the recipe may be simple, but it makes for a refreshing summer combination whose tartness and sweetness you can modify to your own taste using cold water. The strawberries should provide enough sweetness, but

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  • Shocking Golden Corral Scandal Goes Viral

    Imgur.comImgur.comBrandon Huber, a longtime Golden Corral employee, has taken to YouTube to expose what the Port Orange, Fla., location of the chain restaurant is really serving - "all-you-can-eat ribs by the dumpster." The two videos that were posted last week by Huber clearly show trays full of raw meat and other buffet foods that are stored out in the open, behind several dumpsters in the back lot, amid a natural fly frenzy. Huber's second video is a follow-up to the first, suggesting that the food in the first video was wheeled back into the restaurant after an inspection and served to buffet-craving diners.

    Related: Taco Bell's History of Food Scandals reports that a representative with Golden Corral claimed that none of the items in Huber's video were actually served to customers and were "disposed of within an hour of being outside." On the Golden Corral Facebook page and on Huber's YouTube video, the official Golden Corral account commented and claimed that Huber was in fact

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  • The Best Dine-In Movie Theaters in America

    HollywoodBlvdCinemaThe combination of dinner and a movie is one of America's favorite date-night choices. Now, some theaters around the country are allowing you to experience both at the same time. Dine-in movie theaters allow guests to eat their dinner while watching a movie, and these dinners offer menus that are far from standard concessions fair.

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    We compiled a list of the best dine-in theaters across the country based on dining amenities, menu variety, price, and food quality. From California to Brooklyn, here are the best theaters across the country where you can catch and flick and also grab a bite.

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    Foreign Cinema: San Francisco, CA
    Opened in 1999, this restaurant-theater hybrid offers a daily changing California/Mediterranean-inspired menu. It's located in the heart of the Mission District, and viewers at this go-to date spot can come in the evening for dinner or for brunch on the weekends. Foreign and independent

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  • The Coolest Lunchboxes Ever Made

    Flickr/Wired PhotostreamThe lunchbox is the classic symbol of happy childhood memories. Nearly everybody has carried one at some point in his or her lifetime, filled with sandwiches, sides, and juice boxes - all the fixins' of hopefully healthy and delicious lunches.

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    Here we take a look at a variety of lunchboxes throughout history, and highlight just how they've evolved - and how they've stayed the same - in both shape and design over the decades. Inherently, in doing so we also take a look at how pop culture and mass consumption of popular television characters has shifted. Happy lunching!

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    Etsy/BetterintimeEtsy/BetterintimeGang's All Here

    As Disney gained steam and developed more characters, another round of Disney tins was created - in this 1960s school bus rendition, many of the most well-known figures are pictured.

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    This 1976 box shows the popular sitcom Happy Days, highlighting a cartoon likeness of

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  • The Most Elaborate Celebrity Wedding Dinners

    Shutterstock/FeatureflashShutterstock/FeatureflashCelebrity wedding celebrations are known for their grandeur - whether it's their destination venues or impressive dinner menus that stand out. While wedding cakes are often the focus of the night, many couples plan their evenings around the meal.

    16 Outrageous Celebrity Wedding Cakes

    Menus at these elaborate affairs are often prepared to go along with the wedding's theme and location. For example, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel offered guests a selection of Italian delicacies that fit right in to their southern Italian wedding with dishes that incorporated the region's ingredients, like fresh-caught fish and vegetables from local producers. And when weddings are held at celebrity homes, the menus don't disappoint, either - it's often an opportunity to spend more on the catering.

    10 Amazing Cakes That Look Like Food

    Top Celebrity Wedding Dinners Include:

    Anne Hathaway & Adam Shulman

    Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman hosted their wedding rehearsal dinner at the Restaurant at the

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  • 3 Incredibly Useless Grilling Tools

    Uncommongoods.comUncommongoods.comWhen it comes to grilling, and cooking in general, it's easy to get wrapped up in buying fun gadgets and kitchen products. But when you stock your house with a bunch of useless tools that you only use once, you end up having a graveyard of novelty items collecting dust (think golf-themed BBQ tools).

    Best Steak Grilling Tips From the Pros

    Sure, it's fun to have some cool gadgets, but there has to be a limit - and they should be ones you actually use. To help you avoid wasting your money and precious storage space, we asked The Cooking Guy Sam Zien and Food Network's Aaron McCargo what they thought were some of the more ridiculous tools out there and came up with a few of our own.

    In Season: Cherries

    McCargo has some words of advice for the hard-core grilling people who have all the specialty tools: "People get way too sensitive and paranoid about what's going on out there. You don't have to be gentle, nothing you do on a barbecue is really tender anyway." So this summer, put away the

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