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  • 7 Delicious and Easy Chicken Salad Recipes to Make This Weekend!

    Chicken Salad with Asian Vinaigrette RecipeChicken Salad with Asian Vinaigrette RecipeAsian Chicken Salad Recipe

    I have been making (and hiding) this recipe since moving to California some 20 years ago when I had my first taste at a restaurant by the name of the Good Earth. I loved the tangy dressing with crunchy noodles. Over time, my recipe has evolved, and finally, I have nailed it.

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    Chicken Salad with Asian Vinaigrette Recipe (pictured above)

    Leftover chicken turns into a powerful chicken salad with a touch of Asian flavor.

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    Avocados Stuffed with Chicken Salad Recipe

    Queen avocado, or palta reina, as this popular dish is called in South America, is royally rich but perfectly simple. It's a great summer lunch and a real crowd-pleaser. I like to make my chicken salad with plain yogurt (not Greek yogurt, which is too thick) instead of mayonnaise to make it lighter.

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    Tarragon Chicken Salad

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  • Make Healthy Versions of Your Favorite Campbell's Soups at Home

    Bean and Barley SoupBean and Barley SoupIn the midst of cool weather, this is just what the doctor ordered - delicious soup served piping hot in a big bowl with some warm, crusty bread. And when it comes to ready-made soup, no brand is more iconic in the minds of Americans than Campbell's, despite competitors' best efforts in taste tests and advertising, the premise of which often revolves around superior taste, value, and sometimes nutrition.

    But, deep down, as cooks, we all know that nothing beats homemade soup. While the convenience of popping open a can and heating up its soup-like contents is hard to beat, once the meal is down the hatch (or for the more discerning, halfway finished), a creeping sense of guilt and perhaps regret always comes around. Think of the salt - just a half cup of Campbell's condensed tomato soup contains 480 milligrams of sodium; 750 milligrams for broccoli cheese; and 890 milligrams for both chicken noodle and beef with vegetables and barley. Think of the additives - Campbell's cream of

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  • The Most Alcoholic Cocktails in the World

    Most Alcoholic CocktailsMost Alcoholic CocktailsFiguring out what to order at the bar can be difficult, what with the copious amount of choices the bartender can offer you. There are hundreds of alcohols, liqueurs, and mixers that can be blended together to make some seriously delicious cocktails. But what if you just want one drink that'll really give you the kick you're looking for? That's where our list of the most alcoholic cocktails comes into play.

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    We did some research to find the most alcoholic cocktails, made with some of the highest-proof alcohols in very large quantities. We looked for drinks where the alcohol isn't diluted by things like juice, vermouth, sodas, and other mixers. The drinks that stood out the most were those that had one or fewer mixers in them. They were also the ones that came recommended to us by bartenders and master mixology consultants like Giovanni Love, who has opened Bar Naná in Manhattan's West Village as well as other bars across the country. Love was kind

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  • 8 Amazing Hot Dogs from Around the World

    Hot Dogs from Around the WorldHot Dogs from Around the WorldMany hot dog purists may argue that the United States is the best hot dog country in the world. Whether they're fans of Coney Island hot dogs from Nathan's or if they are devout worshipers of the Windy City Chicago dogs, either way, the U.S. hot dog lovers stand united.

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    However, the very origin of the hot dog can be traced back to Germany with the invention of the Frankfurter in the late 1600s by Johann Georghehner, a butcher who lived in Coburg. According to the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council, the American version of the hot dog began back in the 1800s. In1871 Charles Feltman, a German butcher, opened up the first Coney Island hot dog stand. He went on to sell 3,684 dachshund sausages in milk rolls during his first year in business, thus giving birth to the hot dog many of us recognize today.

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    Then came the famous Chicago hot dog, around 1893. The Germans once again brought their love of sausages to the

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  • 5 "Facts" About Drinking that Just Are Not True

    Alcohol MythsAlcohol MythsThere's something great about tossing back a few (or several) brews with friends - but then you may be left to deal with the most miserable hangover you have ever experienced in your life the following morning. So you do your best to prevent that by avoiding the typical things: no beer before liquor, drinking a cup of coffee so you can sober up efficiently before bed, and staying away from the Red Bull and vodkas that you used to love so much. But sadly, none of these things are actually going to help you out.

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    Alcohol is alcohol no matter how you consume it. While some drinks may be more alcoholic than others, it has nothing to do with their color, even though many believe darker beers are automatically higher in alcohol than their light counterparts. And as for those alcoholic energy drinks you're steering away from, that's probably a good idea, but it's not necessarily going to keep you from getting less intoxicated. People like to believe they

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  • 5 Easy Crock Pot Recipes to Plan Your Meal Around

    Crock Pot CookersCrock Pot CookersWith the holidays right around the corner, your inner hostess is likely to be having a full-fledged panic attack. There are centerpieces to create, decorations to put up, and guest lists to curate, along with perfect table settings to plan, unbelievable playlists to program, and dozens of favors to make. It is your job to make sure that the wine is perfectly chilled and the conversation doesn't stop. And on top of all of that, you're supposed to cook a fabulous meal and mingle with guests. How can you keep yourself out of the kitchen and in with the in-crowd? Two words: slow cooker.

    This gift from the kitchen-appliance gods is not merely a weeknight quick-dinner helper. This little invention is capable of cooking everything from full menus to quick party appetizers that would otherwise need a ton of TLC.

    The morning of your party, you simply throw your ingredients in and let the magic happen. The best part is that come party time, you (and your hands) will be free to mix and mingle

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  • Make Healthy Versions of Your Favorite Sauces at Home

    Make your very own Ketchup at home!Make your very own Ketchup at home!Barbecue Sauce Recipe

    This condiment may have a ton of ingredients, but it's the easiest to make. Just measure, blend, and serve.

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    Ketchup Recipe (pictured)

    You don't have to cook fresh tomatoes to make fresh ketchup; just use a can of tomato paste to cut your cooking time down.

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    Hot Sauce Recipe

    Letting this mixture sit for a couple days will just intensify the sauce even more.

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    Mustard Recipe

    Just combine these six ingredients, and you'll have mustard for your daily sandwich.

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    Tzatziki Sauce Recipe

    Most people associate cucumbers with fresh salads, vinaigrettes, and dill dip, but I like to pair it with something savory in the form of tzatziki sauce. Traditionally served as a Greek condiment with lamb, tzatiki sauce is a great pairing for whatever protein is on your plate and is the perfect

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  • 7 Deliciously Sweet Brownie Recipes

    s'mores brownies'mores brownieS'mores Brownies (pictured)

    There's nothing better than a brownie, and these s'mores brownies take the favorite dessert to the next level by adding the elements of a s'more to it.

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    Nutella Brownies

    This recipe went from just three simple ingredients to four, but we still think it's pretty simple. The applesauce adds a certain moistness to the brownies unlike any we've tried before, and the subtle, tangy flavor intensifies the rich Nutella.

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    Salted Caramel Brownie Buttons

    We all grew up on those wonderful brownies from a box. Those mixes are reliable standbys, delivering chewy fudginess every time. Tastes do change as we grow up though. The nostalgia of old can tempt us but ultimately a grown-up version of childhood tastes is what we're searching for. This brownie delivers exactly that. This chewy brownie is not too sweet, has been jazzed up with chocolate chunks, and finished off with a swirl

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  • 5 Incredibly Colorful Wedding Cakes to Brighten Your Day

    Technicolor Wedding CakesTechnicolor Wedding CakesTradition portrays wedding cakes as three-tired, bright white confection towers with little to no color. We may have them piped to perfection with interesting patterns and ornate flowers, but no matter how much decoration we give them, without a plop of color cakes can look, well, rather boring. Sure, they have beautiful, soft etching or dainty strings of frosting pearls, but they don't always come to life without that little extra boost. Put a splash of yellow here and hint of blue there and suddenly, your whole cake has a breath of fresh air washed all over it.

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    If a splash of color can make your cake come alive, imagine what an entirely bright cake can do! So many couples are ditching white frosted cakes in favor of beautiful, vibrant confections.

    And we aren't talking about just a pretty accented colored flower here and there. We mean a full-blown confectionery ode to the colors of the rainbow. Ranging from soft pastel colors to wild neon

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  • Subway Vs. Panera Vs. Quiznos: America's Best Sandwich Chains

    Chain Restaurants RankedChain Restaurants RankedThroughout modern history, it's never been particularly difficult to find a sandwich to eat. Just about every place that sells food will be able to make you one in some form or another, and if worse comes to worst it's also pretty easy to find bread and something to put inside it. But recently it seems as if a golden age of sandwiches has begun. From "artisan" breads to lavish, gourmet fillings, it's easier than ever to find a groan-inducingly good sandwich (and hardly anyone would argue against a perfectly composed sandwich being akin to a work of art). Thankfully, many chain sandwich shops are stepping up their game and offering some world-class sandwiches. They deserve to be recognized, so we're saluting the top ones.

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    In order to assemble our list, we reached out to the folks who would know best: you. We started with about 65 chains, defining a chain as any shop that has 10 or more locations. Some were national, some were regional. Next we assembled a

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