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  • Sunday Dinner: The Best and Easiest Italian Recipes

    Italian Wedding Soup RecipeItalian Wedding Soup RecipeItalian Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

    Every Sunday my father would go into the kitchen and become Mr. Sandwich, toasting up good slices of bread and filling them with all sorts of combinations. Some were good, some horrendous. But it turned me into a sandwich junkie. When you're making a breakfast sandwich, there's no time to waste. Frying the salami, sopressata is ideal because it's generously larded, crisps up the meat and gives the sandwich body. But it's also efficient, because you can use that same pan to make a sunny-side-up egg, glazing it with the spiciness of the rendered fat. (You can also use this trick to cook onions, peppers, or greens for a flavor boost with no extra work)

    There's a lot going on in this Italian sandwich, but it has great balance: The saltiness of the meat is offset by the sweetness of the basil and the creaminess of the egg and mozzarella. Soaking sliced red onion in ice water is something I learned from my mom. It takes the raw bite out of the onion and

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  • 5 Foods that Make You Smarter

    Get your brains in tip-top shape with these cognitive-powering foodsGet your brains in tip-top shape with these cognitive-powering foodsPhrases like "eat your carrots, they're good for your eyes" are common in almost every household with kids. While there may be truth to that statement, and other benefits of eating carrots, sayings like these can often fall on deaf ears because it seems that every food is responsible for something -"eat spinach to grow strong like Popeye" and "drink milk for strong bones."

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    The truth is that eating fruits and vegetables is good for you, plain and simple. And eating a variety is even better, so your body can get all of the nutrients and vitamins it needs to operate at its optimal level. The best part is that most foods offer a two-for-one deal, if you will. Carrots, for example, may help not only your eyes, but also your brain. And it turns out that if kale or kale chips have become recent staples in your kitchen, they might be doing more good for you than you think.

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    So, if there's a

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  • Wedding Cakes for the Adventurous Couple

    Adventure CakeAdventure CakeWedding cakes are an art form - an edible art form for that matter. And for many brides, the wedding cake is just as important as the dress and bouquet on their big day. A wedding cake is not something that is simply eaten and forgotten; it makes a statement with how good it looks, how great it tastes, and it reflects the bride and groom as a couple.

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    Adventure Cake (Pictured above)

    Heading into a lifelong martial commitment is definitely akin to venturing into the great unknown. This is the perfect cake for a couple who loves exploring the world hand-in-hand. We love that each of the tiers are loaded with amazing details, like his-and-hers suitcases.

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    From the stamps on the suitcases to the unbelievably lifelike camera, this cake perfectly captures a couple's adventurous spirit. We also love that the happy couple is sitting in a hot air balloon as an adorable cake topper. Thanks to The Butterfly

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  • 5 Foods Americans Eat that Are Banned Around the World

    Synthetic Hormones rBGH & rBSTSynthetic Hormones rBGH & rBSTThe United States government has set several rules and guidelines in place to protect us from eating potentially harmful foods. Several dishes considered real delicacies in other parts of the world, like haggis in Scotland or fugu (puffer fish) in Japan, are banned from the U.S. food market because of potential health risks. But looking at the issue from a reversed angle, there are actually several common foods eaten in America that are banned in other parts of the world.

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    The shocking truth is that many of our favorite foods, like boxed mac and cheese and yogurt, include ingredients that other countries have established as potentially harmful for health, and therefore are banned. Clearly, mac and cheese on its own isn't poisonous in any way, but the yellow food colorings #5 and #6 have been shown to cause hypersensitivity in children, and are therefore banned in countries including Norway, Finland, and Australia. For yogurt and other milk

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  • 6 Great Chicken Pot Pie Recipes

    A flaky, full topping for a dish you can make easily.A flaky, full topping for a dish you can make easily.Organic Chicken and Sweet Potato Pot Pie Recipe

    A twist to the classic chicken pot pie, try this recipe by adding sweet potatoes. You'll also make it from scratch, giving it that traditional homemade taste.

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    Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Pie Soup Recipe

    The Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Pie Soup is truly a comfort food soup. It's thick, creamy, and does taste like chicken pot pie without the crust!

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    Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

    I decided to forgo the traditional chicken pot pie - you know the one full of chicken, peas, carrots, and celery. I wanted this one to be a little French.

    The saucy sauce that brought the dish together was made with a little olive oil, butter, flour, chicken stock, and an abundance of fresh tarragon - the French part of the dish. Don't all French recipes seem to use so much tarragon? The tarragon seemed to make what can otherwise be a heavy meal

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  • 5 Health Reasons You Should Be Eating More Fish (And Recipes to Help You Do It)

    Love chicken Parmesan? Make this shrimp version instead — your health will thank you for it. Love chicken Parmesan? Make this shrimp version instead — your health will thank you for it. Sure, we've always known about the positive connotations that go along with eating fish. The protein-heavy meat has less calories than beef and chicken; it's rich in omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, and vitamin D and B2; and it's full of healthy minerals such as iron and magnesium. Along with the immediate health benefits of eating fish, it's also known for preventing a long list of diseases, making the consumption of fish well worth your time.

    So we're giving you seven reasons why you should be eating fish, and just to get your taste buds singing, we're sharing seven delicious recipes from Fornelletto Cucina & Wine Bar in Atlantic City, N.J. The restaurant, which was voted as one of the 100 Best Wine Restaurants from Wine Enthusiast in 2012, is home to chef Stephen Kalt and an Italian-focused menu. Inspired by many years of traveling through the country and working under chef Vincent Scotto at Fresco in New York City, Kalt designs dishes that are rooted in the traditional fare but also

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  • 5 Foods that Should Never Have Been Canned

    Foods that shouldn't be cannedFoods that shouldn't be cannedThere are some foods that are perfectly acceptable to can. Soup, for example. Ground coffee. Beans. Corn. You seal them in a can and they remain fresh and edible from here to eternity. And with advances in canning technology, you know it's not going to take on a metallic flavor. So go ahead, crack open that can of beans and add it to your chili. What, did you expect that we'd really take the time to soak them overnight and cook them ourselves? But then there are foods that just should have never been canned. Like, ever. We've got 5 of them for you right here.

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    The advantages to canning goods are pretty obvious. A food product can be made in a factory in 1978 and still be (marginally) edible 10 years later, should you be so inclined to eat it. Canned beer stays fresh and doesn't get exposed to sunlight. Anchovies can be shipped over from Italy and they'll taste just like they do in a Roman trattoria.

    But some people get

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  • The 6 Best Southern Fried Chicken Recipes on the Web

    The Perfect Fried Chicken Recipe.The Perfect Fried Chicken Recipe.Foreign Cinema's Fried Chicken Recipe

    Located in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District, Foreign Cinema spices up their fried chicken recipe with Madras curry powder and red chile flakes. The addition to sesame seeds in the breading gives the chicken an extra crunch. At the restaurant, the chef covers and refrigerates the chicken overnight for maximum flavor punch.

    Click here to see Foreign Cinema's Fried Chicken Recipe

    Gluten-Free Fried Chicken Recipe

    Nothing says down-home cooking like buttermilk fried chicken, and this recipe makes it gluten-free. With a light and crispy skin and just the right kick of spice, this is one recipe that will have you coming back for more.

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    Southern Fried Chicken BLT Recipe

    Coated in buttermilk and fried until crisp, Southern-style fried chicken is the perfect partner in crime for bacon. A tangy spread of Dijon mustard-inflected mayonnaise keeps the richness of each bite in check and

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  • The 5 Best Sesame Street Food Moments

    Sesame Food StreetSesame Food StreetChildren are certainly the world's pickiest eaters. Getting them to try new foods, eat healthy, or simply be adventurous is quite the challenge, and oftentimes they need a guiding force to encourage them. As much as we'd like to believe that parents are the ultimate source of guidance, little ones don't always listen to the grown-ups. And when something different or unusual appears on their plate, they aren't always on board to try the unfamiliar.

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    Beloved and classic childhood characters can aid in gently pushing our children toward good food choices. For decades Sesame Street has been the ultimate children's learning tool and aid to parents around the world. Teaching everything from healthy eating to word pronunciation, this iconic show has grown with children to help them understand the world around them. In their own unique and entertaining ways, the fuzzy Muppets give kids the subtle hints they need - especially when it comes to food.

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  • How Breakfast Differs Around the World

    Breakfast Around The WorldBreakfast Around The WorldBreakfast can be a tricky meal--some people won't leave the house without their morning nourishment and others never eat when they get up due to lack of appetite or time. But we have all probably at some point in life been told that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day," an old saying that actually might be - at least to some extent - true.

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    No matter what studies and research might say about breakfast - will it help you lose weight? Will you gain weight? - the morning meal is enjoyed in one way or another in countries all around the world. What a typical breakfast plate looks like can also tell a lot about a country's general food culture, and attitude toward this fast-breaking meal.

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    The traditional American spread of fried eggs, bacon, toast, and possibly potatoes might seem like an oddly heavy way to start the day to someone from France or Japan, for example. In France, the typical

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