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  • January in May

    January's style is always different so it's no surprise that her pregnancy style is too.


    I don't understand this look - the black shoulders and sleeves don't seem to work with the purple dress. And even though I like the draping in the front, it's not enough to make this work.

    'The Today Show' Guests

    On the flip side, this is a great summer shift, preggers or not. The embroidery details at the collar and sleeve add a special touch that makes this simple dress shine.

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  • All Hail Halle: A Slip of the Hip

    It's time to add a new feature called All Hail Halle. There are many A-listers with great bodies and impressive wardrobes but few manage the highwire act of looking absolutely smoking hot 99.9% of the time (with the other .1% clocking in at just average hot). Even when she slips up, Halle still looks incredible doing it.

    2011 FiFi Awards - Inside Arrivals

    It's a universal rule that once the bellybutton emerges, you can safely say that the S.S. Elegance has sailed on your ensemble. It's quite a risky manuever to wear a dress that seems more like a loosely draped towel but that's what being Halle Berry is all about - the ability to dress the way most mortal women wouldn't dare. Is this sexy? Definitely. Is it a little too "At the Club?" Definitely. Is it impressive that this is what 44 can look like? Hell yeah.

    Celebs Attend Nikki Beach Grand Opening at Tropicana in LV

    Here it's a double dose of hotness (and short do's). I have a tough time looking away from Olivier's smoldering Euro-ness but when I do, I'm really like Halle's summery breezy dress. The color

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  • This Week in Jolie-Pitt Adventures 2: Set it on Fire

    Is there a couple on the planet that poses better on the red carpet? They were each born with this unique skill and naturally, they gravitated towards each other because it strengthened their powers.

    Premiere Of Fox Searchlight Pictures'

    Aviators on the red carpet to save his eyeballs from being scorched by the Mrs's hotness or his own? It's a toss up.

    Brad's kicking it classy, going clean-shaven for a change. Angie's going for a change herself, ditching the dark colors for a blazing dress that looks like flames in motion.

    "The Tree Of Life" Los Angeles Premiere - Red Carpet

    While one shoulder can get a little old, I like the one sleeve effect and the faux casualness of the whole effect. It's like "I just roll out of bed and into couture."

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  • This Week in Jolie-Pitt Adventures: Kung Fu Family

    Everyone's childhood is different. You got tuna fish sandwiches and lectures. The Jolie-Pitt's get movie premieres with their foxy parents.

    Premiere Of DreamWorks Animation's

    Ang is working her usual black, with a sexy slit and slinky top. It's funny how it comes off totally sexy yet she's mostly covered up. Great ponytail too. Want a closeup?

    Premiere Of DreamWorks Animation's

    What's with the beige, Brad? Feeling like a wallflower or wanting to let your lady shine?

    Up close, I'm actually coveting Angie's belt, which has a chic ninja vibe to it.

    Brad and Angelina Take the Kids to a Movie A-List Style

    Z's her usual fashionable self, rocking a kiddie trench and pink boots. I like Pax's grown up blazer and sneaks combo, a la Dad.

    Brad and Angelina Take the Kids to a Movie A-List Style

    I've never used the word cape in a positive way but I am loving Angie's version. So many of them Mary Poppins, but this version is sleek and almost kimono-like.

    Shi's got a great combo at work and bonus points for the tie. Mad could set quite a few trends with his ensemble.

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  • This Week in Celebrity Fashion: At Home & Abroad

    Yes, it's all about Cannes but let's not forget that there are red carpets in the red, white and blue too.

    13th Annual Young Hollywood Awards - Red Carpet

    There's no reason why a girl can't get inspired by the KFC Colonel. Just because the man liked fried chicken doesn't mean he didn't rock a mean white suit. Camilla's sharp tailoring and menswear shirt are edgy and white hot. Plus, I could always go for some chicken.

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    2011 Joyful Heart Foundation Gala - Arrivals

    Spring is the time to bust out your florals and Hilary's lovely, ladylike take is gorgeous. The sky blue background is so happy and I love the surprising light purple peep-toes.

    cff celebs sightings day 8 180511

    What time is it in Cannes? Looks like it's sexytime for Elisabetta. This dress reminds me of Elizabeth Hurley's ensembles - the aggressive sexuality and peekaboo plays. But any girl that's dating George Clooney knows that she needs an exit strategy for the inevitable goodbye. And this dress is definitely trying to get someone's attention.

    amfAR Gala - Red Carpet Arrivals - 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival

    You have to love a girl who goes for the nailpolish/dress

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  • Pene’s Threesome

    Week 2 of Penelope's world tour and she's still giving great fashion.

    Penelope Cruz attends 'Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' Premiere in Madrid

    Whenever Pene goes for black lace, there's something of the grande dame about it and if it's a classic shape, it does age her a bit.

    "Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" Germany Premiere

    This is much better. I love the red sizzle and slightly futuristic edge of this Armani.

    pirates photocall madrid 180511

    Feeling…jumpy? So many jumpsuits go right back in time to the 70′s but what I really like about this one is that it's completely modern. The halterneck and pockets are a great touch too.

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  • B&W Gwen

    I'm not quite sure what Gwen was doing at Cannes, except for a lot of fierce posing, but she definitely brought some drama to the red carpet.

    "This Must Be The Place" Premiere - 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival

    I'm all for a smoky eye but it's probably a good idea to stop before it looks like a black eye. Disregarding the makeup, like Gwen's dress, I'm torn about this look. I love black and white and the black throughline is unusual but I just think cutouts are very rarely elegant and can distract from an otherwise great design. I do love the peep toes, with their hint of red.

    amfAR Gala - Red Carpet Arrivals - 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival

    When I said fierce posing, I meant it. You know Gwen had some deep tissue massage to get the kinks out after standing like this. It's a very glam look that over the top enough for this kind of event. I like the gold accents and even the poufy hair. It's kind of too much is not enough which is the essense of Cannes.

    "The Tree Of Life" Premiere - 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival

    Hello, Studio 54. From the fun hair and pink lips to the louche jumpsuit, there's something very sexy 70′s about the look. Gwen tends to

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  • Right Now in Jolie-Pitt Adventures: In the Cannes

    We can pretend that there are other celebrity couples but really, who are we fooling? This is the only couple that matters and they're bringing their joint wattage to Cannes, big time.


    Hello, sexytime. I'm surprised to find myself digging on BP in his hot white. Yes, the goatee's back but at least it's trim. Yes, the sunglasses are a bit much but they're Euro chic. Who knew that I'd think that a loose neck T and gold chains were hot?

    Marc Piasecki

    Date night on the French Riviera. Just you and your lady. And your bodyguards and the press. Ah, romance.


    Ka-blam, it's the double impact of his and hers eveningwear. Do I love Angie's messy hair and eggplant color gown? Do I love Brad's old school cut tux? Does it really matter? It's Angie and Brad, they'd look hot and superstar-ish in torn t-shirts and jean shorts. Acid wash jeans. Let's just enjoy this rare red carpet sighting of A-listers in their natural habitat.

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  • Cannes Pas De Deux

    So many events, so many outfits. Here we get two from four.

    Diamonds Are Girls Best Friend - 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival

    Can you wrong with black lace? Very rarely and what I like about Uma's ensemble is that she keeps things simple. Great earrings, adorable sandals and a dress that showcases both.

    amfAR Gala - Red Carpet Arrivals - 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival

    While I find the color of this gown a little dreary, I think Uma's makeup is stunning. It's not that the dress isn't pretty enough but it could just go that little bit further.


    I love this look on Kirsten. Not only is the mustard yellow a great color on blondes, but the draping on this dress manages to be both elegant and modern.

    "Melancholia" Premiere - 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival

    Unfortunately, other than the great hair, there's nothing good with what's going on here. Why the oddly colored halter over a black polka dotted gown, with strangely Little House on the Prairie flounces? It's different elements of other, possibly better dresses, thrown together in a completely wacky way.


    I'm not sure what I think about this look. On one hand, I get the dramatic

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  • This Week in Celebrity Fashion: For Those Who Cannes’t

    Not everyone's invited to the big party over in Cannes but hey, they had better things to do anyway, right?

    Emma at the Ritz

    The haircut may be growing out a bit oddly but there's nothing wrong with Emma's fashion growth. I think this dress is adorable, the perfect blend of sweet and sassy but most importantly, right for a girl her age.

    Amanda Edwards

    Speaking of people acting their age, it's Demi and Ashton, perfectly color coordinated. His red belt matches her red clutch and I bet his boxers go with her top. Haters gonna hate but that's true love. I do actually love Demi's look because it looks like it shouldn't go together but it does and I like how she accented the top's colors with her accessories. Makes me want to be bolder in my choices.

    Gwyneth Paltrow poses backstage at the National Movie Awards 2011

    Another week, another Gwyneth attempt to shock and awe with something lowcut or highcut or both. I'm getting tired of her constant cries for attention and abuse of fashion. That doesn't mean I wouldn't steal those heels right off of her.


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