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  • Charming Charlize

    One week, four very different looks, from head to toe, for Charlize.

    W Magazine's 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards CelebrationThis is a softer, more feminine look than I'm used to seeing from Charlize and it suits her. Everything is soft and flowing but she still throws in the tough girl heels.

    17th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards - Arrivals

    How tall and thin do you have to be to pull this off? The patterned black fabric and dramatic pleating are balanced by the absolute simplicity of her hair and makeup.

    psff brunch 080112

    While I get the idea of this day look and like the exploration of color, I find the shape a little awkward and unflattering.


    Giving a very Grace Kelly vibe here, Charlize goes for full on ladylike chic in elegant lacy yellow. The side details and heels are the only concession to modernity yet nothing here looks dated.

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  • Ladies in Leather

    Apparently, January is leather month. Who knew? 'Tough chic' is not an easy look to pull off, unless you're a French fashion editor, which means that for our ladies, it's more fail than fierce. Everyone tried to soften up their leather but not everyone succeeded.

    The Weinstein Company and Audi Celebrate Awards Season at Chateau Marmont

    Paula's gone for the sausage look, squeezed in. Not saying that it's not hot, just a little uncomfortable-looking. The lace detailing add a great feminine touch to the whole La Femme Nikita vibe.

    Forevermark And InStyle's

    I'm not sure what to make of this. Obviously, Jessica's body looks great, I just don't think this dress highlights it in the right way. I'm okay with everything above the waist but that kind of prairie skirt just doesn't make sense in leather. It's like a naughty dairy maid and it's just wrong.

    2012 People's Choice Awards - Red Carpet

    Same idea, slightly better execution. The lace is supposed to lady things up but I feel like it compromises the whole look. What's wrong with the whole dress in leather? If you're going to go all Harley Davidson on

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  • This Week in Jolie-Pitt Adventures: Pretty Politics

    Even presidents must get starstruck. This week, Brad and Angie hit the red carpet and The White House, bringing glam to D.C.


    brad angelina 090112

    Both Brad and Ang have skin in the game this awards season so I'm expecting a lot more red carpet moments, hopefully better than this. Angie's channeling a kind of 80′s Dallas vibe here while Brad looks like a constipated Popeye.

    angelina-jolie-foreign-language-film-golden-globes-05But that was preferable to this ho-hum 'Working Girl' ensemble.

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  • Celebvertising: Hot Holmes

    How about this for a surprising image? Katie Holmes, going sexytime for H. Stern. Obviously, Katie isn't hurting for spending money but she hasn't had much work lately. Showing lots of skin and a small amount of jewelry might help people see her as more than Suri's mom. But it'll take more than this to make people forget who her husband is.katie-holmes-h-stern-topless-02

  • Madonna: (g)love it or Hate It

    W.E - Photocall

    Madonna's so ahead of the game she's working trends Lady Gaga hasn't even dreamed of yet. Fingerless leather gloves on the red carpet? Why the hell not? She'll practice some yoga, direct a movie, go to Kabbalah services, lay down some tracks, have dinner with her kids and then go dance it out with her 24 her old boyfriend - and that's just a slow Tuesday. She's Madonna, bitches and don't you forget it.

    The UK Gala Premiere of W.E.

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  • Michelle X3: Classic B&W

    Michelle's been everywhere this week and not one look has been less than perfection. She may not be the edgiest girl on the red carpet but she's become one of the few young actresses with a defined and consistent look.

    Forevermark And InStyle's

    Utter simplicity - just a play on fabrics - but it's a light, radiant look.


    Love the playful, Mod-ish vibe of this look. It has a 60′s feel without being costume-y.

    17th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards - Arrivals

    I am in love with this look. It's like a modern interpretation of old Hollywood Jean Harlow glam. I love the way the black accents the dress, especially the bottom half. It's elegant but sleek and a standout.

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  • This Week in Celebrity Fashion: Cruise’s Chicks

    It was a quiet week on the red carpet because celebs need to get their gifts on too. But luckily, two ladies in the Cruise orbit delivered. One plays his love interest and the other…well, let's hope she's not acting.

    BIRTHDAY GIRL! Katie Holmes and husband Tom Cruise leave their hotel with daughter Suri to celebrate Katie's 33rd birthday in NYCWhen Katie wore designers, she looked great. But since Katie became a designer, the looks have been less than stellar. This old-fashioned jumpsuit looks like something Ali McGraw or Diane Keaton would have worn in 1973. It probably would have been cool back then but now it looks like a frumpy costume.


    I have a deep aversion to navy and black combos. Even though I love sheer fabrics and love swiss dots, this dress feels like a grown up version of a little girl's dress. Is the bodice supposed to be see-through or was that an accident? And why the work pumps for the red carpet. The only bright side is Katie's amazing makeup.

    Celebrities Visit SiriusXM

    Now why couldn't Katie have worn this? This is a very hot all black look with a sleek, almost futuristic LBD. I'm also feeling

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  • This Week in Jolie-Pitt Adventures: Kiddie Circus

    How do you keep six kids of varying ages entertained? Step right up to Cirque de Soleil. Mad & Pax seemed enthralled by mom's side but the little ones are a tougher crowd. Knox and Z are a little freaked by the noice, Viv is into it while Shi's looking a little bored. I guess keeping six kids interested isn't that easy after all.

    EXCLUSIVE: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie take their children to Cirque du Soleil's Michael Jackson show in Las Vegas

  • This Week in Celebrity Fashion: Nights in Black Satin

    When I get a little tired of seeing black on the red carpet, I think ahead to the upcoming award show season which will be loaded with the bizarre, boring and bold. That makes me appreciate black a little bit more.

    6th Annual Charity: Ball Benefiting charity:water Hosted By Jessica Biel

    Lately, Jessica's choices have been depressing and this take on a Sicilian widow is no exception. There's nothing wrong with the dress but it's definitely not a choice that someone who's celebrated for her body should be making. Same dress as a mini=sexy but in its current form, even with the seemingly sheer skirts, it's a snooze.

    DeLeon Tequila Tidal Issue Dinner With Kate Beckinsale And FLAUNTKate's all about the waist and in this outfit, I can see why. Without the belt, it's a pretty enough dress but with it, the silhouette changes into something special.

    1B7615AAMost of the time now, we see Sandy with baby Louis in leggings so it's great to see her in Hot Mama mode. While I'm not a fan of suits on the red carpet, I'm willing to make an exception. The exaggerated shoulders, the waist details and the nude lace cami all work

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  • Patton’s Fashionable Army

    It's hard to get a WWII reference into a blog about celebrities and fashion but it's not impossible. Every moment can be a learning experience. While Paula Patton isn't liberating Europe from tyranny, she is liberating the red carpet from the tyranny of bad fashion during her Mission Impossible trip around the world. Each is a victory.

    'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' premiere

    I am a big fan of animal print in unexpected colors and this purple/lavender take on a classic is sexy. Bonus points for the strategic lace placement which adds a touch of elegance.

    Paula Patton attending the premiere of "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" held at the Cine Lagoon in Rio de Janeiro

    Despite a little too much volume, this is a lovely happy dress. The colors are vibrant, the jeweled details a dramatic touch.

    Tom Cruise and Paula Patton at Brazilian BBQ restaurant in Rio De Janeiro

    Hola, sexy! From the bra as bodice to the laceup heels, everything about this look for a Brazilian promo jaunt is Carnival-icious.


    Do you think she practiced this pose? Going a little more traditional but no less glam, this silver mini with sheer detailing is gorgeous. Waging war on bad fashion has never looked

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