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  • The Girl in the Peekabo Dresses

    As one of the few people in the world who haven't read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I have no skin in the game regarding the casting of Rooney Mara as the punky heroine. What I do care about is how this girl is ruling the red carpet with looks that seem to channel the edgy vibe of her role.


    This jumpsuit looks like something out of Blade Runner. While I don't like it as fashion, I can appreciate it as a statement.


    This is exactly what a punk rock wedding gown should look like. It's a kind of deconstructed take on classic shape and I am in love with the sleeves. In fact, if it wasn't open at the ribs, it would be a beautiful dress, period.

    1B759DB7Girl certainly knows how to work a theme, doesn't she? Never have I seen anyone so determined to show her ribs off. But nothing can take away from the dark beauty of this Prabal Gurung confection. The front is edgy and chic, softened by the barely there sheer. But it's the back that is the height of tough sexiness. I may

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  • This Week in Celebrity Fashion: Holiday Highlights

    'Tis the season…to be fashionable? Looks like our ladies are getting seasonally sensational in some really outstanding looks this week.

    2011 Kennedy Center Honors Gala Dinner

    There's something very grown up about this whole look. Instead of being Rachel Zoe's dress up doll, here Anne looks very much like her own person. Not every red carpet is about making a statement. Sometimes, it's enough to just look pretty.


    Why don't women wear more fuschia? It's a color that brightens your face and gives you a glow. The design of Emily's gown is simple so that it's all about the color. I'm also loving her new soft bob.

    American Giving Awards Presented By Chase - Red Carpet

    I usually don't include the very young 'uns but I thought Miley's look was so lovely that it deserved to be with the grown ups. This girl spends lots of time in cut off denim so this nude gown and major jewelry is a huge upgrade. I'm also loving the sleek hair and glowing makeup. She manages to be an adult version of herself.

    Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures'

    I love me some Rachel McAdams so any time she's on the

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  • Doubles

    When it rains, it pours? This week, Charlize was promoting her new movie and Julianne was galivanting around town.

    "Young Adult" World Premiere

    I am loving Charlize's new length for her wavy hair. She can look so forbidding and this softens her look. Leather can look tough but the color keeps this light and pretty.

    Charlize Theron Looking Gorgeous for "Letterman"

    We see a lot of posing but this is where Charlize's model days stand out. She has this way of standing that looks very natural but highlights everything perfectly. I like the simplicity of the black and white look, which makes her look very sleek.

    Pirelli Celebrates The Global Launch Of The 2012 Pirelli Calendar By Mario Sorrenti With Gala Dinner - Arrivals

    There is a lot going on here and most of it is odd but I like it. The sleeve/neck scarf situation is a little surprising, especially with velvet, the shoes are crazy, the double bracelets unnecessary - but somehow all together and her specifically, it works.

    Waterford Unveils Premier Interiors Collection At "Live A Crystal Life"Okay, confession time. I have a sleeve fetish. Big, poufy, wide, I love them all. So obviously, there's something about this dress that speaks to me. I kind of like the

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  • This Week in Jolie-Pitt Adventures: In the Land of Love & Money

    Okay, so that's not the exact new name of Ang's directorial debut but it's a fair description of her life. This week she was everywhere promoting the movie, rocking her man and neutrals. She's gotten a little scary skinny so everything looks really big and flowy on her but she's still very glam.

    Angelina Jolie promoting new movie in New York.

    There's something very 70′s about this whole day look, from the head to toe color to the Annie Hall width of the pants.

    Angelina Jolie Continues Her Promotional Tour Despite Rain

    Same colors, this time in a chic ladylike dress.

    Angelina Jolie is all smiles as she leaves a press junket at the Mandarin Hotel in New York City

    When my mom saw this look, she called it old lady-ish. And I guess it is old lady-ish, with its demure shape and sad color, but no matter what she's wearing this is one old lady who's capable of kicking your ass and stealing your man. At the same time.


    Do you think she just buys the same thing in multiple colors? I can't argue with the flexibility of it but it does get a little depressing for folks like me. Still, the hair and makeup are great but her legs are so thin that it looks like her

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  • Superfly

    There are rules for a Jennifer Lopez awards show appearance: there will be cleavage, she will out-diva anyone there and she make it crystal clear that she ain't crying for Mark Anthony or any other man who doesn't have the cojones to be Mr. Lopez.

    2011 American Music Awards - Press Room

    The theme of the evening was nude, as in isn't she…? This dress could be considered a relatively conservative option since it wasn't censored with black bars.

    Jennifer Lopez Host Fiat Event At Greystone Mannor

    Oh, I've missed the SexyFace and she's giving it so fierce here too. From nude goddess to sexy bird, Jennifer covered up only to go shortie short.

    2011 American Music Awards - Show

    And what a free bird she is! She's swinging now. Who knew you could go so bare on TV? And I'd love to know the brand of hair spray she's using because not a single hair is out of place. Why shouldn't she treat herself to a 24 year old boytoy? It's every diva's prerogative.

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  • Too Much Hotness

    IN LOVE - Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes spend quality time together at the Pere Lachaise Cemetery in ParisIt's enough that they're Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling. It's enough that they're dating. That's already a powerhouse of hotness. But throw in a trip to Paris, with both of them all La Vie Boheme-ing in the most romantic city in the world and it's just too much hotness to bear.

  • This Week in Celebrity Fashion: Who’s the Diva-est of Them All?

    The red carpet is no place for wallflowers but rarely do we get such a grouping of women who've been called…tough, difficult, dare I say…divas? Of course, some are just "misunderstood" while others don't like eye contact with regular folks. But on the red carpet, it's all smiles.


    Has anyone told Beyonce that women have given birth before? Because, if it's possible, with this pregnancy, she's gotten to a whole other level of diva-ness. But this lowkey (for her) look is actually a very elegant way to dress up the baby bump. I just wish that she's stop two-toning the hair, even if it does match the dress.

    Barneys New York Celebrates The Launch Of Gaga's Workshop - Inside

    Here's the thing about this suit - I actually like the color, I'm just overwhelmed by it. Looks like Blake was too because she forgot her top completely. The shoulder lace detailing is a little Joan Collins but I still like it.

    children of chernobyl 221111CZJ wears this silhouette a lot, in a rainbow of colors, but honestly, if it looks this good, why would change it up? The cut of the

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  • The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coats

    It's rare that celebrities bother with outerwear because in the long walk from the chauffered SUV to the VIP entrance, things like weather don't really impact them. Sometimes they want to be "of the people" which means walking around or actually spending more than a few poses outdoors. Turns out they can do coats fiercely too.

    Blake Lively literally carries away by Chrisitan Louboutin after his book launch in NYC

    There is something very pimp-a-licious about this leather coat, and I mean that in the very best way. The color gives me a kind of 70′s vibe but the design is surprisingly ladylike. I love the idea of combining leather with classic tailoring.


    Despite the messiness of the outfit, I am in love with Anne's trench. I'm a fan of black & white but it's the way the colors are split that make this coat so special and eyecatching.

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  • Dear Kim K


    Dear Kim K

    No way!

    I am giving you an "A"

    And I will tell you why

    No need to reply

    Was it a treat?

    Or was it a trick?

    Hard to guess when you're a freak

    And trying so hard to look chic

    "Butt," marrying in a rush

    Just magnified the trash

    Sorry to mention your roots

    "Butt," you can't hide behind thigh high boots

    Wait, there's more, that famous tape!

    That brought you to the current state

    OMG, what a fate!!!!

    Please, don't forget what you're famous for

    "Butt," we're not looking for an encore

    You took the boy

    His name is Humphries

    Played with him like a toy

    And then just dumped him

    You got your fairy tale wedding

    And laid out on your own bedding

    Made of it a fortune

    And we're subjected to this torture

    Your dream is to be Elizabeth Taylor

    You're getting there, failure by failure

    Enough of your dirty sheets

    The whole soap opera is not a hit

    This doesn't give me the

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  • This Week in Jolie-Pitt Adventures: Grandparents Day

    It's been awhile since we've seen the Jolie-Pitt tribe on the loose. This week, the grandparents are in town and it's family fun day at a local indoor amusement park although everyone seems more tired than amused at this point.EXCLUSIVE: Angelina Jolie with her children and Brad Pitt's parents in Hungary


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