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  • This Week in Celebrity Fashion: Ghoulishly Great

    Because it's Halloween, I was ready to get scared by this week's fashions. Instead, the (blood) red carpet delivered some impressively undead looks, in always frighteningly festive black and ghostly white.

    The Fashion Group International presents 'The 28th Annual Night of Stars

    Is Jessica puffed up because she's back with Justin or is she just happy to see us? Yes, the shoulders on this gown are crazy but I love them. The peekabo bodice add some jazziness and the golden leaf belt gives this look a very classic grace.

    15th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala Presented By Starz - ArrivalsI've raved about Michelle before and with dresses like these, I'm going to keep raving. What's lovely about this gown is how deceptively simple it is - it seems like the only decoration is the golden bodice detailing until you notice that the skirt is completely sheer. It's a subtle sexiness that few manage so well.

    15th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala Presented By Starz - Red CarpetMore sheer drama. I am in love with the insane embroidery on this dress but there's even more to it than that. The entire thing is actually sheer, making Rosie a bold girl.

    The 2011 amfAR Inspiration Gala Los Angeles - Red CarpetI don't know how much I want to

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  • The Rapidly Diminishing Demi

    "Margin Call" New York PremiereI used to love weeks with pics of Demi on the red carpet because you knew you were always going to get a great look. But over the last few weeks, I've been dreading seeing pics of her as she gets more and more skeletal. I know that stars are actually real people who despite millions and mansions aren't immune to the same problems regular folks have. But if you're feeling so blue that you're starting to disappear, it's time to take a break to take care of you. I know Ashton must have seemed like a fine meal for a cougar like you but he's not the only meal in town.

  • This Week in Celebrity Fashion: Some Like It Odd

    Maybe it's because we're coming up on Halloween but amidst the usual lovely ensembles, I was scared silly by some terrifying looks. And without anyone even offering candy.


    Let's start things off on a positive note. It's been awhile since we've seen Camilla but she looks perfect, as always. The color of the dress is amazing and the draping is gorgeous. Love the sleek mane and sparkly heels. What other word except perfection.


    Hello, princess! CZJ is really glamming it up here with a head to toe glow. I'm loving the high pony and the glittery gown is so lovely. Also, bonus points for getting hubby to match the tie (and hair).

    ELLE's 18th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute - Red CarpetYou can call her Ms. Witherspoon, if you're nasty! The southern belle delivers an "I mean business" ensemble. I am loving the unexpected shape of the lace blouse and the bursts of color from the earrings.

    ELLE's 18th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute - Arrivals

    I can't remember the last time I saw the fabulous Ms. Pfeiffer on a red carpet but she looks amazing. She's never been showy and

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  • 3 Names, 3 Looks

    What do you call a girl with two first names? It always confuses me and I end up going with initials. This week, ERW goes for 3 completely different black looks. It's amazing how this girl can tranform herself with a little lipstick and hairwax.

    bfi ides of march premiere 2 191011

    I like this look but I think it's a little mature for a girl her age so it comes off a little costume-y. I'm not sure what that look is supposed to convey but I'm liking the attitude. And the scarlet heels.

    bfi the ides of march 2 191011

    Then there's the good girl, channeling Barbra Streisand in '68. I like how this look references mod dresses but updates it with cool boots and simple hair.

    18th Annual ELLE Women In Hollywood Tribute

    And finally, there's a vampy bad girl. I am totally feeling the sheer panels on this gown. Because the necklines high, it doesn't come off as too sexy but rather a sleek way to show subtle skin.

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  • George’s Girl

    If it's getting close to awards season, it's time for Clooney to debut his latest girlfriend. This year's model is Stacy Keibler who is delivering on the deal - look good on the red carpet, smile brightly and make him look good (=younger).

    Ides Of March - Paris Premiere

    At first, it's all pretty dresses and trips to the villa in Italy and red carpets. Any girl's fantasy, right?

    nyff the descendants 171011

    And then a girl starts thinking "maybe I'm the one who'll finally get him to settle down" especially when he sees me in this see-through dress.

    And that's when it's over.

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  • Agent Provocateur

    Someone's feeling the sexy this week. Jen breaks out of her LBD (long/little black comfort zone bigtime with a racy silver dress that has more slits than fabric.

    ELLE's 18th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute - Inside


    While I'm all for someone trying something different, I find myself preferring Jen in her black dresses. It's not that this look isn't sexy, it's just that it's almost aggressively so. The slouchy fit of the top part of the mini is a little awkward and that combined with the length and back are almost too much. Boobs, back or legs but not all at the same time. But when she gets out of her comfort zone, she really gets out of it.

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  • This Week in Celebrity Fashion: The Bold & The Beautiful

    Some weeks, it's a parade of LBD and safe choices. Some weeks, our ladies take flight and present us some unusual choices. Whether you like them or hate them, let's be grateful that they're being creative.

    Film Independent At LACMA Presents "The Rum Diary" - Arrivals

    Amber's entering some Angelina Jolie/Megan Fox sky high slit territory and it's great to have another member of the club. I am loving the platinum hair and razzle dazzle red combo. Keeping everything fresh and light, she gets to shine.


    It's not easy to be both daring and interesting but Emma manages it yet again. This dress reminds me of peppermint candy and its optical illusion keeps your attention but doesn't distract from the girl.


    Oh, Jules, when did you lose your sparkle? Did you somehow decide that being a mom and being a movie star are incompatible? First of all, it's hard not to notice that your face looks…extremely refreshed and girl, don't even try the whole "I just moisturize" routine. Secondly, other than the gleaming hair and great jewelry,

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  • This Week in J&J Romance: Beaming in Black

    We already know that Jen and Justin love to dress alike. It's twins day everyday for this pair. While the color palette doesn't vary (grey, black, white, black), there are two distinct looks that they work in rotation.

    **EXCLUSIVE** Jennifer Aniston, with her beau Justin Theroux closely behind her, seen exiting an office building in New York City

    By day, they're urban Bonnie & Clyde: They're not robbing banks because they're already loaded, they're just trying to escape from the paparazzi. Besides for new addiction to fedoras, there's the bummy casual wear and shades.

    American Cinematheque's 2011 Award Show Honoring Robert Downey Jr. By night, it's urban sophisticates. Skinny tie and usually too tight pants for him, another take on black glamour for her. To complete the look, tousled sexy hair for both as well as bemused/sly smiles.

    25th American Cinematheque Award Honoring Robert Downey, Jr. - Show

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  • Hidden Fox

    megan-fox-armani-beauty-ads-01I barely recognized Megan Fox in these holiday Armani Beauty ads. On one hand, she looks amazing on the other, she looks like the alient version of herself. I'm all for photoshop but I always thought that the whole idea of paying for a celebrity model was that people would actually recognize them.

  • Killing It Softly

    There is no young Hollywood actress who is more consistently stylish than Emma Stone. There are plenty of girls who are working hard for that title but Emma explores new looks in a way that always seems effortless. These three are no exception.


    I'm always on the lookout for replicatable day looks and this is a perfect example of something everyone can try. I love the sheer polka dot top over the cami because it's sexy in a daywear way. You can belt it over a pencil skirt for some naughty librarian type action or wear it over jeans, for an easy look.


    This is definitely more sophisticated and there's a slight 70′s vibe too. The color could be a little drab but with her hair, it works. Great draping too.

    The Help - UK Premiere

    But this dress is my hands down favorite. It's hard to pull off elegant and playful at the same time but this look does. The idea of sheer white layers jazzed up by sequin polka dots is adorable without getting cutesy. The slit on the sleeves and skirt make

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