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  • This Week in Jolie-Pitt Adventures: All Around the World

    You don't earn the title of jet-setters extraordinaire by sitting at home. Angie sheparded Shi and Z in LA, while Brad promoted his new movie at a junket in Mexico.

    Angelina Jolie and Daughters at LAX

    One of the things I love about Angie is how badass she looks, even when she's herding her brood. Shi looks like a little prankster in training, while Z's doing the older sister eye roll.

    Celebrities Attend Summer Of Sony 2011

    Strange as it may sound, I had a tough time concentrating on Brad because I was so impressed by Jonah Hill's new physique. But then I refocused.

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  • Madonna & Child(ren)


    It's not surprising that celebs' family portraits happen on the road. With all the traveling they do, it must be tough to have everyone, in one place and the same time. But Madge has Lourdes, Rocco, David and Mercy around her, ready to roll.

  • This Week in Celebrity Fashion: Everyone’s a Princess

    I think that the longer you hold out against royals fever, the stronger the strain when you finally do catch it. It looks like the disease is spreading to the red carpet, where some celebs tried to get their princess on.

    'The White Fairy Tale Love Ball' - Photocall

    First of all, a tiara is a delicate thing - it's hard not to look like an idiot when trying to pull one off. You need a certain kind of face and a very particular kind of outfit. Anne tries but just don't make it into fairyland. The dress also has a little bit of a Pretty in Pink/do it yourself kind of feel.

    hilary-swank-290Bringing the modern, Hilary gives us a summery color block look that gets downright steamy with those strappy S&M heels.

    Audi At The Foundation Polo Challenge

    Is there anything more seasonally appropriate than a flowy floral? Zoe nails it perfectly with the high collar balanced by a little peekaboo and a leather belt to keep things current. An updo keeps the focus on her look and suits the mood.

    Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 - Photocall

    I'm not much for the Potter but I do like Emma's magical tranformation to

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  • Hollywood Hails the Brits

    It's a rare night when Hollywood comes out for glamour that it's just theirs but the new royal couple definitely gave as much dazzle as they got.


    Kate looks like she's born to the red carpet with this simple dress that makes the most of her ridiculous body. She's not trying to compete with the stars because she gets to keep her fancy jewels at the end of the night. And her dude doesn't look too shabby either.

    I'm not quite sure how the stars that attended were chosen - maybe the Prince and Princess were given a list to choose from and it was "like her, love him, hate her." But let's get to what really matters - what did our Hollywood royalty wear to compete with the royal wattage?


    Someone should have told Jenny that this isn't the event for her usual ensembles. This unusual dress is hot but just not the right tone for an event like this.

    nicole-kidman-bafta-gala-01Every time I see Nicole now, she has a new face and it's hard to remember how pretty she was before she started all the

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  • Hand to Heart

    Jen got some respect this week, putting her prints in front of the Chinese theater. And sharing in the moment was her new man, looking very fresh without his beard (and with a slight fakebake?). I get that Jen wanted to go for a summery look but this dress is a little too little girl for her age and the occasion. Justin, on the other hand, looks like he's ready to roll.

    John Shearer

    jennifer aniston hand print 4 070711

  • This Week in Celebrity Fashion: Expect the Unexpected

    Pantsuits on the red carpet, unexpected color combos and stockings with heels? It looks like the dog days are just beginning.


    Our favorite red carpet girl has a very strange situation going on. I love her dress - the blue lace is so pretty - but I don't like the front being so sheer. I guess her solution was stockings but they look odd with the open-toe heels. It's like buying a dress that needs lots of alternations to be wearable - not a good call and not worth the hassle.

    Salvatore Ferragamo Presents Women's Resort 2012 Collection at James B. Duke Mansion - Inside

    If you heard someone describe this dress, it wouldn't sound great but in a photo, it's a great summer look. Not only do I love the design but the color combo looks amazing on Eva (who looks like she's taken the J.Lo SexyFace class lately).


    Oh, hello, have the Oscars come early this year? Lucky for us. Hilary looks amazing, as always, in this stunning gown. I especially like how the secondary colors strengthen towards the train.


    Wow, I haven't seen Katie look this good in a long

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  • If It Ain’t Broke…

    I think it must be super easy being Jennifer Aniston's stylist. You show up with a rack of short black dresses and bam, your work is done. While it can get a little staid, it's better than the disasterous results of her bursts of fashion rebellion. Since we can't have it both ways, I've decided to embrace the fact that this is one celebrity comfortable enough to know that what works for her is better than trying to please everyone.

    Put a ring on it! Jennifer Aniston seen arriving at the "Daily Show with Jon Stewart" in New York City with what looks like a ring on her engagement finger

    I think this is an adorable summer dress. The eyelet pattern, with its hints of skin, is simple but fresh and the cap sleeves and flirty skirt are fun.

    Jennifer Aniston Is All Smiles

    This is an easy, everyday outfit that anyone can pull together. The vest is a cute way to dress up a tank and the jeans are perfect. Kind of dressy but still casual, Jen's forte.

    Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures'

    It's all about the sequins which add just the right amount of razzle dazzle to this minidress. What's funny is that while Hollywood has gone crazy for over the top platforms and studded heels, Jen's

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  • Who's Your Daddy?

    One of my favorite Friends bits was the whole Ross and Rachel "we were on a break" thing and I think that probably what Francois Pinault said when he initially told Salma about being the baby daddy of Linda Evangelista's 4 year old son.


    Somewhere amidst the breakups and reconcilitions, he couldn't resist the allure of one of the world's top former supermodels. It looks like none of this is a surprise to Salma so at least everyone was up front on the inside. But that everything is out, Daddy needs to make things right and pay his child support. None of this is hampering Salma's style either.

    Exclusive...The Ever-Beautiful Salma Hayek Out with Daughter Valentina Pinualt

    Exclusive...Stars From Oliver Stone's Savages Meet To Discuss The Project!

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  • This Week in Jolie-Pitt Adventures: All Around Town

    Summertime is all about entertaining the kids and at Camp Jolie-Pitt, there's plenty to do. This week, there was bowling and a "take your boys to work day" with Dad.

    Exclusive - Angie Takes Her Brood Bowling

    I'm not a big fan of little boys with long hair, especially when he has a twin sister. But I think we know that this group marches to the beat of their own drummer (well, orchestra).

    Exclusive - Angie Takes Her Brood Bowling

    I sometimes wonder how many people are on the Jolie-Pitt payroll. They must be like a small company, with at least fifteen people. It must be so strange for these kids when they're not surrounded by so many people. Alone time for them must be when they've only got their eight person family around.

    Brad's boys visit on set

    It's good that the big boys get some manly bonding time with Dad "at work."

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  • This Week in Celebrity Fashion: Lots of See

    Celebrities are not a shy bunch and this week, there was a whole lot of peekaboo action to prove it.


    Haven't seen Anne much lately and it looks like she's unneccessarily lost some weight. While I like the idea of this dress, I don't think the color palette works. It looks like a bathing suit was attached to a ballgown.


    If there's a red carpet somewhere in the world, like a fashion super hero, Diane will be there. I actually really like her modern interpretation of a Grecian gown because the gathered draping adds an intriguing element. The color is also beautiful.

    *EXCLUSIVE* Jennifer Lopez and Denzel Washington team up with stars for a Boys & Girls Club Photo Shoot

    Jen keeping it classy? This is a moment to treasure. I love the contrast of the black strapless dress with a sheer "shirt" attached. I would have even jazzed it up a little bit more with a red patent belt.


    This look made me want to get some snakeskin in my closet, asap. Leopard and zebra print get much more play but there's something subtle about snakeskin that deserves to get more animal

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