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  • Bad Teacher, Great Dresser

    Let's play around the world with Cameron. Everyday's a new country and a different outfit, with the biggest surprise being that there's not a bad look in the bunch.


    This is a great summer look that everyone can work, with a pair of leggings or skinnies, if they're not up for that level of exposure. I love the nude accessories, especially the cutouts on the heels.

    Cameron Diaz attends 'Bad Teacher' Madrid Photocall

    While I like the bright red belt, I find the jacket a good idea but a little snoozy.

    Cameron dazzles in Moscow

    Loving this look, from head to toe. The blazer gives a business edge while the jeans and heels add youthful fun.


    Very hot lady tux look. I like how the pants widen towards the bottom and balance out the top. A big bangle or bright shoe would have looked cute too.

    Bad Teacher; Moscow Premiere

    My fave look - what can beat metallic animal print? It's playful but still dressy, sexy but upscale. If being a bad teacher looks this good, I say we don't need no education!

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  • Cambodian Rhapsody


    Is this picture worth $10 million? That's how much Louis Vuitton paid Angie for posing in Cambodia, in her own VL tote (no longer in production but may be reissued) and clothes, without makeup. I buy that the clothes and tote are hers, since we've seen her wear things like this and carrying this tote lots of times but the no makeup thing is too much of a stretch. Radiant natural beauty, sure. Minimal makeup, okay. But eye shadow doesn't just magically appear, even on Angie. I do like that she chose to shoot this in a country that has significant meaning for her, connects to Mad and her charity work as well as her UN commitment to refugees. A portion of her fee went to charity, something we've come to expect with her but I still applaud. Is the publicity worth the price? It's not VL is hurting and they've already had celebs in their ads (Bono, Sean Connery, Keith Richards) but this seems to be a great fit for them since it's someone who's already a fan of theirs, and who manages

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  • This Week in Celebrity Fashion: Very Very

    This week, we have a tale of extremes. Some choices are very, very good while others make me just shake my head in confusion and dismay, with very little in between.

    2011 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

    I find this look uninspired. It's like Reese wanted to look 10 years younger for the MTV crowd and thought this would do the trick. While I usually love animal prints in all their forms, this dress doesn't do it for me and neither do the uncoordinated nude heels.

    2011 CFDA Fashion Awards - Cocktails I think a good rule of thumb for pregnancy dressing is this: if you wouldn't wear it unpregnant, you shouldn't wear it while the baby's on board. This ridiculous colorblocked dress/gown/bedding looks like Jess lost a bet with her stylist. While the color looks amazing on her skirt, there's just no reason for the giant purple skirt. The only saving grace, and I use that term very loosely, is her sleek hair and radiant tan.

    Chanel's Benefit Dinner For The Natural Resources Defense Council's Ocean Initiative

    I'm not sure what's going on here but it's pretty damn awful. Not only does Drew look…enlarged, it's just a shaggy,

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  • This Week in Celebrity Fashion: Under 25 Edition

    That's what happens when MTV has any kind of awards show - the kids come out to play - and in most cases, they're giving their Botoxed elders a run for the fashion title.

    2011 MTV Movie Awards - Backstage

    Taking a much needed break from galivanting around the globe with her new BF, Leo, Blake channels pure California girl in this dress. I love the color and the bodice cutouts but I am sick of contrasting heels showing up all willy nilly.


    I love this dress, which is a refined and upscale choice for an awards show like this. The delicate lace and the colors underneath are just lovely. While I get the clutch, I still don't get the heels, which I would have preferred to be black peeptoes. No need to go color crazy.

    2011 MTV Movie Awards - Red Carpet

    Some crossed legged poses make you look thinner and some just make you look like there's a long line for the bathroom. When Emma first cut her hair , she looks chic and grown up. Now, she's looking like a baby chick that hasn't developed its full coat yet. While I like the details

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  • Three Demis

    It was almost 100 degrees in NYC this week but did that slow down our girl? Please. Stars this hot have their own internal cooling system. Or a personal assistant that holds a portable fan just outside of camera range.


    Who doesn't love a weekday look that involves feathers? I'm really into the combining of ultraluxe sweater/blazer with a simple T and jeans. The metallic shoes keep the party going but the bag says "hey, this is just a Wednesday for me."


    I'm not sure about this dress. While I like the bodice, I'm confused about the strange length of the skirt and the beading hanging off the front. Maybe if the bottom half was tight, then it would be flapper-esque but this just seems shapeless. I do love the hair, earrings and heels though.

    Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore attend the "Urban Zen Stephan Weiss Apple Awards" at Urban Zen in NYC,

    Looks like the theme this week was feathers and it's a cute way to jazz up what could have been a very plain red carpet look. The tuxedo pants and colorful clutch zhush things up but I would have loved the heels in a color

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  • This Week in Celebrity Fashion: Easy Does It

    There was a big burst of summer heat at the beginning of the week and it seemed like making an effort was, well, an effort. Celebs seemed to go into summer hibernation until the second half of the week, when they came out with effortless looks.


    Camilla is seriously stepping up her game in the fashion icon division. I absolutely love this head to toe flawless look - silky hair, simple but detailed gown and great red lips & nails. Perfection.

    iman-290Not everyone can pull off this kind of color combo. You need to have the confidence of say…a former supermodel. But I included it as a reminder to myself and others that summer is a time to dare. Not only is the sky blue absolutely lovely, I would never think to put it with a sunburst yellow but it looks incredible together. So let's not be afraid of color this summer and get bold.


    Breaking up with Sean Penn seems to have hit Scarlett hard. How else can we explain this awkward dress with nude heels? Not only am I so over her

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  • This Week in Celebrity Fashion: Mommy Edition

    1307130736_marion-cotillard-290Marion gave birth two weeks ago. This photo was taken at a Dior shoot last week. Either Marion is an alien, whose genetic makeup is light years ahead of our own or she's wearing one serious suction device under those shorts. Either way, probably the most incredible post-baby bounceback ever.


    While I can't quite embrace her choice of dude, I am a fan of Kate's maternity look. Even though she's still a hippie chick, she's getting more upscale chic. I love the slit sleeves on the dress and high slit, along with the nude accessories.


    This is what happens you marry someone who runs multiple luxe clothing lines - you wear a lovely purple dress and have slingbacks with the exact same shade of purple on the heel. I love the simplicity of the look - it's just purple and black - and how pulled together it is, without being fussy or the dreaded matchy-matchy. Valentina's inherited her mom's fashion genes because she also looks very Euro-kid chic.

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  • Jennifer Aniston debuts hot new squeeze

    Jen & Justin sitting in a tree…well, at the MTV Awards, which is a pretty public place to debut your new romance. Justin's an actor, screenwriter, director and musician. He's also hot. Seeing him all suited AND bearded up can be misleading so I've included a photo from his Charlie's Angel's days, just so you get a peek at what Jen might be seeing, after hours.



    I'm no US Weekly body language expert but I'm a little confused about Jen's leaning away from Justin in the first picture but there's nothing ambiguous about the look in the second one. It's a wonder Justin's beard didn't get singed.


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  • This Week in Celebrity Fashion: Classic & Color

    I was surprised to see so much classic black & white on the red carpet this week, when I was anticipating bursts of summer color. What's even stranger is that even the colorful dresses were long and elegant. Could Hollywood be leaving hootchie-ness behind for a new era of gracious dressing? Or is this just a freak occurrence, which will quickly be forgetten in an upcoming array of jiggle?

    56th Annual Drama Desk Awards - Arrivals

    I am in love with Katie's fuschia, although not the dress itself. The color is so rich and flattering but the gown is fuddy-duddy and overwhelming. The top with a narrow skirt or the skirt with a tank-like top would have been young and fun. This is just something left over from a Golden Girl's wardrobe.

    r cff closing ceremony les beins aimes 2 220511

    Now this is how you do head to toe color - in a body conscious and wow kind of way. Not only does Uma have the height to carry this off, looking like a clear sky that stretches out for days, but she has this kind of strut about her that means she's owning her look from head to

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  • This Week in Jolie-Pitt Adventures 3: Keeping it Cas

    After multiple red carpets , even the hotness couple on earth just needs a day off. Not from being hot of course, that's a 24/7/365 type situation but from being super glamorous (they just lower the setting to regular glamorous).

    Angelina and Brad do Impromptu Shopping at Ozzie Dots

    It's funny how Brad and the kids dress alike, although I think the kids tend to look sharper at times. Ang's back in black, along with her everpresent VL. They were shopping for Shi's 5th birthday which was this weekend. As if being Shiloh on any other day isn't enough.

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