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  • Universal Medicare

    Sanofi group company Aventis Pharma has entered into an agreement to acquire Universal Medicare's business of marketing and distribution of nutraceutical formulations in India.

    Sanofi group company Aventis Pharma has entered into an agreement to acquire Universal Medicare's business of marketing and distribution of nutraceutical formulations in India. Read More>>>

  • Crystal Komboskini

    Hey all, this lent I'm hoping to put extra focus into reciting the Jesus Prayer, and one of the most obvious and helpful steps to take in support of that effort is to get a good komboskini (prayer rope) to take wherever you go.

    I've had a komboskini before, a great bracelet weaved by a monk at Mount Athos. Unfortunately, it was small enough that there was a considerable amount of stretch to get it on my wrist. Granted, this is wool we're talking about, no cheap material, but nevertheless overtime the strand between two of the knots got longer and weaker over time...Read More >>>

  • Kelly Preston Says Scientology Saved Her

    Although stars like Jennifer Lopez have been quiet about what if any affiliation they have with the controversial religion Scientology, John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston are two high-profile members who are certainly vocal about their affiliation with the organization.

    In fact, says Preston, it was Scientology- which is often criticized for its outlandish beliefs and sometimes cruel, sexist and homophobic teachings- that "saved" her following the tragic and ... Read More>>

  • Jelly Belly Recipes For Kids

    We went to Indianapolis last month to visit with family and made sure to visit some of the great places of interest. One of them was the Children's Musuem of Indianapolis. We had a large group, as you can see above and we all had a great time! I actually visited the museum about 15 years ago with my hubby and stepsons. I spoke a little more about the Children's Museum last month as well.

    One of the first things we saw were these great works of art made from Jelly Belly jelly beans! There were several of them - very cool!....READ MORE

  • Corporate Chocolate Gifts For The Holidays

    Chocolate Is Great

    It seems that everyone likes chocolates , it has an effect that everyone likes, and a taste that no one can forget. There is small chocolate lover in all of us; everyone has their own favorite flavor of chocolate. For some, their favorite flavor is very sweet and others desire a more dark and bitter taste. Some people desire white chocolate. It doesn't matter what your chocolate taste are, there is a chocolate out there ideal for you. The aroma of chocolate tantalizes taste buds, and the creamy melt-in-your mouth of sweet chocolate can make a chocolate lover's day.

    Chocolate is a wonderful thing to present to someone you love, there are chocolate gifts for someone. On special days, anniversaries and Valentine's Day, you can show that special someone how special they really are with a chocolate shaped hearts or roses. Birthdays can be celebrated with a profligate chocolate cake. Anniversaries can be celebrated with added romantic chocolate gifts. Chocolate

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  • Best Way To Insure Iphone 4

    Get iPhone insurance if you just bought a new iPhone 4 in the UK, iPhone 4 insurance will insure your iPhone from loss, theft and even accidental and liquid incidents.

    It is so important to know the current rate since the merest variance can mean a thousand difference. Here is one great news though, if you have an Apple iPhone to you along with a Wifi connection, you can now download from the App Store, iConvertMoney application. This can be a great tool for any migrant worker to own.>>> Read More

  • Healing Tea Recipes

    Information About Mint Tea

    For many centuries, mint has been enjoyed by people all over the world for its wonderful aroma, its great taste, and its healing power. It is long known for its ability to settle a nervous stomach. It also has a great many other health benefits as well. Whether as a soothing mint tea or as a part of a recipe, it has long been part of both the cuisine and the medicinal cultures of societies as diverse as the Middle East, India and Europe.

    Though mint is used in a variety of ways, but the most common way in which it is used is through the brewing of mint tea. Presently there are many excellent mint teas available in the market, and fresh mint tea can be easily prepared by pouring hot but not boiling, water over fresh leaves of mint. While preparing mint tea, it is very important that the preparation is left covered while it is steeping so as to prevent the valuable volatile oils to evaporate from the liquid.>>> Read More

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  • Magnetic Attraction With Your Happiness

    Magnetic attraction is a vital concept in physics and science. It is the force that particular object uses to attract another, such as the way a magnet attracts a metal. Should you think about the only magnetic attraction working for you is your one that's keeping your grocery list on the front of this refrigerator, you need to investigate how the concept works in a new way. Read More

  • Super Slimming Tea

    Chinese Slimming Tea Burns Fat And Calories

    Chinese slimming tea works by burning fat and calories. It is easy to add to your daily routine as all you have to do is drink three or more cups a day. You should know that the Chinese are among the slimmest people in the world, and a large part of that comes from the amount of tea they drink. That is why I recommend that if you want to lose weight, you regularly drink a good amount of Chinese slimming tea.

    Chinese slimming tea works on your metabolism. Green tea has the ability to increase your metabolism, many studies have shown. This makes it easier to burn extra fat. The catechin polyphenols in green tea react with the chemical transmitters in the nervous system making the metabolism burn stronger.

    Because Chinese slimming tea has terrmogenic properties, it promotes fat oxidation beyond what caffeine in ordinary teas as well as coffees, chocolate, and soda does. This helps increase the rate at which you lose weight.

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  • Green Tea Benefits

    Drink Green Tea For Weight Loss Benefits

    Are you looking for ways to burn the unwanted fat without any extra dieting? Are you looking for ways to lose weight as well as feel energized and healthy? Would you like to try a dietary supplement that provides instant results and is simple to use? To get back into shape you should consider green tea for weight loss, which is a famous Chinese brew helping people shed the additional calories for many years.

    In this world of FMCG's and speedy merchandises, there are a wide range of weight loss products and dietary supplements being flashed across the T.V screen and in the newspapers but how to justify them and buy the right kind of weight loss product. Trying to test them would require lot of time and efforts. Moreover, although you might feel excited staying on a diet in the beginning but would start feeling the torture soon therefore, it is suggested to choose green tea for weight loss, which is better than staying on a diet and walking on the

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