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  • Portable Air Conditioner

    My boyfriend and I sweltered in our apartment for one night. Then, we tried the Honeywell QuietSet 8 Speed Tower Fan - anything to keep us from those scary summer electric bills after you have the air conditioner blasting for hours on end. We had such high hopes, but found ourselves sweating bullets regardless. That super-fan, as sweet as it is, didn't cut it. Thanks, humidity.

    We decided to surrender to buying an air conditioner, but first, we needed guidance. If we're going to make the investment of $200+, we better get this right. No returns, no regrets, no buyer's remorse, please. So we followed these tips:

    The BTU is a number used to describe the energy content of fuels - how powerful it can heat or cool. Mike Rogers, vice president of GreenHomes America, says, "Taking a bigger is better approach to air conditioner shopping is a common mistake." In order to sufficiently cool a room, your air conditioner has to be strong enough to handle the area. If you buy one that's too

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  • Great Singapore Sale 2011

    In news from Singapore, the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) kicks off today there. This annual shopping fiesta slash frenzy is one of the biggest such events anywhere in the world, projected sales topping $5.5 billion SD.

    Organizers of the sale this year hope to exceed last year's total for the two month long shopping season. President of the Singapore Retailers Association (SRA), Jannie Chan, had this to add about the event:

    "The imported brands are almost on par in terms of pricing compared to Europe. I think our hotels are still cheaper, so if you look at the package of shopping in Singapore, we have that advantage."

  • Dancing With The Stars Winner 2011

    Hines Ward and Kym Johnson pose with their trophies after they were named "Dancing with the Stars" champions on May 24, 2011.

    Does it really take two hours to crown the champion of amateur - sometimes very amateur - dancing? It does if you want to sell a lot of commercial airtime on America's most popular television show.

    In any case, surely you wanted to see one more performance from all those "Dancing with the Stars" contestants whose names you forgot once your hard-hearted votes eliminated them from the show.

    Oh, of course Hines Ward won. Any NFL player who can smile and move with even vague competence (there aren't many) will win the mirrorball trophy.

  • Biggest Loser Winner 2011

    Emma Duncan was awarded the title of 2011's The Biggest Loser.Former teenage model Emma Duncan has been crowned the first winner of Australia's The Biggest Loser Families series.

    Duncan, 25, began the Ten Network series at a weight of 133.9kg, having doubled her weight over five years. During the course of the series, the Newcastle hairdresser lost 62.1 kg - equivalent to 46.38 per cent of her starting weight - taking her final weight down to 71.8 kg at the season finale.

    She said that she would share her $100,000 prize money with twin sister Meg and her other siblings Sarah Jayne and Jarrod. After being eliminated early in the season, Duncan returned to the show after five weeks in a bootcamp, having beaten her three siblings in a weigh-in.

  • Green Tea Latte

    I've been avoiding the little squares of Tirol chocolates for awhile now. Part of the reason for this is that the flavors have been in re-runs for some time, and unappealing ones at that. Another reason is that what has been on offer hasn't really sparked a fire under my ass. That being said, I'm not sure why I don't blithely just buy every single flavor and review it because each little 1-inch (2.5 cm.) candy is only 20 yen (about 24 cents). I have little to lose except the time it takes to whine about the sub-par ones.

    It's that sort of reckless spending that brings this green tea chocolate to my dear readers today. I'm not a huge fan of green tea, but, hey, 20 yen. I found this at 7-11, but you can get them at any convenience store at the moment. This has 60 calories, which is a little higher than usual for these chocolates. I'm guessing that has something to do with how much sugar is packed into its white chocolate base. The initial hit of flavor is intensely sweet, but is chased

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  • Chinese Super Slimming Tea

    Are you aware of the fact that drinking Chinese tea, especially, aid you losing weight and getting slim? Of course, some studies have discovered proofs that might connect Chinese tea to losing weight. Some of these proofs established that Chinese teas may aid you consume calories and fat.

    A fresh scientific research especially sustains the capacity of the Chinese green tea for consuming fat and increasing metabolism. Conforming to it, the catechin polyphenols in green tea extract might modify the body's employment of norepinephrine, which is a chemical transmitter in the nervous system, for increasing the speed of calories burning.

    The conclusions of the researchers who performed the study affirmed that green tea includes thermogenic properties and support the oxidation of fats further than the ones related to its content of caffeine. The extract of green tea may have a function in the management of body composition by way of sympathetic activation of thermogenesis, fat oxidation, or

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  • Lion King Singapore

    8 times a week at Marina Bay Sands, 150 cast and crew from 12 countries around the world, get together to put on the best show in town.

    Next we have Joilson Lima Da Silva who is a Male Dancer Swing part of the ensemble. He is also the Co-Captain of the Dancers and of Fight sequences.

    I'm a curious person, so on my free time I like to go out with friends, meet new people, discover new places, cook for my friends at home… Love to enjoy life.

  • Teresa Giudice

    That saying rings truer than ever on the premiere of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey." In the first five minutes of the show, viewers will witness a vicious fight at The Manor, a reception hall in West Orange.

    The fight is not between two women, as is usually the case on this shriekfest, but between a brother and a sister. At a family christening. Histrionic "Housewife"

    Gorga, is sitting with his wife, Melissa, and their friends. Before she can utter the word "Congratulations," Joe, who is two years younger, lashes out at her, calling her "garbage." A stunned Teresa tries to find out what's wrong but Joe pounds the table and all of a sudden, it's a free-for-all.

    The men are up, shoving each other. The women are braying at each other behind them.

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  • Tools of Quality

    There certainly are a variety of Quality Keep control of Resources and debt that are fitted with Lately been employed a ton of World wide industries. Is definitely use Linked Quality Hold in Tools and supplies in Assist Through the Pharmaceutical drug Quality Gps system Also offers Damage our traveling an easy way To guage Whole entire Missions Together with Done circumstances With control. breakdowns in experienceing this last option Anyone mean issuance Involved with findings Caused by Regulating gurus and would leads to Individuals Regulating actions.

    The FDA utilizes a systems-based system of inspection, such feedback Among the quality Procedure Thus significantly different Production systems, Performing exercises Can be drug, biologics And simply Specialized tracking device Vacationing . come into a "state Because of control" Whilst in the compliance Using Regulating requirements.

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  • Election Rally Schedule

    President Barack Obama touted his administration's successes in economic growth and promised to tackle immigration and budget cuts during a fundraiser rally May 10.

    The president arrived at Moody Theatre in Austin after speaking on immigration in El Paso hours earlier as part of his 2012 re-election campaign.

    The tone of Obama's speech mirrored his original campaign message of unity and change but was tempered with words of caution that a "steep climb" is ahead.

    He began, however, by mentioning the creation of more than 2 million private sector jobs in the last 14 months. As a testament to the current administrations' decisions, he said the bailout of the auto industry should lead to more jobs and profits for many of the larger manufacturers.

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